Thursday, 30 September 2010

LumberJake, CheeseCake Jake, LoveFilm LoveJake and a WDW Filmset Interlude

I hope you're sitting comfortably - we have a lot to get through this evening so no time for slacking, let's get on with it. First off, Jake Gyllenhaal is in New York City today and is he shaven? No. Is he on a train? Yes. 'I just rode the 1 train with Jake Gyllenhaal. Sporting a lumberjack beard.' I think from on, as long as the Face Pet lives, he shall be known as LumberJake. More on The Beard later in the post.

Love and Other Drugs draws slightly nearer and along with it comes more tales of its creation in The Pitt (aka Pittsburgh). Ms Blair recalled this today about her experience on the set of LAOD: '"In the world of extras, it was a step up," she said. She and another woman spent a day with a photographer taking Polaroid photos and wearing early 1990s clothing. She doesn't know where the pictures will be used, but she guessed they could appear as decorations in Ms. Hathaway's apartment. Later, she was an extra in a scene in a North Side cafe, and she spent the entire day sitting near Mr. Gyllenhaal and Ms. Hathaway. That was exciting, but the highlight, she said, was splitting a piece of cheesecake with Mr. Gyllenhaal at a meal that day for the cast and crew. "If nothing comes of it -- if you don't even see me in the movie -- it's totally worth it to have a chance like that," she said.' Source.

At this point I have two points to make - 1) I don't like cheesecake at all but 2) Jake, if you ever need anyone to share a cheesecake with I am willing to make the huge sacrifice of eating as much of it as you don't want because, as a Gyllenhaalic, I am selfless. But just don't offer me an artichoke. I have to draw the line somewhere.

LoveFilm LoveJake

LoveFilm have produced their top ten of Jake and it makes for some interesting reading and you may want to disagree with the choices - or omissions. The ten listed are: City Slickers, Donnie Darko, The Good Girl, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, Zodiac, Rendition, Brothers, Prince of Persia. Full details here.

Clearly, it is impossible to confine Jake's best movies to a top ten list - and this problem is only going to get worse - BUT, if you have to have a top ten, should it include City Slickers at the cost of Moonlight Mile? And what about October Sky? And where's Bubble Boy and I can hear some people lamenting the rejection of Piilot. There is only one thing for it - don't confine Jake Gyllenhaal to a Top Ten. I'm sure I read that once in a medieval legal scroll.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted this to me today - it's great that you were thinking of me!


The Should Jake Shave poll is closed and the results are in! Please pardon me for a moment while I put on the white coat, protective feet coverings, laser pointy thing and flipchart...

178 people voted - a lot more people than are usually polled for anti-wrinkle cream and catfood surveys as you'll agree. This may come as a surprise to you but it seems most people want the Face Pet ritually slaughtered. To be scientific, 124 people or 69%. This actually came as a surprise to me. I thought it would be slightly higher - 99.9% for example. But 40 people, a whapping great 22% said no, don't shave, Jake!

Obviously, this group requires more detailed study and then it may be revealed that they all hail from the Cult of the Beard and live in the wilds and devour berries and squirrels and wear a belt of leaves around their nether regions. Instead of speaking with voices as we know them they 'caw caw' through the woods and birds and butterflies flock to them as one of their own.

4 voters (2%) cannot decide. Admittedly, if one has to have a beard it could be a lot worse as can be seen here.

An admirable 5% (or 10 voters) haven't even noticed that LumberJake has a beard. This is either a very good thing or a very bad thing, depending on their glasses subscription.

Jake has until Saturday to shave for his New Yorker on stage interview in NYC. He knows our thoughts, now there is nothing to do but wait. At some time the winds will drop, the waves will calm and the moon will shine through unbroken cloud. That time will come, my friends, and then we will look back on the Face Pet Epoch with the wisdom of advancing years and know that we had to go through it to get through to the other shaven side. And we will laugh and we will sing.

Right! That's the preamble over - on with the post!

