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[Updated] It's all in the details: Jake Gyllenhaal on life, cooking, being a good listener and creating Dastan

** Update: Prince of Persia overtakes SATC2 at the holiday box office! **

Thanks to the photographic team of USA Today we have proof of that fine age-old adage: 'Nothing sets off a brick wall quite like Jake Gyllenhaal'. Photographer Robert Hanashiro describes the background to the fabulous photo of Jake that adorned the front page of the newspaper last week. When faced with the option of taking photos of Jake in the basement of the El Capitan theatre against an Alice in Wonderland backdrop, Hanshiro took the risky decision to move to a brick alley. The results are stunning. You can read all about it here.

Pictures from USA Today.

We've seen the cast of Prince of Persia take the Gyllenhaal Spelling test - and largely fail. Today the cast has a go at the PoP Movie Quiz. It is spoilery so you may want to wait until you've seen the fim but otherwise enjoy seeing how bad Jake is. Not that the others are much better, mind you. When asked how many times Dastan and Tamina kiss in the film, Sir Ben Kingsley slips into character and asks would Nizam care? Possibly not.

I must thank those who have been sending me interviews and features from all corners of the globe for Prince of Persia. Many thanks to Linda for this scan from the Mexican TabascoHOY. You can read the article here.

A feature from Brazil (with thanks to Monica) contains a lovely snippet about Jake's set companion Atticus, who is truly a Hollywwod dog. Please excuse my poor translation: 'The interview with Jake Gyllenhaal was amazing. The guy is a family man. The actor spoke of his father (Stephen) and his actress sister (Maggie) more than the movie. He said he loves to cook, goes to the market to select ingredients for the dishes. He has a dog that accompanies him to film sets. On the set, the dog, very playful, has learned the codes and he makes no sound when you hear 'Shoot', coming back to life at 'Cut', when he runs into the scene to try to knock over the good guy from Brokeback Mountain.'

In a German interview with, Jake confirms that Atticus is his companion on set. He also says that cookbooks fill his bookshelves and they are his obsession. [Well, I've got lego and a veritable Prince of Persia library on mine...] Jake says that 'If I'm in a strange city, I ask first when the market days are.' This seems like a good point to tell Jake that Oxford's market is on a Wednesday.

'I like to cook, grow my own vegetables and it's nice to sit comfortably with friends at a table and chat. I am a good listener.' Jake also owns up to his Martha Plimpton crush. Jake admits that he was never so proud in his life as when Maggie was nominated for an Oscar and he sat in the audience. He also says that the ring he is often seen wearing these days says 'Carpe Diem' or 'Seize the Day'. 'This is my life motto.'

Intriguingly, this interview begins with a suggestion that the keys were lost for this interview at the Dorchester and Jake had to break in, ala Dastan. My German is too rusty and so updated to add a translation from my good German friend Uli (no doubt still celebrating Germany's Eurovision win on Saturday...): 'In the posh London hotel, The Dorchester, Jake breaks open the door to the interview room - much to the horror of the staff - because the key is missing and then, during the "Gala"-Interview, made his cool Princeof Persia-Barbie [ie, action figure] climb over glasses and through the flowers on the table.' Thanks Uli!

There is another fine interview from DigitalDVD in Germany. Jake talks again about how proud he was of making his first big jump onset and that he took a photo of himself afterwards. Jake says here that he's thinking of making it his screensaver. [Something else Jake and I have in common!]

Jake's favourite scene in the movie is one of mine for sure: 'The fight scene with Asoka. Asoka followed me on a horse. He has a spear in his hand and he gallops behind me while I run before him and he comes closer and closer. I run into a small tunnel, I jump high at the end, then up the wall and get him out of the saddle. The Parkour here is very smart and cool.' [Again, my rusty German.]

Jake also suggests that he may have been a bit hasty in running away from the ostriches... and gives some interesting detail about his costume. 'From the beginning, Jerry Bruckheimer said that this character must be a real person, and must not be a cartoon. I worked with our costume designer Penny Rose for how Dastan's clothes should look. Behind every piece of clothing lies a story that is not necessarily told in the film, but I know it. At the beginning of the film I wear this one jacket. If you look closely, you can see some things that hang down on this jacket. We came to the conclusion that these were pieces of hair from women that he had courted earlier, perhaps, and later Dastan had attached them to his jacket.'

