Saturday, 21 August 2010

Born to Run - Jake Gyllenhaal in Colorado to research a sports movie? In disguise!

Update: The possible project in question: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. It sounds great - and I can't think of anyone better to play such a role.

Sometimes I think Jake Gyllenhaal has got hold of some sort of mysterious scifi transportation device (I realise I've been watching too much of Galaxy Quest lately), the reason being he nips in and out of cities and locations as if he were some kind of timelord. Yes, one minute Jake's taking his new Triumph out for a spin to get a ticket and the next he's seen amidst a group of insane people in Colorado. Why are they insane? Because they're about to run 50 miles, that's why. In (or up) mountains. To be precise Leadville, Colorado.

One competitor, Brandon Fuller, had this to say of the prerace meeting: 'After leaving the assembly, we heard rumors of Hollywood stars in the mix. Turns out Jake Gyllenhaal of gay cowboy fame was up in the rafters in a big beard and hat. We haven’t figured out his role in this yet but the lowdown seems to be a Born to Run movie in the works. They aren’t filming the movie right now. I am thinking they are doing some scouting and maybe some “day in the life” stuff so they can then portray it in a film? Seems silly since its such an event in itself and doesn’t need to be acted in my opinion. Anyway, here is a back shot of him...'

Here is the picture. I think you'll agree, Jake looks well prepared. I love the look of that camera. And thanks to the reader for pointing him out, that's a disguised Peter Sarsgaard on the right! Good to see Jake's old fedoras coming in handy (and not on Jake's head).

And another blogger, Joghard, said: 'Jake Gyllenhaal was at the pre-race meeting in disguise of sorts. Actually, he blended very well with the trail crowd with a big beard. I think they are making a movie. Kind of cool.'

I'm sure you'll agree that if anyone's born to run, it's Speedy Jake Gyllenhaal. We've heard rumours of sporting biopics for years, perhaps one is actually taking shape.

And, if the secret is now out, surely the disguise can come off?

Ghost forest - a WDW Interlude

While riding around Oxford today, we came across a ghost forest outside the Natural History Museum. These truly impressive and awe-inspiring trunks and roots had been brought by ship from the diminishing rainforests of Guyana, Africa. The trees will be in Oxford for a year and, if you can see them, please do try. You'll find them at the end of the dinosaur footprints. Here's the official site. Mr WDW then bought a pterodactyl plushie. Name and shame, that's my policy.

Pictures from here, IHJ and WDW.


Leslie said...

I've been trying to get back into running. Seeing Jake run only gives me motivation to sit and stare at him, not get off my butt to run on my own.

LadyEkster said...

You've given us quite a week, WDW. First Spandex Jake, then Ugly-Dancing Jake, and now it's Running Jake. On with the movie, off with the beard - yes please! :-)

T said...

Hi wdw, isn't Jake the one in the cargo pants with the back pack on? As the one with camera doesn't have much of the beard we saw earlier this week.

Loving the Oxford interludes

T x

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Leslie! I know, Jake motivates me to get out and stay indoors too -what a conflict :D

Thanks so much, Lady Ekster! And yes!

Hi there T! Yes, that's Jake (with the Stand Up to Cancer cap) :D It looks like that's his camera - you're not talking about the guy on the right with the other small camera, are you?

Hope everyone's having a good evening - I'm a sickie tonight being entertained by George Cloonie and Up In the Air :)

Claire said...

Hi All

WDW you naughty lady! For a moment I thought Jake had shaved!!! Lovely, lovely pics though, thank you.

Watched Moon tonight - strangely compelling and I think rather good once I got my head round what was actually going on...

Totally enjoyed Digging for Britain, we live in such an amazing country.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Claire! Sorry about that - it's a collection of Jake running pics, including those lovely ones from early 2009. I forget in these post-PoP days that not everyone was around here then :)

OMG! Love Moon - love it. I hope you enjoy it. I'm seeing Duncan Jones at the end of the month and I can't wait.

And agreed about Diffing for Britain :)

T said...

Whoops my bad, thought the other guy in the black top was jake (hangs head in shame)

He certainly gets about & im exhausted just reading about that run


Wet Dark and Wild said...

No worries T! And it is exhausting keeping up with him :)

Alejandra said...

Work news, yesss!! Cause I'm starting to worry about what I'll do after "Source Code": what will I be anxiously waiting for? I just have to know. The sooner, the better. :-)

And please, I don't know how he does it either: how he moves around. I hardly go anywhere and I'd say looking for the keys stresses me lol

You keep doing it, tho, Jake. And you too, WDW, cause I enjoy your travel photos greatly. ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG are we sure the guy on the right isn`t Jake? He's even wearing an ugly fedora! If he's not Jake, can we pretend he is because that guy looks just like a beautiful clean shaven Jake and I miss that. I'll take the horrible fedora over the Grizzly Adams beard any day of the week (and you know how much I hate Jake's fedoras). :)


TD said...

I didn't know it was possible to run that far in a beard.

Somewhat unbelievably, I was watching Galaxy Quest too. Zeitgeist?

Probably shouldn't comment on the pterodactyl plushie, but even without a photo ;), I think I want one.

Fatalistic TD

Anonymous said...

One of the great things for Jake is that he is able to get involved with and be apart of things he is interested in. He really does go about living his life and not just watching it go by.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just love pictures of Jake running :D without a beard preferably ;)

"I'm seeing Duncan Jones at the end of the month and I can't wait."

