Monday, 29 November 2010

New publicity stills for Love and Other Drugs and Anne Hathaway in Empire

There are some stunning new stills from Love and Other Drugs today. These pictures not only display the charisma, chemistry and charm of stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, they also make me feel less bad about the state of my flat. In this instance, I'm even prepared to overlook the feet.

Love and Other Drugs features in the January issue of Empire. While Total Film focused on Jake, Empire puts the spotlight on Anne. This coincides nicely with the announcement of Anne and James Franco as the presenters for next year's Oscars (27 February).

While I'm about it, here's Empire's review:

And finally...

There was no way I could leave out these wonderful additions to the NYC press conference set of portraits.

Thanks to Eyeprime and IHJ for the pics and to Karmentxu and Mermon for the heads up. Scans by WDW.


LadyEkster said...

That snowy LAOD still is very appropriate tonight! I wonder if the trains will ride tomorrow... If not, can you pick me up in your Porsche, Jamie? *blink blink* ;)

Thanks for the great posts WDW. I was away for the weekend so have some catching up to do. Oh I see the vids from Toronto, woohoo! Gonna enjoy them. :)

I'm thrilled that Anne will be co-hosting the Oscars! I hope she'll sing again, like she did with Hugh Jackman 2 years ago. She has such a beautiful voice.

mermon said...

The LAOD stills are lovely. I like all of them, but the most that one - when they read - it's so warm and shows real connection between them. And the one - when they watch TV. By the way - aren't they too close to the screen? :)
That one in the tub - I was always wondering why Jake is in the tub fully clothed, I will find it out watching the movie.
The feet are just fine, WDW - clean, nicely shaped :) Maybe Jake will convince you to men's feet.

Nice article about Anne - interesting scene with Anne stretching out after sex with Jake, Ed could leave it.

LAOD review - quite OK. It seems that some people don't find the end of the movie the best possible, though they like the whole movie and the characters played by Jake and Anne.
The reviews are so different that I can't wait to make my own opinion.

Congratulations to Anne for co-hosting Oscars!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, WDW, for the great post, as always. I really enjoyed the magazine interview. All the little "character backstory" information (orgasms for relaxation?)continues to add new layers to an excellent performance. The review was also great, even if the reviewer was a bit let down by the ending. I liked the ending just the way it is, thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

@mermon - Considering how tiny the TV is, they are not too close, so don't worry about anyone ruining their eyesight. ;)

As for being in a bathtub fully clothed, I don't quite understand it either. I was wondering the same thing as I was watching the movie. Maybe it's a lack of comfortable seating in Maggie's apartment?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! I thought that when I saw the picture too. My office has no heating and I'm spending the evening curled up in a duvet to try and warm up. And more snow on the way tomorrow! Ugh. I'd settle for the lift too :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed the vids. And that is such great news for Anne and James - just love them both :)

Hi there Mermon! I love the pictures. The bath tub is such a goodie. I can see why Jamie would relax in there with a beer - it's a centrepiece for the apartment.

However much I love Jake, I fear he will not cure me of my feet phobia...

I thought the review was pretty good. I agreed with much of it. But yes! I'm looking forward to when everyone has seen it and can give their opinion :)

Thanks, Susan! I really enjoyed the interview too - I love to hear Anne talk about her character.

Eureka said...

Hi WDW and all,
It was freezing cold today. It even snowed here. No heating at work? They are mean.... :o)

I like the two last pictures in today's post. Thanks for the interview scans.
Stills are nice too. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Very nice photos of them. Just shows the wonderful chemistry that made this movie work SO well

thanks WDW


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureka! They are - I've been shivering all day and I've been huddled up in blankets all evening.

The pictures are just lovely :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea! POsting at the same time :D

Just Fan said...

Congrats to James F. and Anne for hosting the Oscars. James is very likely to be nominated or even win for his performance in 127 Hours.
Unfortunately Anne's great performance (I haven't seen it yet, but I read it's great) in LAOD will probably be overlooked because of the luke-warm reviews for the movie.

I love all of the LAOD pics. I'm not a feet fan myself, but Jake has very nice feet and hands.
Overall Jake's a very attractive man.

Thanks for the upadate WDW. :)

Anonymous said...