'I love Morocco, I've shot two films there. Overall, I have spent four to five months in Morocco, I traveled everywhere - Marrakech, Erfoud and Ouarzazate. The Moroccans are lovable, generous and full of life. The country has a wonderful culture and an extraordinary history... I've eaten a lot of tagine. I love this stew. Just great, in fact I have eaten nothing else. And so I stayed in shape. Do you want to know my secret of how to stay fit? it's the tagine diet.' There is much more to read so do take a look.

But may the last word rest today with Sir Ben who is again insisting that Dastan has a northwest London accent. '"We [Jake and Sir Ben] discovered each other while filming, and that's one of the delightful things about what we do," says Kingsley. "No day's the same. No film's the same. No cast is the same... His accent is impeccable," Kingsley notes of the Los Angeles native. "I can tell you what street in Northwest London that boy comes from. I can tell you what school he went to. It's a very accurate accent."' I lived in NW London for years (NW3 to be precise) and I can honestly say it definitely wasn't my street.

The Independent reports today on Prince of Persia's success across international box offices this weekend, beating SATC2 soundly into second place, and good to read that PoP opened top in another country today, Australia!

Pictures from USA Today and Disney.


Uli said...

THUD!!!!! That's once more all I can say about those USA Today pics... And I mean a huuuuuuuuuuge THUD!!!! OMFG!!!!!
I need to lie down now, just need to find a quiet spot here at work... :D

paulh said...

$88 million in its first two weeks? That's almost 60% of the $150 million it took to make the iflm. Good start! Plus, nowadays most films make a lot of additional money from DVD sales and product tie-ins.

Only about 10% of the population goes to the theaters to see movies nowadays.

But here in the U.S., I saw that Shrek and SATC were first and second, respectively, for the weekend just ended in the U.S. "Toy Story 3" will jump into the fray next weekend.

But frankly, I don't see why SATC would be doing so well. The characters are not especially likeable, and sending them to Dubai (or anywhere else in the Middle East, for that matter) is kind of scary, not to mention out of left field...

Anonymous said...

Jake looks hot with a brick wall backdrop and wearing black. He looks, well, HOT (handsome, gorgeous, among other words I can use to describe him)

Atticus is his best bud, loyal and knows how to keep anything Jake says to him a secret. I love seeing them hanging out together.

So he grows veggies? I love that. I wonder what he grows and what his fave dishes are that he makes.

I see the movie is opening up in Australia. He said he loves Australians (I wonder if he's been to Australia. It would have been nice if Heath had given him a tour)


Anonymous said...

Those USA Today pics are beautiful and thanks to the article, I know exactly how to make my own. I have a brick wall, all I need is a little equipment. And Jake. :D

I got a perfect score on the POP quiz! Yay me!

"...his cool Prince of Persia Barbie...". LOL! Oh yes, that sounds very cool. :DD

"...these were pieces of hair from women that he had courted earlier..." I did not notice that, is there a screen cap somewhere of that jacket?


Monica said...

I am very busy at the moment for comment.

Good news:

Domestic Total as of May. 31, 2010: $37,800,000

Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $37,800,000 28.4%
+ Foreign: $95,500,000 71.6%

The film grossed more than 8 million just on Monday in foreign countries, which is too much for one day that is not holiday.

The next and last big market for POP is Brazil. Fingers crossed for it to be a success here too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Good to see you all :D

Hi Uli! I do hope you're ok, that sounded like quite a thud. The most beautiful pictures. And thanks very much for help with that paragraph!

Hi there Paul! I thin the opening outside the US is just tremendous. I know the rest of us can get overlooked in these box office results but this is really really good! I can't see SATC doing anything after the first weekend.

He looks gorgeous, Sweetpea :D

Hi Olympia! I have a brick wall too! Don't have Jake though... :( I won the PoP quiz too! It was funny watching Jake work out some of these answers (wrongly :D). I'm wondering which jacket he mmeans... Is it that white long shirt he's wearing during the meeting at the beginning?

Thanks so much for those figures, Monica! Great stuff. And I hope it all goes well for Brazil. Very exciting!

If anyone's interested, just been writing about Scott Pilgrim vs the World at MB.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PoP has just taken over from SATC2 in the US box office for the holiday weekend and overall, with it leading internationally, things are looking GREAT! It has taken $133m so far :D


Linda said...

