Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Congratulations to WDW friend Linda for her question to Jake Gyllenhaal! Plus a certain cover...

One of the many aspects of doing WDW that I adore is when one of us here gets the chance to see, speak to or interact with Jake Gyllenhaal, the person who brought so many of us together from across the globe. Today friend and WDW reader Linda got to ask Jake her question on a CNN International video.

And it's a goodie. Linda asks Jake if he's anything at all like Jamie. You can see his response here. It's also lovely to see Linda from Mexico City in person! If you can't see the video below, try this link instead (thanks to Linda for sending it to me).

You would have to be in the Arctic, under an icecap in a wetsuit with walruses, not to have noticed US Weekly's new cover today. Not only does it introduce Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift as a couple with the hint of a spread of Thanksgiving pics, it also promises to reveal secrets of the Royal Wedding Stag Do.

However, more serious is the return of The Hat, reminding many of us, I'm sure, of Hatgate, Winter 2008/2009, when it was more likely that we would see Jake without clothes than without a Hat of some description..

Includes scan by WDW.


Snow said...

The first paragraph absolutely touched me, it's so true!

Going to watch Linda (bien por ti!!!) when my computer is not as slow as it is now...

and regarding that cover. Argh. I think it's called to be jelous.

x Snow

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Snow! And yes! Congratulations to Linda - I know how chuffed I was just when Jerry Bruckheimer answered one of my questions :D

Linda said...

aww Thank you so much!
I'm petrified, I don't know what to say
it was just perfect!! :D
loved the post WDW :)

LadyEkster said...

Woohoo! Enhorabuena Linda! :) Very nice interview.

That cover... I'm trying to look for something better than 'Eww!' to describe my initial response to it. Sorry Jake. I wish you all the happiness in the world and I promise I'll try to warm up to the idea. :)

...when it was more likely that we would see Jake without clothes than without a Hat of some description.
The Hat has to make a lot of re-appearances before it beats Jake without clothes now that we have LAOD! :-D

Alejandra said...

Oh for crying out loud! YouTube won't let me watch the vid! Says it's CNN Europe content that's been blocked in my country. But if the question was asked by a fellow LatinAmerican, I should be allowed to see it!

Congrats anyway, Linda! What did he answer, what did he answer?? :-D

Linda said...

Thank you so much LadyEkster! :)

Alejandra you can watch it here :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Fabulous stuff Linda! I just sent you a download link :)

Hi Lady Ekster! Yep, fewer clothes and less hats sounds good. I'm not a fan of such staged magazine covers so I'm reserving judgement!

Hello Alejandra! Thanks for the link Linda - I added it to the post :D

Linda said...

Kate you saved my life! thank you so much for the link :D!!
god, I cannot explain how I feel right now!

Alejandra said...

Thank you, Linda! Seems like that will work. :-)

(Of course, my connection isn't exactly cooperating right now, but it will later...)

BBMISwear said...

Yay to Linda! It certainly is always fun to get to talk to Jake! :-)

The US Weekly photo reminds me a lot of some other "pap photos" we've seen of him in the past. I like his jacket and needed to wear one just like it today. Man that temperature is dropping out there and fast! Happy Winter (NOT).


Anonymous said...

It looks like Lisa isn't the only name that got mentioned by Jake. I am very happy for Linda. Thank you for sharing. It's nice how they both got asked questions by the fans.

As to the US Weekly (which btw is not in the stores in my area today, they have the last issue with Prince William's fiancee on the cover. I wonder what the other photos inside are. I don't believe this is a 'forever' thing It looks to me like two friends enjoying the holiday together and getting to know one another. I am curious as to how they met, but with Hollywood types they bump into all kinds of celebs.

I'm curious if they are going to do
NYE this month.

