Sunday, 19 December 2010

Happy birthday to Jake Gyllenhaal - the big 3-0

Happy birthday Jake Gyllenhaal and congratulations on the big 3-0! Whether you're diving with walruses and killer whales in the deep Arctic north, or popping out for lunch in Washington DC [or NYC depending on which Prune this was...], 30 is a great age to celebrate - especially when it coincides with a movie out and a Golden Globe nomination. Many thanks to BBMISwear for this page from the new issue of EW, which gives us a look at another shot from their notorious and celebratory shoot of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway sans all unnecessary clobber.

Roger Ebert took the opportunity of Jake's birthday today to repost his review of Brokeback Mountain.

For a full photographic tour through over 15 years of life in front of the camera, do take a look at PoPSugar as they mark a key date in the GyllenCalendar.

There are more pictures from Love and Other Drugs, reminding us that the release gets ever nearer to those of us in Europe and elsewhere.

There is also a video from Korea, in which Anne sounds relieved to be immune to the sexiness and gorgeousness of her co-star whom, as he hits the big 3-0, is more stunning than ever.

And finally...

Today has been rather extraordinary in Oxford - the worst snow for 30 years and, because I had preview tickets for the King's Speech, I had a ten mile round walking trip to do. I thought I'd post a picture or two.

Many many happy returns of the day to Jake! 30 is a wonderful age and you'll look back on it as it key turning point in a rich and fulfilled life. Off now to write about Love and Other Drugs as I do believe my embargo is about to lift...


sheba said...

Hey, I've been waiting all day for your birthday post and wondering what's happened to you. Now I know your dedication to movies you're forgiven :DD

Happy, happy birthday Jake and thanks for all the happy memories you've given to us all. Looking forward for the next 30 years and beyond.

Oh, and lucky walruses.

Snow said...

Thanks for the birthday post and just have to add my personal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jake, may your 30's be the best ever (as I hope mine will when that hits me!).


mk said...


that picture of jake out to lunch was taken at prune resturant in new york ysterday he was spotted there yesterday.

sass said...

Happy Birthday JAKE!!
My friend...walk 10 miles? You will love The King's Speech. I want to see it again if I can. I'm going to see LAOD again today. It's practically Spring...34 I have to get out and party with Jake.
Thank goodness I qualify for Senior rates, which in NYC are still way too high. I love your snow pics. We haven't had snow here but my fingers are crossed :(
I can't help but think that BBM helped our country in a big big way...Outstanding accomplishment Jake.
Happy Birthday again Jake! Thanks for all you do for us, and for humanity. I look forward to you being in my life for many more years!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, WDW for the birthday post. Your dedication to movies (trudging through the snow for 5 miles and back just to see The King's Speech) borders on the insane, but I can relate. It sounds like something I would do! Fortunately there probably won't be any snow anywhere nearby when I finally get to see it, but I will certainly be thinking of you.

I saw Black Swan yesterday and it was incredible! Natalie Portman should certainly get an Oscar nomination for her performance. That's a movie that would be worth 10 miles in the snow to see.


Just Fan said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!

karmentxu said...

Thanks for the post, WDW and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE

Carol said...

Happy birthday Jake. Congratulations on reaching the 30. Life will only get better from here:)

Thanks for always putting a smile on my face, entertaining me and making me think. Looking forward to following your journey for the next ten years.

The snow looks beautiful WDW but I know its causing chaos. My brother in law lives in Dunstable and he is snowed in.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Jake. I hope you are celebrating with your family and friends.

Is he in DC? you mentioned lunch in DC. I wish he'd film a movie here, I'd be able to go and watch


Shelly said...

Jake's in DC?! I live in DC!

sheba said...

WDW you are so brave to walk 10 miles in the snow. I can imagine that all landmarks would look unrecognisable and it would be easy to get lost. So glad you're back safe.

Jake's 30th celebration seems very tame and I guess that says so much about him too. Wherever he is in the world we are wishing him health, love, happiness and abundance of joy. Our boy..... 30!!

Jake in NYC said...

Yesterday Jake was in NYC. There was a sighting with him, Maggie and Michelle Williams:

AmandaEBoyle: Just saw michelle williams, jake gyllenhaal, maggie gyllenhaal, and @joejonas at one place. Not telling where though :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...


Hi Sheba :D Sorry for the delay - it's been quite a day and I just had to go out to walk another mile. I'm not moving tomorrow...

Hello Snow! 30s is a great decade. I loved mine. (Ahem... loving mine ;D)

Hi MK! I had an email saying it was the Prune in DC so it's very confusing!

