Sunday, 3 October 2010

WDW Exclusive report of Jake Gyllenhaal at the New Yorker Festival (with video)!

One of the many things I love about doing Wet Dark and Wild is that I get the chance to share in so many wonderful Jake adventures. Today, we have another! With enormous thanks to reader Xanne, who was in the theatre last night along with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ed Zwick, we have an account of some of what Jake talked about, along with two video clips so we can see the furry lips in action for ourselves!

So here is what Xanne has to say: 'I had no idea what they would even talk about, but they basically covered the span of his career. David started out asking questions about growing up in a show business family and Jake mentioned the usual story about Maggie putting on performances like Cats and making him be the lonely cat drinking milk, etc. [WDW: Like to hear Maggie wriggle out of this one now!] Then David asked a question about college and if he regretted dropping out of Columbia to make movies, which Jake answered very quickly that he did have regrets. (One of my favorite parts was right after: David said "Maggie graduated college, didn't she?" and then Jake, in his typical deadpan style said "Yeah. Thanks for rubbing it in.").'

'Then the questions moved on to different points of his career, starting with City Slickers, and touching on films like Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain and Zodiac (they showed clips from all three). Jake discussed how he chooses movies that make him feel something when he reads the script ("At the end of reading Love and Other Drugs, I was crying. At the end of reading Brokeback Mountain, I was crying. At the end of Donnie Darko, I was throwing up.") He discussed how he makes decisions about his character, different parts of the acting process, etc. Then they started talking about Love and Other Drugs, and Ed Zwick came up. Very interesting to hear about the shooting process. They also showed two clips from it. Jake was so charming as usual. When Ed first came up, they didn't have a chair for him and Jake was like "I'll stand!" and leapt to his feet, but of course, they pulled out an extra chair and everything was fine.'

'Then it was time for the audience to ask questions, and then sadly, time to leave. One lucky old man managed to lean across the stage and shake his hand before he left, but that was it... David did mention the mustache in Brokeback and told Jake "When you shave your beard, shave the mustache too" or something along those lines. Then of course, Jake made a joke about how that mustache had won internet awards.'

If anyone has any questions, ask them in the comments and I'll send them along to Xanne.

Updated to add a short account from the New Yorker. I liked this bit about movie snogs: '"There is a weird sense of being watched," [Jake] said. "You can't help but watch yourself, which takes the sexiness out of it."'

Many many thanks to Xanne! Picture from the Huffington Post.


Talli said...

any chance we can get an actual transcript of the Q and A? I'm an actor, and I'm curious to hear what he said about the acting process.

Sasha said...

Thx to Vanessa of ISJ here is a little transcript in the New Yorker

I'm sure they will come up with more.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh thank you WDW and thank you Xanne for sharing this! I'm sure Jake was up there in all his glory, lucky you!

I honestly can't help but thinking that the fact that he is hosted to talk about all his career so far gives a pretty precise idea of what a good actor, or better, a true artist he already is, considering he's only 30. And I'm so happy for him, he makes us all such proud gyllenhaalics, doesn't he? :D


Carol said...

Thanks WDW and Xanne for sharing this with us:)

I love hearing Jake talk about the acting process and what makes him take on a role.

mermon said...

Thank you WDW for your two lovely posts today and you Xanne for sharing with us.
It's nice to hear his voice again. In first video he mentioned that he would like to do something else beside acting. I think he meant cooking - running a restaurant and being a producer. He said once that watching Jerry B. working on POP made him realise that he would love to do this in the future.

Thank you Sasha for that link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone, he looks so relaxed and comfortable. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! And thank you Xanne! I admire anyone who can record Jake without an earthquake going on.

Hi Talli - I'd like one too. Hopefully, as the days go by we'll get a full transcript from The New Yorker. It's great that Jake's fellow actors are interested in his process - thanks for commenting!

Hi Sasha - I've been watching the New Yorker site all day. I think we should get more details as time goes by. I added a link.

Hey HVV! I think it's a real honour for Jake to be up there talking about his career and choices - he has quite a body of work now and he should be proud of it (he also has quite a body... ahem).

Hi Carol! Me too :D

My pleasure Mermon! I have no doubt Jake will be more involved in production in the future.

Hi 18:16 :)

Sasha said...

sorry I didnt see that :(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sasha! I added it later so you didn't miss it :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the VIDs. I sent them to you but later than this.

I wish someone had asked him if the beard is for an upcoming role.

sorry but I want to see his face so badly, I just want to take a razor and get rid of it.

I wonder if one of the things Jake wants to do is open a restaurant. we know he loves to cook, maybe he and Chris can go in and open one up together.


Linda said...

aww how lovely!
thank you so much for sharing it with all of us
that's totally awesome :)
I still dislike the beard but it's really good to see that cute smile again.
loved the videos :D

Carol said...