You might think that most movies are filmed in Hollywood or Pittsburgh - but you would not be correct. Oxford is not just boatraces and gown-wearing students chucking flour, eggs and squid over other gown-wearing students. It has more filmcrews than you can shake a tourist at. I once saw Brad Pitt when I popped out for a sandwich. This week it became apparent that a certain movie may have moved in to town, X-Men - turning back the clocks by 50 years. It was something to do with the cranes, the big white trucks, the security, the catering lorries, the cameras and lights and the radio reports that gave it away. Bleeding Cool had a lot of success yesterday. I got to see them clear up - obviously a vital stage of the shoot.

And so, not having had any success there I went round a few corners, past a few more beautiful old buildings, and suddenly I was on another filmset. This time, Oxford had gone back in time by about 40 years and there was the beautiful, extremely talented and feisty Duffy (in changing coats) shooting her latest video. Having seen An Education film in Oxford it was rather nice seeing its theme singer in the town as well. It all makes a change from Harry Potter and murder mysteries.

Pictures from IHJ and WDW.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks to everyone for voting in the poll!

LadyEkster said...

Great post! I'm afraid this will become a large comment...

As much as I don't like the plaid shirt, how I would love to sit on his lap in that first picture and give him a big hug.

The cheesecake story is so cute! And of course she's right that it would be worth it even if the film had travelled down the Nailed route...
I'll happily take care of the artichokes should Jake ever want to share a cheesecake + artichoke dinner with some people. ;-)

Yay, we finally have WDW in full scientific costume *gotcha!* Now that we have the results, will you please get in contact with that razor hotline you seem to have? Save us a horrible weekend, WDW! Please!! *dramatic sigh*

Ooooh what is RPattz doing next to Jake?! That is one nasty beard. :-O

Love the Oxford interlude. :) Must have been for X-Men: First Class I guess?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Lady Ekster! Had a huuuuge amount of fun doing it - it's been quite a day.

Yep, I don't like the shirt but I would indeed put my feelings to one side and sit in his lap. We are so selfless!

I'm feeding instructions down the razor hotline as we speak and no doubt the next time we see Jake he will be shorn!

I think so for the X-Men movie - caused quite a hullabaloo the last few days. It always amuses me though that beautiful as Oxford is all these movies film in the same placee.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if lumberjack Jake was in London. I happen to like cheesecake, it's not something I'd eat everyday but there is nothing like a good NY cheesecake. I'd definitely like to sit down and share one with the lumberjack. (I would just like to see how he'd keep the crumbs from making a home in the face rug)

I wonder if Jake ever stops by here to visit WDW.

If you are here Jake, I'm fed exing you a Razor and some shaving cream, for sensitive skin just in case.

I have to wonder if Jake is just torturing all of us fans just for fun. Waiting for the great shave event to commence.


paulh said...

I never got around to voting in the Beard Poll. I don't mind that the "Shave" camp won. I wouldn't have minded if the "Don't shave" camp had won, not that it was going
to, nor was it likely that Jake was going to be influenced by it. The bottom line, for me, is that this is Jake we're talking about. You'll never hear me complaining if he goes around with a mustache, real or otherwise. The fake 'stache he wore in "Brokeback
Mountain" made him look very distinguished, I think. I wouldn't be so lenient if Brad Pitt ran around with a fake one, though I might go along if Paul Rudd did.

I have no idea who "the pale one" is supposed to be. Is it Orlando Bloom? Colin Farrell? Mel Ginson? Josh Brolin? Justin Long? Zac Efron? Honestly, I don't
understand it when people speak in code like that. :-(

Then there's the cheesecake issue. I like cheesecake. I ate one piece of it a week ago, and still have some of the weight I gained from it! :-( If I ever find myself eating cheesecake with Jake, I hope there will be some that's lowfat or nonfat.

lemniscate said...

Hi WDW and ya'll,

LumberJake ;-) Love it!

Congratulations to the "shave it gang" for winning the poll.

