Friday, 26 November 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal on throwing sunshine onto Brokeback's magic and a WDW Interlude

A short post this evening due to the fact that I've been sitting freezing on the back of a motorcycle and I can safely say that swimming with walruses in the Arctic winter would be a much warmer thing to do. But, as I wait for my core body temperature to rise, there is an opportunity to post another couple of interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway and they include a goodie.

In this interview, Jake and Anne talk about how nudity in a movie does not mean that the acting stops. Jake says: 'We tell stories and sometimes those stories mean you don't wear any clothes'. And there is also talk of Brokeback, a 'magical' experience, and Jake describes how he and Anne had 'taken that and thrown sunlight on it to make it grow.'

We also can see the TV Guide Channel interview with Jake and Anne from last week and it includes a couple of quick behind the scenes moments from Brokeback.

You can watch the interview here or below:

<a href="">Love and Other Drugs: Jake & Anne</a>

A WDW Interlude

Tonight there was a Festival of Light in Oxford, with the streets closed to traffic and the museums, galleries and historic buildings of the city opened to all.

The lights were turned on by two TV stars synonymous with Oxford and murder mysteries, Inspector Lewis (Kevin Whateley) and Sergeant Hathaway (Laurence Fox) who star in Lewis, the spinoff from Morse. I've lost count how many times I've seen this film here over the years - always a pleasure. I thought I'd share some pics.

This photo below was taken inside Divinity Hall in the Bodleian Library as Laurence Fox and the rest of us, including an awful lot of dignitaries, listened to the choir.


Monica said...

Great videos, thanks!
I have two pictures of him with Atticus on the set of Brokeback Mountain!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

We went to see L&OD again today and I regret to inform you that about a half dozen people walked out in the middle. I don't know if it was the sex or all of the swearing. But my 73 year old friend, who loves Jake, cried and hugged me! Perhaps it was advertised incorrectly. Or perhaps some people forgot how it was to be young and in love. But they missed the best scenes of the movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! I love the images of Jake with Atticus filming Brokeback!

That's terrible, Gyllenhaalisgr8! Why would so many people walk out? It's not a bad film! I've only walked out of movies on a couple of occasions, when theyr'e really awful. I even sat through all of Eat, Pray, Love (I deserve a medal for that one). But I can't think of any reason to walk out of LAOD. It's an R-rated movie about a viagra salesman who falls in love and likes having sex. It's perfectly blatant about that. And it isn't shocking! What do people expect? I'm gonna roll my eyes.

I'm so glad your friend enjoyed it so much!

Monica said...

I read the comments on the site In Contetion of people saying that Jake and Anne are wonderful in the film, but they disliked the movie. One or two said it was better than they hoped for.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica - not everyone who sees a film will like it, that's for sure. And one risk for LAOD is that Jake and Anne will pull audiences in but the subject matter might not be for everyone. I'm really looking forward to this movie spreading around the world :)

Gretchen said...

I even sat through all of Eat, Pray, Love (I deserve a medal for that one).

lol i should have one friend and i went to see it for Javier Bardem and he came in like in the last 20 minutes!we were like was truly horrible.the character was so full of herself and so unlikable it was unreal.i can't understand how people can stand to read 300 pages (or whatever) about her.2,5 hours felt like eternity.

Monica said...

I'm really looking forward to this movie spreading around the world :)

Me too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey there Gretchen! Totally agree. I wrote a review of it on MB. Javier was the only good thing in it and it was interminable! I've even persuaded people buying tickets to it to run as fast they can and see anything else!

LadyEkster said...

Lovely pictures, WDW! :)

"Maybe we should play brother and sister next time" LOL that and Jake's reaction to it was so funny! And I couldn't help but think about UMP when Anne said "We should go into space".

While we're talking about Eat, Pray, Love: I didn't go see the movie but I did read the book. Really enjoyed the part in Italy but after that it wasn't that interesting anymore. I did get through the last 200 pages though. What do I get for that, a gold star? :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I loved those moments, Lady Ekster! Jake's face was so funny. Brother and sister - no :D You deserve a gold medal, sympathy and therapy. Although I'm sure the book must be better than the film!

Gretchen said...

I've even persuaded people buying tickets to it to run as fast they can and see anything else!

and you get another medal for that!the exit was in the back so we didn't see people going in but i'd have told them to get away while they can.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see the pics of Jake With Atticus during BBM.

I loved the pic of Jake as Jack cleaning the glass.


paulh said...

"Eat, Pray, Love" had some nice scenery, which I enjoyed. I read a few reviews that said the woman in the book basically had no personality. Julia Roberts invented a personality for her so that viewers could have something to relate to. However bad the movie itself might be, I don't think it was Julia's fault.

