Friday, 9 April 2010

Source Code moves to Chicago and Jake Gyllenhaal on PoP: 'Like it or hate it, it's pretty damn good'

It turns out that Jake Gyllenhaal is not spending the entire Source Code shoot in a 'pod' on a set that looks like it's the work of 'Picasso in his randy cubist period' (Duncan Jones tweets from yesterday). Jake does actually get outside and it's all for the benefit of Chicago and - more specifically the crowds of Millennium Park outside Bean, who have been flocking today to watch (as one witness called it) a 'pivotal 30 sec walking/talking scene they`ve shot 6x now'. Many thanks to Annaschabold and thornbridgekel for capturing some of that excitement of a Jake Gyllenhaal shoot. The pictures of Jake are distant but the excited tweets of seeing Jake just a few feet away suggests this is him.

I would just like to point out that Oxford is a hub of fine parks - some even have ducks in them - and they would be more than suitable for any Jake Gyllenhaal movie. Any. Even ones set in space.

So while Jake films a short walk and talk scenes a lot, we can take a look at two more interviews from WonderfulCon. In the first, with ABC, Jake draws attention to the interviewer having dressed down for the event - he was wearing no vest. Here we have the perfect example of a language gap the size of a sizeable ocean. It surprised me to hear Jake comment that NOT wearing underwear on top of one's clothes is considered dressing down.

However... 'I definitely had pressure but the pressure is exciting. As movies and stories get bigger and bigger - and this is the biggest film I've been in - it just gets more exciting too. I'm really excited. I'm really proud of the movie.' And Jerry Bruckheimer tells us that such events as WonderCon are all about 'touching the fans' and, with Prince of Persia, Disney most definitely succeeded. I know we've sometimes had due cause to complain about Jake's hair in movies, but check out Nic Cage!

The second interview is with the well-known gamers site Destructoid and here we have Jake approached from a whole different (and very funny) angle. Straight off the gamers ask Jake to defend himself at gamers who want to attack his PoP posters with pitchforks: 'I have nothing to say to any of you. Attack me as you will. But if I see you in a dark alley, I will kick your ass.'

He also decides that it's not the right moment to demonstrate backflips (a shame, I thought). And on being told that Dastan was a bit of a leap from Bubble Boy, Jake's response was swift: 'Wo, wo, wo, wo, wo [*insert a lot more wos*]! I'll cut your throat out.' The final verdict: 'Like it or hate it, it's pretty damn good.'

The interview also contains some amusing bits with the Sorcerer's Apprentice cast and director, showing that the gaming console world and the movie making world is getting closer as both vie for time on the Internet.

Talking of WondrousCon, here is a bit of a recap...

New posters for Prince of Persia have been released including a very cool poster with Ben Kingsley, or make that Sir Ben Kingsley. Over to Jake: 'He’s been knighted in England and I called him Sir Ben. He gets really competitive with the sword fight. It was great working with him.' The poster for Gemma Arterton is also a reminder that she is on the Jonathan Ross Show NEXT Friday (16 April) and not this Friday - due to flippin' golf.

Pictures from links. Thanks to the WDW reader for the interview links! Time to get that lego out...

Totally off topic, but I had to post this link for any fellow Trekkers out there.


Get Real said...

I can't keep up!! :D :D :D So much brilliant Gyllen-news so little time!

Loving all of the fantastic updates, WDW.

Jake is sure shining right now and it is wonderful to see, read, hear, etc, etc. He seems at a great place in his life and work. Very exciting. :D

sheba said...

Jeez lady, how quick are you? You must have raced home through the Oxford streets, scarf flying behind you just to post these tasty morsels you put before us.

Those luck people in CHI town. How do they contain themselves and not scream out to him spoiling the shot. They're very well behaved.

Our guy is straight back to work after the hectic weekend he's had. Well done. I suppose it's just like us attending a premier screaming for him and being on a high just being there then going back to work on Monday... Maybe?

BTW, have you seen any posters in your local cinemas yet? Is the date on them. I really can't belive it's gonna be May 21st.

To seguey a little from Jake, I would simply love a com badge or an Arch from the holodeck just to transport myself everytime I enter my bedroom ;DDD

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Get Real! It's quite a battle! But a fun one :D I'm looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend :D Jake is shining! Love to hear that! Very exciting.

Bloody quick, Sheba! Chuckle :D That was quite a crowd building up in Chicago. Be great to have some closer shots so we can be 100% sure that is Jake and not the Jake double they were talking about hirng!

I have seen posters here in my cinema and they say 21st! As do the ads in the mags - so get ready :D I posted a pic here the other week of the huge new poster my local Vue has put up. It's wonderful! My camera steamed up taking a pic!

