Thursday, 2 September 2010

Source Code - out 11 March 2011! And the first official photo of Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter (plus a bit of PoP and some Love)

More news! On the day that we get our first glimpse of the very sexy, fleshy, pillowy and perky poster for Love and Other Drugs, we now have the first piece of real news about Source Code, the next film for Jake Gyllenhaal. We get our first official picture and A Date. Source Code will be released on 11 March 2011. Because this is on Empire magazine's list of the '10 Movies We Want to See Right Now', I'm assuming this is a UK date. So, we have the summer sun of PoP, the winter heat of Love and Other Drugs and now Spring awaits with Source Code. Fabulous!

The magazine includes a brief interview with director Duncan Jones: 'On this one I've got four really talented actors - Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright. It's a new test, a new experience...' compared to the previous Moon. We hear that it was Jake 'who pushed him to board the sci-fi thriller' and, of the plot, Duncan says Jake plays 'a military man who wakes up on a train not knowing how he got there. Before he gets a chance to work it out, things change in such a dramatic way, he doesn't know whether the train's real or not... When it was brought to me it was serious, quite cerebral, dark and depressing, My take was, "This could actually be quite fun..."' Especially with Jake on board 'He's a funny guy'.

Also, it's great to see full-page ads for the imminent Prince of Persia DVD and Blu-ray release. Although Empire's review is less pleasing. I've included it below so we can wave sticks at it. It has a very pleasant picture which serves well in its purpose to distract from the words.

I'm also more than ready to look at this again, just in case anyone missed it in this morning's post. many thanks to Melsbells!

And finally...

I'm having some technical difficulty uploading my secret mission videos of Duncan's Q&A from Tuesday night. So far one video has processed properly and I thought I'd include it here. The rest will follow, either here or at MovieBrit, and they're wonderful (Duncan Jones and his team, not the videos).

You can see all of the Duncan Jones Q&A here! It's well worth a listen. No wonder Jake loves this guy!

Scans by WDW, LAOD picture from Melsbells.


jen said...

Hey, Wet Dark & Wild, I hear there is another test screening for LOAD tonight . It was revealed on twitter.

jen said...

Yes, this movie poster is intoxicating !! It has been years since I purchased a film poster - but I will definitely buy this poster for my movie memorabilia.

Anonymous said...

Yes! SC news! :D :D Brilliant. Cannot wait till March :) WDW, is it okay if i use the picture for my blog? I will quote you of course! :)

PS Is that the October issue of Empire? I havn't had a chance to pick that one up yet.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Jen! That's good news :D I know, an amazing poster! Out of the ordinary good, I think.

Hey Silver! Of course it's all right :) It's such great news it really is. I asked Duncan when the film would be out and he said nothing (nicely). I can see why now! It's the October issue. I'm a subscriber so get it early. It'll be in the shops soon.

Jake Fan said...

I know its been said but, Lucky Bitch and what big feet he has.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Jake Fan :) That's one way to put it, not sure if it'd be my way, but agree about the feet.

LadyEkster said...

So much goodies today! I don't even know where to start commenting. *grin*

I admit I squeeed a little (well, little...) at the Source Code pic. That's the WonderCon hair and beard!!! *drools* *Jake, please take note: thát is how we like your facial hair*

I'm so happy the UK has a release date! Pathé NL still has it listed for February 6 so I wonder where it's going. But at least it's coming closer every day. :-)

Off to gaze at that terrific poster again... I guess I'll be having pillow dreams tonight.

mermon said...

Hi everyone!
"Source Code" looks more and more interesting and mysterious to me. A thriller with funny side of Jake,hm. Delicious.
About poster. It's funny, adorable. I like Jake's left foot, I don't like too much his hands on that picture, which I absolutely adore in reality. Am I clear? I think he has very nice fingers, hands, but here they look strange. It's like he wants to say "Oops" with his right hand, but it looks like his checking his breath. :)
And left hand on the pillow seems to be very shy.:)He should grab the pillow strongly. Someone could advice him.
Legs are great.
But generally - poster is very inviting.
I wish I could see it in better quality, because, what you describe as a purple pillow, I see as a grey.

mermon said...

I must add, that I like the way he keeps his legs apart around his pillow. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! It is, that wonderful WonderCon and PoP premiere hair. Sigh... It's hard to say how the dates will work out but this is a good sign we'll know soon!

Hi Mermon! Love your description of the poster :) There is so much to analyse - I love it!