Ok, I have a confession to make...
I kinda cheated the poll a bit. (dives under desk to take cover)
I inadvertently discovered yesterday, that every time I visited the WDW site, the poll seemed "votable" again. That's when I figured out it must be because I set my browser to auto-clear cache/history on close. The dark side took hold of me... I voted again, cleared my browser cache, refreshed, voted again...and again, and again... But after bumping the "don't shave" numbers up from 34 to 40, guilt and remorse set in, I saw the light and stopped.
As you suspected WDW, there was some foul play going on (to no avail): "shave" was at 71% not 69%.
Forgive me! I only wanted to save the poor furry pet.

lemniscate said...

@WDW - Totally agree. The LOVEFiLM Top 10 Jake Gyllenhaal is such a futile attempt to distill the best of Jake's work.
City Slickers? Pardon?
Disregarding October Sky and Moonlight Mile is sacrilege!
I haven't seen Bubble Boy or Highway yet, so I can't evaluate those.
Seems like there's still a lot of work to be done to inform/educate the media. Go get 'em WDW! ;-)

lemniscate said...

Sharing cheesecake with Jake? *thud*
Our local deli makes the most creamy, sweet 'n tangy, mulberry cheesecake...
So far my attempts to recreate this little slice of heaven at home have failed abysmally, much thanks to a wretched excuse for an oven.
Guess what I'll be having later, accompanied by a fine glass of port. ;-)
It's gonna be a long, languishing weekend before I can return here. *sigh* I'm off to the mountains!

Have a great weekend everyone!
(and may the cute, furry pet survive...)

lemniscate said...

...I ate one piece of it a week ago, and still have some of the weight I gained from it! If I ever find myself eating cheesecake with Jake, I hope there will be some that's lowfat or nonfat...

No, no, no. You'd want the experience of the full flavor darling. Just... break a sweat and work it off. ;-)

Sorry for hogging the comments again. Now I'm definitely outta here.

mermon said...

Good Morning!
The "pale one" - is Robert Pattinson - a vampire Edward from Twilight saga.

I wouldn't mind to have a cheesecake and everything else, I could even swallow shrimps in Jake's company.
Have a good day. Time to go to work!

Anonymous said...

Hello WDW and everyone

Cheesecake Jake! 1st October is World Vegetarian Day. I think I know that Jake is not a vegetarian - even if stray veges do make their way into The Beard!:) I do know that Jake is a foodie.I know that WDW is a vegetarian and so am I.

RPatz beard - oh no!



Eureka said...

Hi everyone!

I like the plaid lumberjack shirts.....*Ducking & Covering*

I watched again Moonlight Mile (2nd time)two nights ago. And yes, I do not agree with the top 10 list. But who can blame them, after all if we gyllenfans can't agree in to beard or not to beard...

Did he really travel to the UK? Is this like a shuttle flight? Like Madrid-Barcelona? :-)

Loved the 202 Westbourne Grove, I found this spanish post with nice pictures of the place:

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone1 A shocker out there today - but Friday, so I'll let it off :D

Hi Sweetpea! It is a sweet form of torture. But shudders at the cheesecake talk... :D

Hi Paul! Agreed - with Jake it just doesn't matter but we do like to talk about him.

Sorry about the reference - The Pale One is always RPattinson here because of his Twilight role (plus I don't like him :D)

I think I could be fortunate that I don't like cheesecake. But I make up for it with any kind of chocolate dessert.

Hello multiple-voting Lemniscate! The poll was weird - to include City Slickers and then not some of the others. Have a lovely time in the mountains! hat a beautiful country you live in :)

Morning Mermon! If Jake can make you eat shrimps which you don't like then maybe I would have a go with the artichokes but it would be very tough and he may not like the results :D

Hi Tui! Ooh World Vegetarian day!!! I like it - thanks for letting me know about that fellow veggie :D

Morning Eureka! It does seem uite a way to go... I love 202! I had my birthday dinner there last year with my good friends (and fellow Jakers) and hubbies. Lovely. And I love the pics of Jake and Kirsten there :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

Sasha said...