Hey there Sass! I loved King;s Speech. It was well worth the trek as it's not out here for such a long time. It's wonderful to think back on BBM today - the contribution that Jake has made, with more to come.

Hi Susan! I can't wait to see Black Swan - again, another long wait here for that...

Hi JF!

Thanks Karmentxu :D

Hey Carol! Absolute chaos. I am very tired of it now. I have a week off and can't do much with it.

Hi Sweetpea :)

hey Shelly! It looks like it could be DC or NYC so we'll have to keep our ears open - and do keep your eyes open!

Wonderful reading all the happy birthday messages for Jake :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Sheba! It was quite an adventure - and there were quite a few hardy people out and about. But I'm glad to be in now. I do agree about Jake - lowkey and with family. Sounds good.

Hi 18:08 - thanks for the info :)

Shelly said...

Oh now I'm bummed he's not actually in DC. Oh well. I enjoyed that temporary excitement. ;)

Get Real said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!! Wishing you every happiness and joy!!! You are the best!

WDW, what a lovely, lovely post! :D

Wow, you really got some snow going in the UK. Take care and snuggle in cozy. :)

Kings Speech was really fantastic, love Colin and Jeffrey. Also, I highly recommend Black Swan, Natalie brings her full force to that role and The Fighter. Both excellent.

Claire said...

Hi All

Happy happy birthday to Jake!! May he celebrate many, many more...

Love the pictures and the post as always WDW.

I saw Unstoppable last night and really enjoyed it although it has nothing to do with Jake...

My dad is trying to fly over from South Africa to spend xmas in England and so far has been delayed - now until Tuesday!!!

More snow is on the way....

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I tried to google a Prune Restaurant in DC and all I found was a fractured Prune in DC and Maryland.

I think it was NYC and if he was with Michelle and Maggie they had to be in Brooklyn.

(too bad no word on Jake and Matilda :D)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jake!

Thanks for all the wonderful moments you gave us this past year - looking forward to see what the next year will bring :-)

Have a great evening,


winterbird said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!! Get pissed royally and be merry!

That's a LOT of snow in Oxford, WDW! I have many friends stuck in airports across Europe. Ugh. I miss London, but not so much the icy pavement that local council never cleans up!

Stay warm!

I remember Ebert was one of the few Crash champion critics back in 2005... But anyway, nice of him to repost the review.

Eureka said...

This is the first time I congratulate you. Keep on the good work and the good humor you show.

¡Felicidades y que cumplas muchos más!

Thanks WDW for the post. Oxford had an avalanche!.I wouldn't feel like going out. Nice pictures.
Thanks BBMISwear for the scan ;o)

Linda said...

yay Happy Birthday to our beautiful Jake! <3
sweet 30 :D
no doubt he's hotter than ever :) lol
all the very best for him!
he's the most talented and inspirational person in the world.
great post WDW!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Jake! What an amazing life you have had so far and so much more to come! 10 days until I can watch LAOD, can't wait, anyone up for babysitting? :D

anouska said...

Can't believe our Jake is actually ... THIRTY!!

Happy birthday, Jake :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jake from that guy who still has your bottle of "Crystal Geysir" in the family larder, just for keeps sake. Yes, it is 10 years now. BTW on the biggest commercial channel in our country they are broadcasting The Day After Tomorrow tonight! Could you call that a serendipity or what else?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

So great to see you all!

Hi Get Real! Thanks so much - I am looking forward to Black Swan very much.

Hello Claire! I loved Unstoppable. I hope your father makes it over. Hopefully the chaos will ease a bit tomorrow.

Hi Fie!

Hey there Winterbird! It's insane. I'm hoping it gets a bit better before I have my long roadtrip at the end of the week.

Thanks Eureka!

Waves to Linda and Karen :D Not long now, Karen :)

Nouskie - how great to see you here xx

Georgie said...

Happy Birthday Jake! Here's to another 30 years of handsomeness, charm, and lots of recognition for amazing acting. Lots of love!

LadyEkster said...

Wow WDW, Jake would be proud of you after that much walking! And through the snow! Colin Firth had better send you a personal thank you note for walking 10 miles just to hear him stutter. *big grin*

I'll write it again because it feels so good: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!! I'm sending you a celebration snowball... and another... and another...

30s is a great decade. I loved mine. (Ahem... loving mine ;D) I beg your pardon? I thought you were 29! :-P

Uli said...

Phew, I am glad Jake is in a different time zone, cause I am so late...


I hope you spend a great day with family and other people you love and who love you!!

I wish you happiness, health and whatever you may wish for yourself!!

And I hope you will continue to make us happy by choosing interesting, heartbreaking, funny and exciting roles! And I hope you will continue to come across like a really wonderful human being!

