Thursday, 1 July 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal: Movie, video, cameo star (and the PoP fish and chip shop accent)

We've heard a lot about Jake Gyllenhaal's Prince of Persia accent - Mike Newell and Sir Ben Kingsley have had a little disagreement over exactly which postal code in London it hails from, while Gemma Arterton confidently places it as Estuary. Jake, on the other hand, has admitted that it did have a tendency to wander due to the indluence of the multi-Brit crew, until Mike Newell would pull him south again. However, in this video from Lovefilm, Jake is informed that he sounds just like the bloke at the interviewer's local fish and chip shop.

I wonder if Jake's as handy with the deep fat frier.

Appropriately enough as we enter semi-final stages at Wimbledon, we've been hearing a little more about the filming up Vampire Weekend's Giving Up the Gun video. Apparently, its influence, as far as sticking it together went, was Jamie Foxx's Blame it. That's an interesting comparison because Ron Howard has said that he was in the Blame It video without actually knowing why he was in the video; it was something he'd sort of agreed to during the euphoria of the Obama inaguration ceremony.

Back to Vampire Weekend and the interview with the video's director Emmett Malloy: 'Jake Gyllenhaal literally had bought the record the day before. I knew him through a friend of a friend. He was driving down from San Francisco, and he literally just pulled over and did it. It was a combination of second-hand connections and timing. Joe Jonas was just a fan of the band, and my brother has done a few of the Jonas Brothers' videos... It's like that Jamie Foxx video where Ron Howard's in it. There's no rhyme or reason. But they all seem to work. They all came, and we found something for them to grab a hold of.'

'Pitchfork: Were all of these people hanging out with each other on set? EM: [laughs] No, man. That's the bullshit thing about cameos, I swear to God. Every time, I'd be like, "OK, we're going to shoot the fire effect," and then they'd be like, "Jake Gyllenhaal just showed up." I'd be like, "OK, we're not shooting the fire effect right now; we're shooting Jake Gyllenhaal."'

Jake 'literally just pulled over and did it'? Makes it sound like they filmed it in a layby.

And finally...

It seems that Russian audiences have been left nonplussed by Toy Story 3, preferring instead Disney's offering Prince of Persia. Read more here.

Pictures from IHJ.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that first pic really gets big when you embiggen it! It`s perfect for zooming on those gorgeous eyes and lips. :)

Did you see Toy Story? I did and was a little disapointed. It was so dark and sad and scary at times, I wasn't expecting that from a kid's movie. I thought it would be light and fun.

Hey, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are in Ottawa for the Canada Day celebrations. I'm 10 minutes away from royalty. :)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Olympia! I know, I love that pic - so sexy and it embiggens perfectly.

Toy Story's not out here yet but I don't think I'll see it. I enjoyed the first one all those years ago but I don't feel a need to revisit it. I kind of feel like that about Shrek too, which does open here this coming weekend. Dark and sad and scary isn't really what I like from an animated film. How to Train your Dragon is my ideal for that at the moment :D Can't wait for the DVD of that.

I hope you're having a good Canada day! With the Queen and Philip!

Ruby said...

I can't comment much on this post because I haven't read it yet. I keep trying and getting stuck on that first picture. Have to go look at it again. It's a compulsion, sorry.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was enjoying myself just relaxing on the swing in my back yard, until my neighbor decided to blast some rap music and sing along. Urgh! He's not a good singer. >:(


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Rubes! I completely understand... That picture was going to end the post and I looked at it and I looked at it and then I looked at it again and I realised it belonged nowhere but the beginning. And then I looked at it a bit and then a lot more. IT's an understandable, indeed applaudable, compulsion.

That's not good, Olympia! Maybe you shoud throw something over the fence...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

PS Beautiful lips in that photo...

PPS eyes aren't bad either

Ruby said...

That picture made me forget to wish Olympia a happy Canada Day. So I'm doing it now.

Happy Canada Day, Canadian Wdwers :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warm welcome WDW!

Interesting about the good reception for PoP in Russia, I remember Jerry Bruckheimer saying a while ago PoP had been a blockbuster in China and South America.

Here in New Zealand Toy Story has taken over the Imax screen from PoP, but PoP did have a good run.

It's mid winter here so a good time to go to the movies, I think I will see Toy Story 3.



TDizzie said...

nonplused. nonplussed. nonpluuzed. Its a word.
Noonpluuzed by a fish and chip shop. Nonplussed by a layby. Even, actually, by Jake. Jake Nonplussed Grate.
Do you think Jake'll be watching the Tour de France? Hope so.
Have a lovely wicked wkend All.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you back, Tui :D PoP's been such a success in South America and Asia and it's good to see it's a bit of a stayer in the UK too. Do let me know what you think of TS3. It's good to know where you are in the world too - cheers :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey TDizzy! Posting at the same time :D Jake in a chip shop - can you imagine it? I don't think I can. I wonder if Jake likes mushy peas.

I do think Jake'll watch the Tour de France - and he's not gonna be alone. Can't wait! I have quite a few lucky friends who are heading off to support bits of it, including the start in Rotterdam. Wish I was going too. It's Lance Armstrong's last Tour (again) so I hope he has a good race.

