Friday, 2 July 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal will decorate your tree, his daily reincarnations, Peter and Maggie's new projects and Moscow!

It's a holiday weekend in the US - something to do with casting off the yolk of some other country - which seems like a golden opportunity to think about Christmas. You mean you haven't bought all your presents yet? But never mind the presents, the veggie nut roast, the mulled wine and the Queen's speech - this year it's all about the decorations. With many thanks to BBMISwear, who is admirably setting a fine example in her preparedness, here is her newest Christmas tree bauble. It might not flash red and green, but it has other qualities.

Yes, no Christmas tree will be properly dressed this year until it has a bunch of flying Prince Dastan baubles. If there had been any doubt at all that Jake Gyllenhaal has moved on to a whole new level of fame following the success of Prince of Persia (well over $300m worldwide now) then all that is removed with his arrival as a Christmas decoration. This does beg the question of course of whether you can alternate your Dastans with ostriches - or, as Jake sometimes calls them, Austrians. Maybe a nice camel for the top.

As part of the Prince of Persia publicity, Jake appeared in a great interview with This is Notthingham, which featured in a post here a month ago. This interview appears elsewhere, but it contains a little bit more, and it's pure JakeSpeak.

'"There’s no reason to do a movie like this if you can’t do the stunts. It was all about functional fitness, being able to do everything that was asked of me,” he says. But he couldn’t have prepared himself for such intense media scrutiny focused solely in the direction of his newly honed abs. “Yeah, cue me taking off my jacket,” he says laughing loudly as the question regarding his physique coincides with him removing his coat.'

'“I think there’s a definite focus on vanity, and I think we all focus on it, which is so unimportant to me,” he says. “What’s interesting is the character being played. The images from the movie are the only thing people have seen so… And it’s fine, I mean it’s definitely flattering.”... Given Prince of Persia’s themes of fate and destiny, does he believe in ‘The One’? “‘The one’ meaning ‘the one great movie’, that’s what you mean, right?” he deadpans.'

'“Oh… a lady!” he says in mock surprise. “Do you know what I believe in? I believe in carnation and reincarnation. I believe it’s sometimes a daily thing, a weekly thing, where we reincarnate and become different people and change in our days, in our weeks, in our years. I mean I’m not the same person I was even when we made this movie,” he says. And the idea of ‘The One’? “I do believe in soul mates and I think that destiny has something to do with that, yeah,” he says with a wry smile. And with that he’s called to face the world’s press and no doubt more questions about those abs.' More here.

With all the excitement of Prince of Persia, I'm afraid it's inevitable that I've lost sight a little of Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I'm waiting for Knight and Day to reach the UK to see Peter on the big screen again. His big-headed appearance in Green Lantern is more disturbing a prospect. As for Maggie, Crazy Heart has recently been released in the UK on DVD and Nanny McPhee is on the way.

But this week we have had the first reports of new projects for both. The news of Maggie's did originate in the Mail but even so the news that she may be making a movie about the Victorian origins of the vibrator couldn't help but make me think about Jake's forthcoming film on viagra. Surely a DVD pack made in heaven...?

The rumours surrounding Peter's possible new project are a little more staid but equally ambitious. He 'is attached to star in a biopic of the country music legend Bill Monroe, the man who helped create the bluegrass genre. Sarsgaard (An Education) reportedly approached Oscar-winning writer Callie Khouri (Thelma and Louise) about helping to rewrite the first draft of the script, ostensibly with himself in mind as Monroe. While the bluegrass biopic is still in early stages of development, it will likely come together as a low-budget independent film, with Finn Taylor (The Darwin Awards) in the director's chair.' Of course, this also means we could get a singing Peter! Can't be bad.

This post is illustrated with some great new pictures from the Moscow premiere of Prince of Persia, courtesy of IHJ. Looking at these pictures, I can't help but feel sympathy for the Twilight fans in Leicester Square last night who waited for hours for the Eclipse premiere and not one of the three main stars turned up. Although, admittedly, it would be difficult to find a premiere as odd as my experience of the Zodiac LA premiere...

Pictures from IHJ and WDW - thanks BBMISwear :-)


Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Another POP figurine that looks nothing like Jake. How much do they charge for this one?

Those are great new pics of the Russian premiere, I can't stop looking at the 4th one from the bottom. :)

Maggie's new project sounds...euh...interesting? :D


Carol said...

