Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The countdown to Sydney, LOAD filming memories and Maggie Gyllenhaal's 1930s' inspirational shoot

The countdown is now on until Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway head down under to walk the red carpet in Sydney, Australia, on 6 December. That should take care of this weekend. Of course that does mean that the London premiere, originally projected to share that night, is now a little less fixed. One thing is for sure, Jake and Anne will be a lot warmer in Sydney on Monday than they would be in London that night as The Great Freeze continues.

No doubt enjoying the lull in publicity for Love and Other Drugs, Jake has been seen again today in Nashville, at another coffee shop, this time at The Frothy Monkey.

A little bit more has been released about the film as it prepares to leave American shores for the rest of us. At this site you can listen to an interview in which Jake talks about the lives that we lead - how lives can be long and they can be short and so you live what you have to the full.

When Jake and Anne and Ed Zwick were in Pittsburgh filming Love and Other Drugs, and as we noted at the time, many of the local populace were called in to be extras (notably in the macarena scene). In this article we hear what it was like when a whole class was involved and when Jake and Ed went to them.

This post contains the most wonderful photos from a shoot with Maggie recorded by hair stylist Mark Townsend. This shoot takes Maggie back to the Thirties and presents 'the coolest, most stylish lady in Hollywood'. I urge you to read the feature and enjoy these glorious photographs.

Pictures from IHJ and links.

I did a review of Unstoppable at MovieBrit this evening, if you fancy reading it.


Alejandra said...

I love to hear Jake talking about living life to the fullest. It's not an easy thing to do but sometimes it's a chance you get and it becomes the best thing you can do.

It's just been a month here in Argentina since we lost former President Nestor Kirchner and the oposition says he died because he didn't take care of himself. Truth is he was ill but didn't let his illness control his life. He showed us to the last minute of his life that we were a cause worth fighting for.

So thank you, Jake for the way you feel about things. And thank you WDW for finding these treasures for us. :-)

Ahhh... I feel peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, WDW. Beautiful photos of Maggie and beautiful words from Jake. Also beautiful sentiment from Alejandra; if only we could all live our lives more aware of what's really worth fighting for.


Eureka said...

Thanks, you keep bringing us good stuff. It's amazing.
Love Maggie's pictures they are really stylish.

Anonymous said...

wonderful stuff, WDW. I wonder if Jake has ever been to Australia before. I'm sure he'll enjoy the warm weather.

Maggie looks very nice, she is very photogenic (must be something in the Gyllenhaal genes)


LadyEkster said...

Enjoyed reading the Pittsburgh story! What a blast these kids will have had and how kind of Jake and Ed to take time to answer all their questions. No doubt a couple of cinephiles and Gyllenhaalics have been born that day. ;)

Gorgeous pictures of both Jake and Maggie. What a beautiful brother and sister they make.

I'm wondering what will happen to the London premiere... I definitely would like to see Tuxedo Jake in a snowy environment. ;)

Snow said...

Agree, very nice post and more beautiful words. Saw Maggie's pictures earlier today, such an awesome set!
Plus, 'good' to hear the London premiere has been rescheduled, I feel less bad for not being able to go... and freeze.
Have a great evening everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Alejandra! I like hearing that too - it's quite pertinent to me right now as someone I knew died this week very unexpectedly and it's on my mind. It niggles and I can't get rid of the thought that we must grab each day.

Thanks Susan :) The pictures are beautiful, aren't they?

Hi Eureka! Thank you!

Hey Lady Ekster! I did like that article, and it reminded me of when Jake visited that LA schol with Ethan Hawke. I'm wondering what will happen to it too - I wonder if it will happen on the way back or nearer to the release of 29 December - or not at all! I'll keep my eyes open :D I have to say that red carpets in December aren't the most comfortable of places! I did enjoy Westfield for PoP - very civilised :D

Thanks Snow! (what an appropriate name today!) We'll have to listen out for an updated day :D

I've done a review of Unstoppable for MovieBrit tonight, if anyone's interested

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Maggie and the 1930s hairstyle, vintage accessories and fashions. :)

Nice thoughts from Jake too. Enjoyed L&OD very much.


mermon said...