Georgie said...

This is so awesome! I guess with three movies to look forward to, that makes Jake like a triple threat or something, right? LOL and look how absolutely ADORABLE his face looks in the LAOD poster!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Georgie! We're so lucky!

I've finally managed to pricess all 5 Duncan Jones videos from the Q&A and you can see them all here at MovieBrit.

Anonymous said...

Hey WDW I was wondering when we'd hear about a release date for SC. But I checked what day of the week the 11th is. Fris are usually the day new releases come out in the theaters here in the US, there are some exceptions. Like LAOD is being released on Thanksgiving eve, usually at the holiday time they might change dates, but generally speaking, Fri is the release date for new movies and Tues is the release dates for DVDs.

SO it will be interesting to see what country the 11th is for? Maybe it's for both our countries (one can only hope)

and I love seeing the LAOD poster again. one thing, can I have Jake's pillow :D


Jake Fan said...

Has anyone seen any advertising for the POP dvd in America, I haven't ?

lemniscate said...

Hi WDW and y'all,

Hmm... So it seems Jake was a strong driving force behind the SC project.
I bet Jake is a very persistent and persuasive guy once he's got his mind set on something.
Forcing poor Duncan's arm to go sci-fi and all.
I can't wait to see it! We'll probably have to wait another six months after UK premiere before we get it down under. As usual. Grmph...

LOAD poster is both sweet and tantalizing. A perfect marketing mix with the alluring "promise of more". They both look gorgeous.
But, I somehow think it might not be the final version.
Possible cause of motor vehicle accidents and the like if this were plastered on huge billboards.

Georgie said...

Not sure if I'm so crazy about Annie's pose though, honestly. it's a bit commercial, while jake's is very tantalizing (that comment I just said totally reminded me of Reese's interview with Ellen: "I would like to thank the very tantalizing JAKE GYLLENHAAL!" LOVE that!)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday! A busy one but still Friday :D

Hi Sweetpa :) Fridays are the usual day here too but that seems be changing with all these midweek previews etc. LAOD is out here on a Wednesday. I thought at the time it was unusual but now not so much. I think release dates are becoming more fluid. The 11th here will be for the UK release, and maybe for elsewehere. but as we know, these dates can change - PoP shifted a week in the UK. Fortunately in the right direction.

Hi Jake Fan!

Morning Lemniscate! It's interesting to hear of Jake's influence on SC and Duncan and then Duncan's influence on changing thefeel of the stor. I think Duncan is already a master of scifi, just look at Moon, and probably it's more the other way around - Moon inspired Jake.

That's a very good point about the poster!

Morning Georgie :D

Have a good day everyone! I'm feeling chuffe as Duncan tweeted my MB post *feels proud and happy*

LadyEkster said...

Possible cause of motor vehicle accidents and the like if this were plastered on huge billboards.
LOL! If this becomes the huge billboard one, I'm gonna plaster one all over the main building of my university so that all on the campus, the railway station and the highway can see it. And then we'll blame Jake for any traffic accidents. *big grin*

I'm feeling chuffe as Duncan tweeted my MB post *feels proud and happy*
I just saw it! Glorious! :-D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! Agreed - no building should be without its own LAOD wall poster - sigh. I know I certainly want one. I know, it's amazing!

eww my word is 'pottie'

sheba said...

OMGosh, I've only just realised that in the SC picture, Coulter looks so gorgeous that I didn't see that he has a gun on that guy. That changes the whole mood of the picture, I love that. SC is the film I want to see so badly probably more than L&OD.

Well done on your meet up with Duncan and hope this is the start of a beautiful, behind the scenes insider-relationship between you two.

I'm not keen on the L&OD poster - sorry. I just wish they used the one where Annie is lying on Jake's chest and he's looking at her throught hooded eyes with a big grin *melts*.

So, I've started saving up for multiple screenings that I'll have to attend and have so far saved for 3 screenings. I'll have to persuade some friends for Orange Wednesdays too to help out the L&OD fund :DD

Usually, Jake starts working around October time so I hope he gets the chance to grow his beard as full as he can. Oh, just to touch it once.... ah well. He's Truly Scrumptious Jnr (? :/ even I can't work that one out :DDD)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sheba! I like that mix too - the beautiful face and phone (familiar) and then with the gun.

As for Duncan, me too!

I wonder if Jake is out of LA again - he's certainly busy doing someething. And yes this is normally the time when Jake's back at work :D

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