That is something I always wondered: Is Jake a veggie or not???

I don't think so. Don't know why. I guess as he wasn't disgusted by using the bacon at Jonathan Ross it is a good supportive happening for voting non-veggie.

TD said...

Very interesting post, and you are an excellent writer WDW - very entertaining!

The pics remind us of what the FacePet is hiding. Sigh, I never fail to be dismayed at quite how much of a pushover us women can be - he's had a hideous lot of 'chin pube' plastered to his face for a few weeks and people who would normally abhor (!) a beard suddenly decide he's 'cute' and vote accordingly. Suckers!! (but obviously not face sucking a lot). IMHO.

Sorry to use crude words!

sass said...

Sitting on Jake's lap eating Cheesecake stroking his beard...sublime:) Great Post!

LadyEkster said...

Hi all, I hope your Friday is better than mine. Loads of sunshine here but completely stressing out. I need some Jaking for relaxation. ;-)

I just read the latest comments on the other post, so: wave back to Margaux and Lemniscate! :) Yep, me is 100% Dutch. Now all we need is a guy/girl from Luxembourg to prove that Benelux people have impeccable taste in movie stars. *big grin*

Sasha said...

@ladyekster I know s.o. from LUX who likes Jake :p but she is no gyllenhaalic so he doesnt get to surf these drooling sites

Margaux said...

Thanx Lady Ekster! Feeling already welcome :)
And sorry, but I don't know anybody in LUX who likes Jake as much as I do. I'm still trying to convince my Belgian friends! :D Had a few successes already.
Make sure, that I won't give up! Still a couple of friends to go and then i'll visit luxemburg to spread the word! ;)

danyelle6974 said...

Thanks for the news of Duffy.

Anonymous said...

Sharing cheescake with Jake would be a treasure. :)

danyelle6974 said...

I've mentioned your siting of Duffy on my blog, cropped your photos (but put your URL on them!!) and acknowledged you in my blogpost. I hope you are OK with this! It is exciting for the Duffy fans because we aren't getting any details about the filming of "Well, Well, Well" from any other source!
Massive thanks.

theotherfiona said...

Wow that lad sure can move fast, apparently he was in London yesterday and he's on a train in NYC today.

It seems that LumberJake has super powers! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Looking forward to getting home when I can chat - bit stressed out here today... But good to see you all - and all the Belgians and Dutch! I may not be from LUX but did go there once and eat melon drenched in Port :D

So rushed couple of comments - Sasha, Jake is most definitely not a veggie - in fact, he seems to eat everything (even horrible artichokes)...

Hi there Danyelle! Thanks so much for linking WDW on your blog and that's kind of you to put the URL on there - thank you! I'm sorry they're not better pics - I only had my phone. I do have quite a few more but they're quite similar. I know that after filming there (outside Oriel College) they moved down the lane to film by the Bear pub. Give us a shout if you want the other pics :)

danyelle6974 said...

We're just interested in the car and what Duffy is wearing (to put together the idea of the video) so unless you have a pic of her wearing something different we don't need em. ;-)

Thanks for the info.

Thanks also for getting John De Borman (An Education) in the pics.

paulh said...

"Sasha, Jake is most definitely not a veggie - in fact, he seems to eat everything (even horrible artichokes)..." [WDW]

Not quite everything, WDW. He did mention once that he disliked cilantro. He would have to use little bits of it, though, in order to properly make some recipes.

Thanks for explaining who "the pale one" is, namely Robert Pattinson. I never saw any of the "Twilight" movies, but I enjoyed his work as Cedric Diggory in two "Harry Potter" movies. He was also in "Vanity Fair," which was a good movie. I say give the kid a break. He received enormous acclaim in "Twilight," which can throw a young person off-balance. If he has a great role in store for him, it will come in due time. Meanwhile, consider the possibility that he will have supporting parts in very good movies in the future, and will learn his craft as so many other young celebrity actors have done in the last 100+ years. Even Meryl Streep had to start somewhere!

BBMISwear said...