I love your comment, TD!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ruby! :)

WDW, I like your suggestion but fortunately for my neighbor, he stopped the music and singing before I read your comment. :D


TDiddly said...


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Just as well, Olympia :D

*Waves to TDiddly * :)

Carol said...

I adore that first pic....took me awhile to get past that to read the rest of the post.

That's good to hear another success for PoP in Russia. I'm very surprised that TS3 didn't do so well there. I'm not sure if I will go see it or just wait for DVD. I'm really looking forward to the Shrek movie this weekend. I have a huge soft spot for that green ogre and his friends.

Happy Canada Day Olympia:)

Anonymous said...

yay to POP about the success overseas over Toy Story.


Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet but will. The 2nd one had some "dark" moments.
Because they aren't live-action doesn't mean they're just for kids. They have real stories and depth to them and they aren't just aimed at 6 year olds. They know adults watch too because these aren't the "cartoons" as once defined.
The Princess and the Frog is wonderful, but there's a pretty scary vodoo guy in it.
Have seen comments about how grown men cry at Toy Story 3.
There are people who have grown up with those movies and now that they are adults they still care about the characters and can see things in it that maybe a 6-8-10 year old wouldn't and Pixar and others know that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol! :)

Anon 1:24, I am definately an adult that enjoys cartoons with a real story and depth. :) But since Toy Story 3 is directed at families and is G rated (and is a story about toys, after all), I was expecting more humor and fun and there wasn`t a lot of it, in my opinion. And I really wouldn`t recommend bringing very young children to see it, I think a lot of them wouldn`t enjoy it. In fact, I`ve read comments by several people whose little kids were scared and some even had to leave in the middle of the movie.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday at last :)

Hi Carol! I'll probably go and see Shrek this weekend, that's if I can fit it in between all the tennis and football and Tour de France...

Morning Sweetpea :)

Hi there 01:24 :D I definitely think that animated films aren't just for kids but, as Olympia says, a film called Toy Story definitely sounds like kids and families would expect it to be for kids (and the first two certainly were). It definitely shouldn't exclude kids. In my opinion the best animated films are those with something for everyone, such as Up, How to Train Your Dragon, Shreks, Wall-E and, my personal fave, Finding Nemo.

I'm not sure that a cartoon making grown men cry is a selling point.

I do agree that adults definitely want to revisit these characters they loved as children. I also think these films should aim for the love of new generations of children.

Morning Olympia! Totally agree. I'd be disappointed with a Toy Story movie that didn't have fun in it. Going off on a tangent, I love the Buzz Lightyear ride at Disney World. Such a laugh for all ages.

Glad it's the weekend. I was up nearly all night due to a moronic fridgefreezer that decided to break in the middle of the night and make a neverending high pitched whine. Gonna take a sledgehammer to it later.

Have a good day!

sabina said...

i love the 2 pics of him on the roof...he looks so carefree and happy...where were they takeen?
i cant quite tell which city he is in?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sabina! Those wonderful pictures were taken on a rooftop in Moscow when Jake and the PoP team were over there in May.

Anonymous said...

Toy Story did mean something to many people and have read where men who have seen it have been touched by's all about being needed and loved..that's all Woody and Buzz and all the toys wanted and they felt discarded and not cared about and did get in some scary places.
Some "cartoons" today are not like cartoons of the past and some of them actually have more story and more emotion ("UP" is an example and Wall-E too)than "people movies".

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon :D It sounds like this is definitely a blokes' film, it's having such an affect on them! I do agree that animated movies are developing in amazing ways and I adore them like I never did when I was a child.

Eureka said...

Some days ago I discovered your blog.
I've become a fan of Jake recently.
For some reason I can't stop looking for information about him.
And that's so strange, cause I'm not a teenager. I'm a mom. ;-)
But I'm excited as I was a teenager again.

There is something beyond his wonderful looks that moves me....

By the way. Do you know if he has ever been to Spain?. I'm Spanish.

Keep the good work in this wonderful blog.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Welcome Eureka! And thank you :D And I'm glad to hear you've discovered Jake!! He has that effect I'm afraid. And you're doing now what many of us have done - fallen for Jake and tried to find out all we can about him - he's well worth it! And, don't worry, most of us here aren't teenagers either - there are lots of mums, aunts, all ages, men and women - Jake tends to attract an interesting kind of fan and some of them are now my closest friends :D

Yes! There is way more to Jake than those gorgeous looks. Have a look through WDW, there should be some things to interest you as you go back here. Lots of videos and interviews and quite a few adventures!

Jake did visit Madrid briefly back in March last year. But Jake has done a lot of travelling in Europe - he explored France with his parents as a youngster and I'd be surprised if he hadn't spent more time in Spain than that :D

Thanks again - and thanks for commenting :)

Eureka said...


I feel less silly now. ;-)
I'm really enjoying your blog.

I guess even if he was to Spain it must be so hard to get to see a bit of him in person.

Nice meeting you. Now you have a Spanish friend.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's great, Eureka! And no need to feel silly :D Do come along and say hello on the new post so that other readers will meet you. It's lovely to know that you're over there in Spain reading. I've been cheering on Spain myself today, with Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon!

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