Having looked at the vids again I want to join the shaving intervention!

I would buy him the razors myself if he would just shave it off:) I hope the new look is for a role.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea - someone else who was there told me when I asked him that noone asked him why he had the beard. Which is odd.

Thanks Linda!

I hope so too, Carol :D Good to have you back! xx

Carol said...

It's good to be back.xx

LadyEkster said...

A big THANK YOU to Xanne and WDW. What a wonderful read - and view! Le Grand Yummy in live action. ;) I still want him to shave asap but at the same time I can't finds words for expressing how much I enjoy hearing that sweet voice of his again.

A musical with him and Anne! That's a slice of Hollywood Heaven to me. You have my blessings, Ed. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Carol and Lady Ekster! That musical would be fabulous!

Written a post for MB on Ondine, Colin Farrell and mermaids

Zodiac said...

OMG, this beard! Omg, omg *stares at the screen mouth open*

Hello, WDW!:) Can't log in for some reason

Eureka said...

YES! Big Thanks to Xanne for the video and summary and WDW for the quick posting.
I agree with HisVelvetVoice. I'm really happy for him too.
I voted for a musical in the previous poll. I'd love that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW! Looking forward to Ondine with Colin. He looks great. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! What a day :D

Zodiac! Great to see you, my friend! How are you? x

Hey Eureka - I think we're definitely due the musical :D

Hi 21:53 - I hope you see it - it's so worth seeing. I'd really like to see Jake in a movie like Ondine.

BBMISwear said...

Thank you WDW and Xanne and everyone else who has shared info re: the NewYorker event. I've had many family commitments this weekend so wouldn't have been able to keep up with all the updates from last nights event otherwise! I am hoping for a full video from the discussion or at least a transcript as mentioned here. Time will tell if we will get that and also if that beard will stay or go. Hmmmmm.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) It's been such a crazy day! But such a good day - I'm grateful to everyone who shared their experienes, and there's more to come I think. Hope you can take it easy a bit now!

karmentxu said...

Thanks... so much information this weekend, more to come?? more videos to see, hear him

mermon said...

I've just found your updates.

David Denby said to Jake: "You may do for straight sex what you did for gay sex." Hahaha, that's so true. He did a lot for gay sex. He made people understand that gays have heart and feelings too and rights to live their way. I wonder what he can do for straight sex? :) Any ideas?

About sexiness - he is so sexy even if he doesn't feel that way filming love scenes surrounded by the movie's crew. Do you remember this short scene from Rendition - when he can't take his hands of woman, saying "Stop to kissing me"? It was so hot! And he didn't have to do much to be sexy.

"Paul Newman is someone who I admire" - that's good role model for Jake - great actor and businessman in food market, something for Jake :) And a man loving one woman all his life, very faithful. Sounds like Jake's style. Oh, to be that woman.

Xanne said...

Hey everyone, glad you enjoyed the videos and summary. I wish I could have recorded the whole thing!

I can't wait to see Jake more now that we're getting closer to LOAD!

Anonymous said...

Jake knew Paul Newman since he was a young boy (who doesn't he know) and has always thought highly of him.
Think Jake would be interested, some time in his life, of doing different things like he did.
You see that he's going to want to do everything in the film business and I bet he can write also. And be involved with a restaurant or something to do with food.
He has just begun.


mermon said...

Good morning everybody!
I just hope he will not quit acting. That is the only way for us to see him often and in big size on the silver screen:)
Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you WDW for your posts. and Thank you Xanne for sharing with us.
I feel happy to hear his sweet voice and to watch his cute face. (I hope, without beard.)
There's more to come?
I'm looking forward to watching next post.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone - Monday - sigh...

Hi Karmentxu! I'm sure there is more to come :D

Morning Mermon :) I hope Jake has a long career ahead of him in front of and behind the camera. That way we're all happy :D

Xanne! Thanks so much for popping by and thank you again for being so generous as to share it all with us. You did a fab job! I can never hold a camera while Jake's nearby. Isn't he just even more gorgeous in the flesh ? :D And great to see you here!

Hi Annie :D I think Paul is proving to be a great role model for Jake.

Thanks so much, Mayumintolor - good to see you here :D

Have a great day everyone!

TD said...

Well done to Jake - he triumphs again. He is a genuinely wonderful person.

I was thinking too that the beard may be role related - maybe they are already filming that Born to Run thingy?

Anyway, what a nice welcome back after a long summer. Will a full transcript come available do you think? Wouldn't want to inundate Xanne completely if there'll be alternatives..


Just Fan said...

Was the interview with Jake filmed? Will it be televised?
I hope we'll at least get a transcript of the interview.