Thinking of you WDW - I would like Jake to be freezing in London premiere. Thinking of Jake - I wish him to get some suntan in Sydney premiere.
If it was all set up before and promised somehow, they shouldn't let Englishmen down. So it's still a mystery. Certainly a dagger is needed here to solve this situation.

Beautiful pictures of Maggie, she is in thirty' style, indeed.

I've listened to short Jake's interview with pleasure. It's always good to hear his voice. And wise words.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Great to see you, Bertie!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Mermon :) It really is a mystery and it would be great to know one way or another what's going on! But there's no info at all for London at the moment. I had the day booked off so I'll be back at work - sigh - and waiting for an update! I hope Jake has a great time in Oz. I do love that little interview!

Monica said...

They still go to Australia? I'm really in doubt if there will be an Australian premiere.

Monica said...

Sorry, I read in the site that really will occurs the premiere on Monday. I need some sleep!
Jake in Australia! He said he loves the Aussies!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! December at last - finally in Love and Other Drugs month here in the UK...

Hi there Monica! I hope Jake gets some time to see Sydney and try some of the restaurants there.

have a good day everyone!

Karen said...

Hi WDW, first chance to come on here since baby was born (1st WDW baby yeah!)
Lots to catch up on so will hope the little one has a sleep:D
Whats happening with LAOD UK premiere then? Also I know Sheba suggested this a while ago but just wanted to say, Jake can babysit for me anytime!

LadyEkster said...

Hi all, hope you are having a good day!
I'm popping my head in for a moment to share this article I just read: 'Heath Ledger to feature in new Batman movie?' > http://www.showbizspy.com/article/219872/heath-ledger-to-feature-in-new-batman-movie.html

BBMISwear said...

I hope you Brits get London premiere news soon...I know how frustrating the waiting for info like this can be...GRRR! (I'm not sure if anyone told you yet, WDW, but the Sydney link in the post leads to the Pittsburgh article so that is linked twice - I'm not sure what you were trying to link to Sydney-wise but thought I'd mention it in case you wanted to relink)!

Oh, and thank you for your comment to my comment yesterday re: the LAOD song list I am slowly trying to piece together with each viewing - I didn't realize you were keeping a list on the forum. I will have to go check that out!

I hope to stay caught up now that one holiday is down so I'm sure I'll be back soon... :-)

Anonymous said...

Double WHOA!! I read the article and am having mixed feelings. Of course no one could replace Heath Ledger as the Joker, but the Joker is a huge part of the Batman mythology. If it's done right and is a tribute to Heath's portrayal, then I may be able to embrace it. The one thing I'm definite about is that it should either be "previously unseen footage" of Heath or no Joker at all.


Anonymous said...

I have mixed feelings about Heath being in the next batman movie. I had heard this before, about Chris using unused footage but then I thought he nixed the idea. I guess we'll see if he does use the Joker


mermon said...



Mhm. Jake looks happy. At last.
At least on the picture.

paulh said...

Regarding the use of unused material by deceased actors such Heath Ledger: it's been done to Lawrence Olivier (Sky captain and the world of tomorrow). Richard Carpenter continued to use recordings of his sister's voice long after her death. I personally think it would be a great honor to Heath if scenes that he was in could credibly be written into the next Batman movie. The key word there is "credibly."

It makes me sad to think what "Imginarium" would have been like if Heath had lived long enough to finish it himself. The critics who thought it wasn't his best role never saw what he might have done with it had he finished it. :-(

Monica said...

I do not think Nolan will use images of the Joker in next Batman.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Blimey it's cold out there...

Great to see you, Karen! Glad to hear you and 1st WDW Baby are doing so well :D No firm date on the UK premiere now.

Hi there Lady Ekster! Hmmm, not sure what I think about that one...

Hi Paul - credibly certainly is the word because otherwise I wouldn't want to see this at all. I'm not sure I'd want it anyway. To me it would feel like using Heath's memory to publicise another film that he can't make. I feel uneasy with it. And agreed about Dr P too.

I think you're right, Monica :)

New post!
Hey BBMISwear :-) Oops, the link should have gone to Australian PoPSugar, I must try and fix that. I'll email you a full list of the songs.

Hi Susan and Sweetpea :)

Hey Mermon! That cover is everywhere now :D It has an 'official' look about it to me so I'm not reading too much into the faces. But always good to see Jake smiling :)