I saw "Tangled" today and enjoyed it enormously. Jeffrey Tambor, who does the voice for one of the many thugs, was in "City Slickers" with Jake.

When I saw "Love and other Drugs," the audience wasn't very large. They didn't react very much. No one walked out. I think they understood what kind of movie it was supposed to be. There's an amoral cycnicism about the film that I didn't find appealing. This was bound to rub off on Jamie Randall. What kind of drug-company rep would steal another rep's samples and throw them in the dumpster? That's dishonest! Maybe that was part of what the people disliked enough to walk out in the middle of the film.

I don't want to reveal any spoilers, but Jamie turns out to be a nicer guy at the end of the movie than he was at the beginning. There is hope for his character, and the people who walke dout missed out on this. "That's hard!" as Jack twist would say. ;-)

Serene Hill said...

hi WDW and all...
I would love to share my commnts on the vids too, but unfortunately the fact is that I haven't got thw time to watch any of the vids,and reading all the comments here,it's sure seems like goodies. For now has come the weekend again, which mean I won't gwt time for anything...:'(
Hope LAOD would spread all around the world soon. I've been searching for some LAOD critics review, and what they said mostly is the plot is messy or something like that. I hope LAOD will do well in the box office.
The Esquire outtakes pics is real sexy..and I would love to see Jake with Atticus too.
by the way, you have beautiful festival there, I've never been in festival, since we never have one here.
Thanks for the posts WDW!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! A dusting of snow out there today and me setting out on a roadtrip up north for the weekend. Ugh.

Morning Gretchen and Sweetpea :)

Hi Paul! I don't feel like it was Julia's fault - I'll always watch her films. It was the character. To me she appeared completely self-centred and utterly skewed. No such problem with Jake's Jamie. He has heart.

I really want to see Tangled - when it finally gets here.

Morning Serene Hill! I hope you get some time to watch the videos :)

Have a good day everyone!

Get Real said...

Trying to sneak a moment to visit WDW from all the Thanksgiving craziness. :)

Thanks for the videos...can't wait to watch them!

WDW, your interlude was lovely...thanks for sharing! I love the holidays. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Love and other Drugs, I LOVED IT. I haven't felt this good about one of Jake's movies in a long time (okay I did like POP but not like I liked this movie)

It has been a long time since I've seen this kind of chemistry between two people. And not only that you can see they have a strong relationship beyond the movie. yes I'd like to see them as a couple in RL (and I think in some ways, even if subconsciously) I think they do too

Of course I want Anne to be happy too and if she is happy with the guy she is with than more power to them. But I've never felt so strongly about something but I think Jake and Anne should be together in RL (okay that is my 2 cents)

I think too much has been made about the nudity in this movie. This is about two people who meet each other and at first it's just about sex, so of course they are going to be nude. Then as time goes on it becomes so much more.

Yes there was comedic parts to this movie, I had some good laughs. But it goes SO much further than your run of the mill rom-com.

I would love to see Jake do another movie along this line.

and, with his face so clean shaven, I couldn't help thinking he looks so much like Jack Twist, he has not aged since he did BBM. It's when he has facial hair that makes him look older.

I can't wait to see it again. (I might have to wait a bit, though)


Anonymous said...


mermon said...

Good Morning everyone.

Thank you WDW for new post.
Watching new videos with Jake and Anne in the same clothes made me realise how many interviews they had to do in the short time! Talking about the same subject, everything to promote the movie, they like very much. It must be really exhaustive and they were doing that with such a grace. They are really professional.

It looks like Jake spent some time during Thanksgiving weekend with Taylor Swift. Breaking ice before making NYE?

@Sweetpea - I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. It was many mediocre opinions, I'm glad from each positive one.

Anonymous said...

WDW just to let you know. I tried to play the joost video and it kept shutting down firefox. I don't know if anyone else had that problem.

I liked the moviefone video, thought it was funny what Anne said about what their next movie should be.

was touched by what Jake said about Jill Clayburgh


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Eventually got home after a long drive through some spectcaular and freezing frosty sunshine with snowy bits.

Hi there Get Real! Hope you're having a good weekend :)

Glad you liked it Sweetpea :)

Hey there Kaushi! It's terrible how long some people have to wait - I hope it reaches you at some time, even if just on DVD.

Hi Mermon! I definitely agree that it must become a pain in the neck to have to keep answering the same question over and over. Jake and Anne deal with that well!

Hi Sweetpea - Firefox is so full of bugs I definitely recommend Chrome - or even IE these days.

Just getting a new post up but having some technical issues :D