Whats this WDW!?! How? When? Where? Why? :D! tell me more :P


Jake Fan said...

It seems this race also involves bikes, isn't Jake rumored to be involved in a film about a cyclist and the Great Wall? It wsz mentioned on this blog based on a comment from the cyclist/film maker himself. Maybe this is beginning.

Side note, I loved that my verification word to add my comment to your blog was "jackink".

Anonymous said...

OMG are we sure the guy on the right isn`t Jake? He's even wearing an ugly fedora!

I think that is Peter S.

TD said...

Fascinating comments on this post. I hope they're true! Whats this about seeing Duncan Jones??


Sasha said...

haha wouldn't it be nice if he finally shaved - but no that guy with the fedora is to small to be J ...

and I really hate to ask, but I can't get my head around who the guy with the bald plate is ... *geeez* makes me angry

( and I'm always sorry for all my typos and wrong grammatiks and stuff - seems I kinda lose my english skills and typing too )

LadyEkster said...

I forget in these post-PoP days that not everyone was around here then :)
That made me giggle. So there is a post-BBM era and a post-PoP one? I wonder what we will get when LAOD gets released... *grin*

I join the crowd in: whaaa you're gonna see Duncan Jones? How cool! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! Great to see you all!

Hi Alejandra! It is great news, I wonder if it's for something imminent or as part of a vague idea. But it's good to see that Jake is 'back at work'. Lovely. And I like his trousers :D

Hi Olympia! As eagle-eyed 10:01 has identified, that is indeed Peter S! So that's where the fedoras went... No, never a return to The Hat!! Chuckle :D

That's very true, TD :D And it would make your face hot. I love Galaxy Quest!!

Yes, one of the few occasions when I've been asked to take pictures of a pterodactyl riding a motorbike.

Hi KC! He does indeed. I've always felt with Jake that he knows that he has these advantages and he grabs them :)

Hey Silver! Duncan is doing a Q&A after a Moon screening at the BFI at the end of the month and I got a ticket! Very excited :) I saw David Fincher there too. A great experience. And I get to see Moon on the big screen. I'll do a full report.

Hi Jake Fan! There seem to be all kinds of things going on, so it's interesting if Jake's there because of one thing or the other or just generally, and if it is related to the Dragon 9 project. I have so many questions! Great word ;)

Thanks so much 10:01! You are right!

Waves again at TD!

No worries, Sasha! You recognise the guy with no hair? Maybe someone can ID him. I love his monkey pendant.

That is a funny thought, Lady Ekster! And it goes on and on...

Hope everyone's having a good Sunday!

Ooh my word is fulmonti... ahem

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great WDW :D Moon is just fantastic. I think i've watched it about 5 times! Love it, love Sam Rockwell. Only thing is, I discovered it after it came off cinemas, i would have loved to have seen it on the big screen :). If only i lived near London I would have definitely got tickets for this! Anyway, i hope you have an amazing time, tell us all about it :D


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Silver! It's going to be great. I wasn't able to see Moon at the pictures round here so I'm looking forward to seeing it on a big screen. And obviously can't wait to see Duncan too. Hopefully there'll be an SC question or two :D

Sasha said...

Well I'm still not toooooo sure but it might be David Kirsch - but don't nail me on it..... but I wouldn't know any connection he would have to J or to a running movie - I mean he is a fitness guru but I don't think he as any "big time" running thingy ...

Anonymous said...

well we know that Jake has many interests (ones we just discovered like riding a motorcycle and in a convertible) like biking (remember there was talk at one time of him doing a Lance Armstrong biopic and them spending the summer of 2006 together biking around France)

now this! we know he loves to run, so this would be perfect.

I could not find Jake in that pic, which one is he?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sasha! I've been comparing pictures and it certainly does look a lot like him, but I can't find a reference to him being there - but who knows - a very good likeness :D

Hi Sweetpea - Jake is the one in the Stand Up to Cancer cap with his back to us. Peter is the one in the fedora.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Oos Sasha! Just worked it out - that guy is the author Chris McDougall! *slightly worries about the potential impact this may have on Jake's movie hair*

Sasha said...

ohhh - lol WDW ... thanks for that - maybe I should have just googled that guy first ..........

But still he looks a lot like David Kirsch and I so have no clue about that running guy as I have a love/hate relationship with running

WAAAAAHHHHH - pls no plate Jake!!!!! don't do that!!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Same here, Sasha :D

New post!

Jessica DeLine said...

The Guy with no hair is Barefoot Ted - he's in the book.

Jessica DeLine said...

Christopher McDougall is bigger and taller. compare the pics - barefoot Ted here:

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Jessica - Thank you! That's great, I'm so glad to have that one sorted out once and for all - and thank you for the link. I'll put that in the post tomorrow - it's so clearly him and an interesting story to boot. nterested to read your blog post too (agreed about the script) - and thanks for the link. Thanks for taking the trouble to post - appreciate that.

Jessica DeLine said...

No problem. Just wanted to help clear things up :) Ted is an interesting guy (and really nice).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It is good to clear it up and also uncover a bit more of the story - I'm intrigued as to what was going on as it sounds like it was a much larger group than just Jake and Peter S. And this type of research is typcal of Jake before a new project. So I'm glad to know finally who he's listening to :)

zbsports said...

He can be a good runner, I like his sports outfit so cool.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

He can :) Thanks for posting zbsports!