Thanks for all the updates and infos. :)

Anonymous said...

Jake has only said he wants to do other things besides acting but don't think he has any plans to stop acting at any time. He loves it.
There are actors who direct and write and have other things going on but still act.

Anonymous said...

This mustage is horrible! Jake Gyllenhaal must shave as soon as possible.

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

It seems rather suspicious that Jake knows about internet awards when he professes no internet involvement. Hmmm.... Perhaps he is an internet skulker -- Gyllenstealth!

Sasha said...


I must have missed something:
Jake and internet award???

Pls educate me :)

Sasha said...

oy just found the comment of Jake about internet awards - that thingy got lost in all the excitement ...

but did his stache won i-net-awards??? I really missed things *badsashabad*

Anonymous said...

I have seen pictures of Jake using a computer so he knows the computer. He has said his Mother sends him e-mails all the time for him to look up things.
He was kidding about the "internet awards" I'm sure, and if he'd had a chance to talk about it more it would of been more kidding about it being a "bad mustache".
(Jack in the short story as he got older had a mustache so why wouldn't he in the movie. And it was also shown that he was older and just didn't think it was bad at all. I believed both of them were near 40 toward the end of the movie in the way they carried themselves, etc.).

Serene Hill said...

Thanks for the posts WDW, and thanks to Xanne for sharing, hope there will be full footage for the Q&A.
Great to have Jake back! oh, no, he's grown to love the face pet so much, take it everywhere with him.. Though the excitement of seeing Jake again makes me barely notice the Beard, likes his expressions in the vid, I could barely make out what's being said there..
Do you really think the beard is for his next role?
Thanks again for the post WDW! Looking forward for more...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there everyone! Very busy today today so it's been great to read all your comments and escape into Gyllendom :D Thanks!

Hi TD! I do think filming could be imminent? The beard just looks like it's raring to go on a new movie :D

Hi JF! I'm afraid I don't know the answers to your questions. Time will tell.

I doubt Jake will give up acting anytime soon, 13:22.

Maybe it'll just keep growing and growing, 14:58 :D

Hey Gyllenhaalisgr8! I'm sure Jake's tapping away on his MacBook :D I hope you're doing ok? xx

Hi Sasha!

Hi 16:44 - I'm sure Jake's as computer savvy as the rest of us. nd that is a horrible moustache. Jake has said himself what a monster it was :D

Hey Serene Hill! It's wonderful to see Jake again - and yes I do think it's for a role but, of course, I could be completely wrong and maybe it's for a bet!

My word is 'caves' :D

get real said...

Thank you so much WDW and Xanne for the amazing recap, video, pics, etc. from the Q&A!!!

I love all the great comments/compliments to Jake from Ed and David. :D

Sounds like it was a brilliant evening and Jake was his usual charming, witty, smart and sexy (I know I am in the minority but I am okay with the beard) self!

All the worry about the beard makes me think I am glad Jake is willing to change his look for his career. He is an actor after all and changing his look is part of his craft....jmo. I do hope if it is truly for a new role that we hear more about it asap!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Get Real! I absolutely agree about how Jake is willing to transform himself for the roles he wants - I really really respect that and it's all part of what makes him The One :D It sounds like a great evening. Jake should come over to Oxford and lead the debate at the Students Union! He'd be great :D

Tiffany said...

Thanks WDW and Xanne for the update! Wonderful post!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Tiffany :)

lemniscate said...

Hello lovelies,

We had a long weekend in Oz, which I spent in the Blue Mountains (wet, dark and wild ;-), so I have a lot of catching up to do. But, I've already spotted something in the corner of my eye which has brought a huge smile to my face and a cheeky twinkle in my eye.

A - D - O - R - A - B - L - E

The pollsters may have won the battle of the beard, but they have not won the war! Boojah!
I am so delighted he kept his face pet. ;-) It suits him well.

I'm hoping for a transcript too...
Judging from the little snippets and eye witness accounts, it is once more, very clear why it is so easy to love him: Jake Gyllenhaal is a charming, intelligent, confident, thoughtful, caring, sensitive, wonderful and beautiful human being. His parents can truly be proud; they raised a great man.

lemniscate said...

Hello again,

Just watched the videos... *sigh*
(Turns up Salt 'n Pepa "Whatta Man").

At the risk of being banned from this wonderful haven of Gyllenhaaldom, I just feel he needs to:

- move to New York (closer to his support network)
- open a restaurant (Mediterranean fusion cooking or country style, organic wholesome goodness?)
- create his own line of inspiring and delicious condiments (with a charitable gist)
- occasionally still act/direct/write when it speaks to his heart
- find a partner who'll love and support him whatever, whenever, wherever and however... (I hereby volunteer ;-)

Less limelight, more substance... more life. He bloody well deserves it!