Hey :D I'm Glad you posted the scan :)Thank you.
he looks gorgeus in every photo as always :D
I just can't wait to go see PoP once again this week :)
hope you have a great day.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Linda and thank you! It's wonderful to see the coverage PoP is getting around the world. Enjoy PoP again - I found myself missing it again today already! I hope you had a good weekend :)

Linda said...

oh you're so sweet :)
and you don't have to thank, I'm glad to share it with you all, hopefully I'll get more scans that I can send you in a few days :)
and I hope you had a good weekend too :)

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic! Such good news. These new photos are swoonworthy too, esp. the cover of magazine from Mexico!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh, that's great! Thanks very much Linda, looking forward to seeing those :D

Hi Bertie! Just lovely :)

I hope everyone's had a good day - these long weekends just fly by...

Leslie said...

Hellllloooo everyone!

I've been away for the past few days but I've finally been able to catch up.

Those USA Today pics are just gorgeous!

I finally saw PoP today (I feel guilty for waiting so long)

The film pleasantly surprised me. While I was very excited to see it, I had mixed expectations going into it. Perhaps I read too many reviews beforehand. Overall, I thought the film was beautifully shot. The storyline & dialog weren't as cheesy as I anticipated. The best surprise was how much Jake impressed me in this role. I was hesitant about it at first but he did such a remarkable job. As strange as this may sound I found myself feeling very proud of him during several parts of the film.

My only complaint was the ending, I felt they didn't really know how to end it so it was a bit rushed. Overall I really enjoyed it and will definitely be going to see it again next weekend :D I'm glad to see it's gaining momentum at the box offices around the world. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the deluge of wonderful Jake info! I honestly can't imagine how you keep up with it all,or,when you find time to sleep!
I believe that word of mouth will be huge for this film just as the word on SATC is cooling it off- POP will keep rolling along.
I have brick walls on my house... they don't look all that great...what could they be lacking? Oh yeah, a heart-stoppingly hot JG leaning on them! I KNEW something was missing!

paulh said...

So, $132 million worldwide as of May 31.

I like the Jake's comments about tagines. They're fairly easy to make, so I make them from time to time. I wonder if Jake makes any.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

God morning everyone! Back at work down the saltmine today...

I'm so glad you saw it, Leslie! Now go and see it again! I totally agree, Jake did an incredible job and should be very proud of himself. I didn't quite understand some of the end but I liked how it turned out :D Sequel!

Thanks so much, joJo. To be honest, I've been on a PoP sleep and food deprivation regime for the last month! May... where did it go?

Hi there Paul! I kinda think Jake will be happy to have a break from tagines - until filming the sequel of course :D

Have a good day everyone!

TD said...

This is definitely better. Much better.

I once read an entire forum discussion on men who lean on walls. I think it was for Highlander. The conclusion, of course, was that it was HOT.

I'm having POP for supper again tonite.


Stace said...

TD, that is awesome! I have never seen Jake look so darn HOT! My goodness. I had to take a couple days off because I could not take looking at those pics on this blog! And I had to be functional to deal with real life stuff such as a flea infestation on my cat. :-(

Anyway, I did a little fist pump when I read the update about PoP overtaking the box office yesterday. I was kind of confused as to why they had already declared a box office result on Sunday and the holiday weekend wasn't even over.

Thanks for all the beauty, WDW!

sabina said...

Hi everyone,

im new to this, but you all sound so nice and totally into jake that i could'nt resist leaving a comment.
thanks for the great pics.
i always thought that jake had such a great personality, you know that cheeky, charming, witty , sarcastic humour that he has that is so sexy and attractive to women but after seeing pop and those usa todays pics, this guy has the whole package. its nice to see him more relaxed and less serious.
as for the jacket with the hair on it. i think its the one he wears that looks a bit like a dressing gown, its like a chocalate colour with a kind of paisly design. its the only jacket i recall him wearing in the movie, didnt see the hair on it though.

Anna said...

Oh, WDW... That first pic is stunning!!! Takes my breath away. Love to him and love to you! :* <3

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi TD! What an excellent supper :D

My pleasure, Stace :D Sorry to hear abour the cat...

Hello and welcome Sabina! Thanks for commenting :D I'm not so sure that is the jacket but next time I see it, I'll look closer. That gives me an excuse to go again - not that I need it! Good to welcome you here - I hope you come back :D

Thank you Anna! Love to you too xx