OMG!! I've been to that Star Trek Experience in Vegas twice and a) I cannot believe it's all being sold off! and b) I want it all!! I loved Quark's bar with Borg walking around making sure you were drinking your frothing bubbling concoctions!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS Having a bit of trouble getting my Hassansins weapons on! I swear this lego's hard!!

Anonymous said...

Hey WDW. Excellent info as always. I can't seem to see one thing that you posted, it is above the video that is before the list of posters. It comes up as a white square. What is it supposed to be a pic or vid?

Thanks so much


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea :) That square you see is probably the Destructoid video - it works ok for me. The Destructoid link above will take you to it :)

sheba said...

"I have seen posters here in my cinema and they say 21st! As do the ads in the mags - so get ready :D"

Yippeee.. *doing my Carlton Banks dance* Thanks for the confirmation and I'm so ready. I must see if my local IMAX has made up its mind to show it there.

Just heard that it is him and he's now eating soup in CHI town. Funnily enough I've just finished my Friday soup regular: red peas soup with carrots, yams, dumplings and mutton. Hope he's having fun like you are today. You still setting up Lego Jake WDW?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Not getting much chance to be online tonight...

Hi Sheba! Here's the link

BBMISwear said...

Wow...I can't believe we are getting new videos, pictures, articles EVERY SINGLE DAY! This is amazing!!!

Great stuff (again) today, WDW! Big thanks!! That Destructoid interview was awesome...that interviewer is hysterical. I have to watch that again!

RE: Yesterday's interviews ( and I finally sat down last night and read them for real and enjoyed them so much. Jake was just so "on" at WonderCon it was almost ridiculous (I mean this in a good way)! He was his charming self and true! I could read and watch these interviews over and over again (and probably will). Wow...I am really loving all this (and what's that line again..."and it isn't even May yet")!!

I don't know about Chicago...I tend to not trust "non Gyllenhaalic passers by" if you know what I mean - LOL! We heard about body doubles and there doesn't seem to be a real Gyllenhaalic reporting any sightings...just random people who happen to be working, living or walking by a movie set. I guess I'll believe it when we get a good picture...or another sighting of Jake somewhere else in Chicago. Speaking of...the Chicago White Sox are home tonight as well as Saturday and Sunday...if Jake is in Chi-town maybe we'll see him at one of the games?! Hmmmm.

Oh, BTW, loving the Lego reports! I will definitely be paying a visit to my local Toys-R-Us this weekend. I'm sure things are being timed out perfectly by our friendly toy marketers! Right now the Iron Man toys are taking over the stores...give them time to move those off the shelves and in will come you know who...whooowheee!

Looking forward to whatever we get next on this wonderful thing we call the internet! :-)

BBMISwear said...

Just saw that there was an eating soup sighting? LOL...this may be the "proof" I need to convince me he's really there and it's not a body double! I want a picture!!! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) It's just incredible and I'm gonna savour these interviews for a long, long time! Such good days!

I was skeptical but I think that is Jake in Chicago. The link to 'The Soup' lunch is in my previous comment. But yeah! Pics would be great :D And yes to the lego!

Monica said...

Video of ABC is very funny. I saw this morning and I was laughing for a good time.

Photos of Chicago are great.

BBMISwear said...

I'm Sold! We've got pictures...and that's what I usually need to be convinced! Lots of good ones...Lookin' Good indeed!! :-)

paulh said...

The new posters for "Prince of Persia" are really, really beautiful.

The flood waters here in Boston have receded to normal levels, but today is rainy again. :-( My neighbors and I, living next to the Charles River, get worried every it rains nowadays.

Today I saw "Date Night," which had Steve Carell and Tina Fey in it. This one deserves a large audience. There are numerous links to actors we care about: Mark Ruffalo and Jimmi Simpson were both in "Zodiac," so they are Jake links. William Fichtner was in "Dark Knight," so he's Maggie Gyllenhaal link. Finally, james Franco is a Tpbey Maguire link, and he was in all three Spiderman movies.

Stace said...

MMMm....what a lovely way to start the weekend. And I just love how Jake is 'keeping it real' in all these interviews. To grow up in Hollywood, he's so down to earth. Also, I am so in love with his tongue...and the fact that he loves to tease us with it so much. Oh, that didn't come out right...or I just have a dirty mind. :-0

Also, WDW, I'm a just a little bit of a Trekkie. I'm a fan of the Next Generation(absolutely love me some Patrick Stewart) and to an extent Deep Space Nine, though I haven't seen either in a bit. I know much more about Star Wars, though. :/

Anonymous said...

Have seen Great pictures of Jake in Chicago with Michele M. and some with Duncan and just general in-between filming things.

T said...

Morning, Hope its ok to post this link but found some pics of Jake & Michelle filming in Chicago & he looks hot, loving the Colter look.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Good to see you all - and how wonderful to see the pictures a new post is up :D

Waves to Monica, BBMISwear, Paul, Stace, T and everyone who posted :)