I guess time will tell where this is going. I just hope Jake is happy. If he is really serious about settling down he picked the wrong person. She is in a different place in her life than he is. But they are both on US Weekly's radar so they'll be getting the same hounding treatment Jake got when he was with RW. IMO he should look for someone outside the industry or more low key. Like Tobey MacGuire, his wife is not an actress and they barely get noticed.

okay I'm getting off the soapbox now.

Thanks WDW.

T said...

Thanks for the links, congratulations Linda, as for the cover im not sure seems staged, and on US Weekly sites says there are interviews inside on their feelings for each other - since when does Jake talk to the media about that?? - anyway im not going to go on about as dont want to break WDW rules :)
Wish this snow would clear its slowing down by internet & i want to see Lindas question xx

mermon said...

Hi everybody!
@Linda - congratulation to you for having a chance to ask Jake a question! Nice to see you in person :)
Another sweet interview with Anne and Jake. They really have magical relationship. And seemed to answer fans questions with pleasure.

The picture from US Weekly is unexpected for me - that they show some intimacy to the media after such a short time (5 weeks). I wonder how they will survive during February-October Taylor's world tour. If she would come to Poland, which is not, Jake could drop by as well.
I'm not sure if this picture is for real. They may have some fun fooling us. But I'd rather like the picture. The look on their faces.

That 2008/2009 time - Jake was really in hat's mood.

Winter came to Poland, a lot of snow, traffics on the roads. 25 minutes' way by bus took me 1hour and half to get where I needed. And windy cold. Brrr!

Linda said...

Thank you so much guys!
I hope you have a great day/night :)

Monica said...

Congratulations, Linda!

Eureka said...

¡Felicidades Linda! ¡Bien hecho!
I'm so glad one of us got to ask a question. :o)
This is really exciting.

Cover? Errh...What Cover?
I'm going through a "denial phase" I believe. :oD

This must be one of gyllenhaalisgr8 photo art, right? ;o)

Have a great evening/night everyone.

Anonymous said...

I have seen the pics of the US Weekly magazine on Tumblr, I have to admit Jake looks really happy. There is a pic of Taylor with Maggie and Ramona walking down the street. I don't know how serious it is but they seem to be enjoying eachothers company. Good for them!!

Just Fan said...

Thanks for the updates WDW.

I have to say I enjoyed the LAOD promo tour a lot. Looking forward to see new futage of the Australian premiere.

Can't say that I'm happy to see Jake in tabloids again with his new girlfriend. Oh well.

Wet Dark and Wild said...


Hi BBMISwear :-) They look like those kind of 'pap photos' to me too!

Hey Anon! It is lovely hearing Jake call/say your name - this is the one good thing about Jake being asked about Kate Middleton!

Hi T! I hope you saw the video. I hate this weather...

Hey Mermon! Sorry to hear you have winter there too - The UK appears to have shut down.

Hi Monica and Eureka!

Hi Anon :) I just prefer these things less... 'managed' and more private. But happy is what counts :)

Hi JF! I'm looking forward to the OZ pics!

Monica said...

Golden Satellite Nominations
In Contention

Linda said...

Thanks Eureka your spanish is soo good :) ,thanks Monica , BBMISwear,anon,T, mermon :) good to read you all!
Thanks WDW for the adorable post!:)

Monica said...

Forgot to say, Jake, Anne and Michelle (Ryan Gosling and James Franco too) received nominations for Golden satelitte!

Anonymous said...

Don't get mad at me but I just have to say it. That US Weekly cover did one thing wonderfully, it took the spotlight off Reese W getting her Hollywood star today. She treated Jake horribly, so team Taylor here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, monica, I never heard of the Golden Satellite awards when do they pick the winners?


Monica said...

^^ Winners: 12/19/2010

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! And the snow is falling... again.

Ooh thanks for that Monica, that is good news :)

Waves to Linda!

Hi 4:20 :) And hello to Sweetpea :D

Someone put the kettle on....

Anonymous said...

maybe getting an award will be a nice present on Jake's birthday!

are the awards televised?


Anonymous said...

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