Maggie's new project is most definitely interesting:)

Hope this one happens and good to hear the lovely Rupert Everett may be attached as well.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Olympia! I know, they all seem from the same mould - but all a bit off. I like this one though. I don't know how much it costs. I love the pics :D

It certainly does, Carol! But it would be good to see Maggie and Rupert E in the same film - and a period drama too.

What a sporting night - I feel drained!

Anonymous said...

Could Maggie's next movie be from the Play that is on Broadway?

Set in the 1880s, In the Next Room or the Vibrator Play centers on a doctor and his wife whose household is upended by the doctor’s experimental therapy as inventor of a new device.

Also think that would be a really nice role for Peter. Bluegrass has a particular sound - think i've heard it described as "high lonesome".

Now if we could get confirmation on Jake's next movie!

BBMISwear said...

OMG You have me laughing tonight WDW! I got such a kick out of this Christmas Tree Ornament I just had to buy it (can't wait to see what the family says when that tree goes up in December and this ornament is front and center...hee hee).

I continued to laugh with the interesting update (and DVD package deal idea...ha ha!) of Maggie's possible project. Peter's sounds interesting much going on out there.

Oh..and 'casting off the yolk of some other country'?! You crack me up with the way you word things!! Thanks for the giggles tonight. Well I gotta get packing for a little get away (no...not Martha's Vineyard unfortunately). But it's a goodie! I'll be in touch! :-)

Anonymous said...

That Moscow premiere looked really fun. They all looked good, Gemma looked beautiful.

A film about the origins of the vibtrator - what will they think of next? It will be interesting to see if it is done tastefully.

Re the Christmas tree ornament, there really is a lot of merchandise out there.No tree complete without it.



Anonymous said...

Apparently from reading above it sounds like it's based on the Broadway Show that had some Tony Nominations a couple weeks ago.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! Weekend at last :)

Hi there 00:23 :) It certanly sounds like the play. Very unusual but then that's Maggie and I mean that in a good way. This project sounds great for Peter. I want to see him lead a movie. The exposure from An Education was so good.

Hey BBMISwear :-) Normally I would be against anywhere selling Christmas decorations this early but this is more like a good service - making sure everyone has their own Dastan in good time :D Glad I gave you a giggle and do report back from your trip! Have a wonderful time :-)

Hi Tui! Gemma looked absolutely gorgeous in Russia. Maybe something to do with the excitement of being the centre of attention in a different country. It suited her.

I really hope this project is tatsteful too! Cheers :D

Hi 04:47 :D I think you're probably right, it's hard to imagine two separate projects on the same thing :)

Have a great day everyone!

LadyEkster said...

'it would be difficult to find a premiere as odd as my experience of the Zodiac LA premiere...'
Details please! :-) (or is there a post somewhere in the dungeons of the WDW archive that I haven't found yet? ;-))

The Moscow vid was great, thanks for that. I caught Jake smiling a couple of times. Bad boy, didn't even remotely stick to the etiquette book. *grin*

Anonymous said...

I love the Dastan Christmas ornament - I may have to buy one to adorn my tree. ;)

I hope there's a sequel to Prince of Perisa, I do plan to add the DVD to my collection. I Remain still make me break out in goosebumps and gets me teary to hear it. :)

sheba said...

Christmas, Christmas, are you kidding me? I cannot believe that you're talking about Christmas already!!! Where's June gone? Fills me with dread.

Good things to look forward to for Peter and Maggie, it's a very good year for them all.

I've tried but cannot resist as I have to watch Prince of Persia one last time before it disappears from the big scren. I know this PoP journey must end sometime but it's been a crazy ride that I'll never forget. Heartfelt thanks for this site.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there! I've had a difficult day today so I'm behind but good to see you!

Hi Lady Ekster! The Zodiac advenure was something else! You can read a bit about it here but I'll write about it shortly. It's sucj a long time ago ago now, many people won't know about it. It was a lot of fun.

There's more Moscow in the new post - I love it.

Hi 16:08! I can't wait for the DVD! I'd love to know about the extras we'll get. I think there'll be a few. I'm not one for cellebrating Christmas but I definitely want this decoration :D

Hi there Sheba! Good to see you! I know! I couldn't believe that you can buy Christmas decorations all ready - it's terrible! I wasn't able to see PoP last weekend afterall but I will see it again before it leaves - lots of showings round here next week - it's a stayer :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you Sheba *)