Another funny "beard" post WDW! I especially laughed at you calling it a "face pet"! The posts have been so funny lately which makes sense because there is not much news to report (other than twitter sightings, one photo and a really BAD Top 10 list - IMHO).

Looking forward to photos, videos, reports...whatever we will get after the October 2nd interview. I considered attending but with some family commitments happening at the same time I made the "correct" decision to stay put. Not an easy decision!

I love cheesecake (but I already told you this when we discussed the cheesecake report yesterday)!!

I'm happy to note that the LAOD trailer is on Cable/On Demand in the movie trailers section now. So much better to see it on the big TV screen over the computer screen. Next best thing to the trailer on the movie screen which I'm sure will be more and more as we get closer to November.

Looking forward to popping in this weekend and seeing what there is to see!


mermon said...

Hello again!
I agree with Paulh about Robert P. I liked him in Goblet of Fire as a Cedric Diggory - that's why I watched Twilight. He's British, very young, not vain at all, rather humble, waiting for good parts.

About Top 11:)list. In my opinion.
Nr1. ex aequo - Brokeback Mountain and Donnie Darko
2.Prince of Persia

5.Rendition and Brothers
7.Bubble Boy
8.Moonlight Mile, Good Girl
10.October Sky
I made a list, but it was not an easy choice, cause I like all Jake's movies. Nr1. and 2. are the closest to my heart and the rest goes almost together.

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

lemniscate...I was going to comment on paulh but you beat me to it. I was also going to say NO NO NO to the fake jake cheesecake -- you have to have the total experience. Low fat or no fat would be as almost as big a waste as having sex with Jake and he was wearing a condom!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I'm relaaaaaxing now :)

So great to see you all! OMG Gyllenhaalisgr8 - you CRACK ME UP!

Thanks very much for your top 10, Mermon - that's really interesting. I love how we all love the movies but we have our own orders for them. And some are just hard to separate. For me that's BBM and Zodiac, DDarko with MMile and TDAT just an inch behind and then the others (with Proof at the back :D).

I think you have everything then, Danyelle :D Duffy had a big coat over the smaller coat but it was quite a warm day yesterday so she took it off. There was a lot of hanging about!

Waves to everyone!!

danyelle6974 said...

Yes, one assumes the navy mac could actually be part of the outfit and the parker was just to keep warm.... loving the heels anyway. ;-)
Did you hear them playing the single too?

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

I would be willing to make Jake a SNICKERS cheesecake! OOOEY, GOOEY, FIRM & MOIST! Really, it's a cake! And BTW, not a big Proof fan, probably last on my list. As for Danny in City Slickers, in an attempt to make his part seem bigger (hmm..let me change that to role seem bigger), here is a Gyllencreation (face) of which I am most proud:

LadyEkster said...

Awh, what a cutie pie gyllenhaalisgr8. :)

I wonder if Jake ever stops by here to visit WDW.
Oh! Just the thought of that makes me feverish. He better not, I guess... Especially during these Beardgate days. *lol*
But should he read WDW, then I'd want him to find the courage to post a long comment, expressing his admiration for all the wonderful words and creative juices flowing here.
Naah, will never happen. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Danyelle - they didn't play any music - I don't know what was taking so long actually. I watched for about 20 minutes and nothing was happening, just the two people in the car while Duffy was chatty, having hair done etc.

Jake must feel very welcome to leave us a very long appreciative comment!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Lady...those aren't the ONLY juices flowing around here!

lemniscate said...

waves @ WDW, LadyEkster and gyllenhaalisgr8 - you ladies make my day! Hilarious!

I'm pretty sure Jake is web savvy, but I seriously doubt he'd ever visit a fan site, let alone comment on one. He'd want to stay well clear, in order to not break a cardinal rule...

On "being a celebrity":
- rule no. 1: keep your distance ~ never, ever, directly engage with rabid fans

However, he might occasionally get a whiff about the weird and wonderful goings on here via acquaintances. So, let's all continue to be on our best behaviour. Nothin' but love here... ;-)