Utterly stunning! look at those looong legs..

I couldn't resist!


Serene Hill said...

Hey WDW.
Very nice new stills, I love all of them, but my personal fave is the second one... and the new pics from the press conference are stunning...
haven't read the articles yet...
And the etalk vids are amazing, the accent thing was really funny, and it seems that wherever he goes, he always do food hunting, hahaha...
thanks for the post WDW!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! And the snow has arrived. I'm the one sliding down the pavements...

He most certainly is, JF! Although I do prefer him with shoes on.... Beautiful hands.

Don't resist TD! Good to see you - and yes, he has lovely long legs too...

Morning Serene Hill! I love the second one too. It's always amused me how Jake seeks out all the foodie spots wherever he goes :)

Have a good day everyone - and wrap up! Except if you live somewhere hot, then you don't have to.

mermon said...

From today - IMBb -
"MOVIEmeter for LAOD:
Up 275% in popularity this week." - that nice, lately was 80%

6.6/10 X - rating. It grows!

paulh said...

6.6 rating at IMDB? That's a lot higher than the critics' 54% rating at MRQE (it had been higher there earlier...). I think audiences are having a good time, though there aren't enough of them. LAOD came in 6th this weekend, behind "Unstoppable." My advice is, see it as soon as you can, as the box office is extremely competitive right now. Harry Potter, Megamind, and Tangled are fierce competitors.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't mind feet, so long as they are clean. I wouldn't mind giving him a foot massage (or getting one too :D)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! That's good to hear!

I do agree Paul - it's really tough competition in the US. Not a good week I'd have thought to release an adult comedy. Unstoppable has actually arrived in the UK now so I'm off to see that this evening.

There also haven't been many reviews over here yet as almost everyone's under embargo! I'll be interested to see how it plays out over here.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea :)

BBMISwear said...

I'm resurfacing after a very long and busy holiday weekend and then some! If my T-day holiday is any indication of what my Christmas holiday is going to be like then I better start resting up for it NOW!

A lot of great stuff over the last few posts WDW - big thanks as always! You make catching up so enjoyable. And the ETalk clips made it to the blog I see - yay!! Great memories there...I still laugh at Jake *almost* calling me pushy (nice quick change to "they're" instead of "she's", Jake)! LOL! I need to get to work on my new ringtone - it's called "Hey Lisa! She's From Boston!" - I think it's kind of catchy! :-)

A shout out to Paul - it was so great to meet you and watch LAOD together! Paul sure is a movie buff (as we can all see from his posts here). And I got such a kick out of him greeting me with a "Hey Lisa"!! Love that!! Yes, WDW, you WERE at that very movie theater - I so wish you could have joined us there. You'll be back one day, right?!

Oh...before I forget...many here have asked what songs are in LAOD and I've got 2 more for those wondering. It's been a slow puzzle to piece together but with these two I now have a list of 6 and an almost 7. The two I just got during my last viewing were:

Praise You by Fatboy Slim (a little intro/talk at the start of this clip and then it gets right into the song - I rather like it).

Heaven is a Place on Earth by Belinda Carlisle (makes me roll my eyes a bit but it fits for the montage it is played over in the film). :-)

There is one song I cannot get and I really like it - if there are any LAOD viewers here that know which song I'm talking about please share: The lyrics I remember are either "If I ever loved you, if I ever did" or "If I never loved you, if I never did". It is not the one that comes up by Justin Currie when searched. Man, it's bugging me! And the song that comes up at least 3 times with a nice piano riff and a woman humming - can't get that one either. Grrrr.

Crazy days for me lately but good days (mostly)! I've been loving my LAOD viewings but need to take a break and be a bit more productive for a while (hee hee). Hope all of you here who can see it do and for those who get to see it at the end of December keep that countdown's only a month away now (with some great photos to look at in the meantime at least)!

Until next time... :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeay! Great to see you back BBMISwear - I know how busy these times are for you. And I was delighted to hear that you went to see LAOD with Paul in the cinema I went too!

I've done a complete list of the songs in LAOD in the members section of the forum so take a peek if you can.

I cannot wait for the end of December. I am so ready to see this film again :-)

I saw Unstoppable this evening and loved it. About to write a post on it for MB.