Not that you will ever read this... But, yeah, that's what you do to grown up people... Make them leave birthday messages on internet blogs...

Ruby said...

Happy Birthday Jake.

I'm very much enjoying my (2nd) thirties. I may even go for thirds. :D.

Ruby said...

Do I win a prize for being the 30th comment? :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Great to see you all!

Hi Georgie :)

Hey Lady Ekster! You are so right... Colin should buy me a pint...

That's what he's done, Uli! Brought us all together so we can post messages for him.

Rubes! You do, I'll tell Jake to come up with something suitable :D

mermon said...

Thank you for a birthday post, WDW!
I like it. The naked picture is beautiful. I bet it's good to feel Jake's hairy chest and belly on sensitive back skin :)... sigh.
It was touching to read old article about BBM.
I discovered on the same page LAOD review. Roger Ebert gave it one thumb down, but reading it I couldn't find anything really negative about the movie.
Nice to see new stills from the movie and all those Jake's pics on Pop Sugar.

I hope English weather will change soon. In Poland is a little warmer lately. But for Christmas is good to have a snow. I'd rather have a snow than rain and mud.

Jake, one more time - Happy Birthday to you Mr Gyllenhaal :)
It looks like you didn't go to swim with the whales. I wish you won't. It's too cold. And you don't have whale's skin, don't you? :)

Alejandra said...

Today is one of those few times when not being able to meet Jake gives me some relief, actually. You'll see, I suck at picking presents... But sending my best wishes is something I can handle. And I really wish you all the best in this world, Jake.

I'm happy to join all of you around the world greeting Jake and wishing him a happy birthday (and a happy life). I believe all these good vibes do count and his wishes will all come true. :-)

Love you, Jake. xoxo

lemniscate said...

G'day from (I'm almost afraid to say it...) sunny Sydney! ;-)

Thanks so much WDW for the great BIG 3-0 post for Jake (and for all the past fab posts I still need to catch up with, someday... Ugh). What a beautiful winter wonderland you're having top side. We've been having crazy weather down here too (half of NSW is flooded). Talk about courage and commitment to trek through that to watch a movie?! Djeezes! My hat off to you young lady (forever 29, right? ;-)
I'll try to send some sunshine your way. Although, me thinks the snow will start to melt on the 29th.

And... I've never done this before either. How weird and wacky to send best wishes to a complete stranger, but here goes:
Happy 3-0 Jake!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Wish you lots of love, great health and happiness and may only good things come your way (like that GG nom - Wowsa! Congrats!!!). You reap what you sow man, so it's only gonna get sweeter.
And here's an unusual birthday tune to keep the cheer going:
Elbow - One Day Like This

BBMISwear said...

I haven't been back here for over a week (believe me - not by choice!!) but just had to stop in tonight of all days. I hope Jake is having a fantastic birthday where ever he is and whatever he is doing. Wow...30...Amazing!!

That Pop Sugar tribute is a great compilation of photos through the years. And the new EW photo just makes me think about the many, many, many outtakes from that photo shoot that we haven't seen. Damn. I want to see them all!!!

Sigh...Roger Ebert's repost of his BBM review...perfect.

Well I'm happy to say that although I'm buried in holiday chaos I did take time throughout the weekend to catch up on about 10 days worth of WDW posts (it was the most relaxing part of my weekend for sure)! I'll be back in the next day or so to comment more but just had to pop by now on the big day.

Thanks again WDW for always being on top of everything and sharing with us! Looking forward to your official LAOD reports! :-)

Monica said...

Happy birthday, Jake Gyllenhaal!

Hui said...

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!

I hope it's not too late :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! So great to see you all - lots of familiar faces :)

Hi Mermon! I'm hoping Jake will let it warm a little bit before he goes jumping off icebergs into the sea. I shiver just thinking about it.

Hey Alejandra! You and me both - I have big trouble thinking of presents for people - I can never understand why a Jake DVD won't do...

Evening Lemniscate :D Some of that Sydney warmth would indeed be appreciated. Absolutely freezing here (well, a long way below freezing, actually). Jake's birthday has become such a feature of my year now that it feels a natural day to commemorate. Maybe next year we should break open a trifle. I love that song by Elbow :)

Hey there BBMISwear :-) So glad to hear you're getting some catching up time! I'm looking forward to some standing/sitting still time myself.

Hi Monica and Hui :)

Have a great day everyone1 I'm enjoying not being t work and looking at the snow from inside for a change :)

Anonymous said...
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Wet Dark and Wild said...

By the way, I saw Jake's very brief interview on Daybreak this morning and should be able to bring it to you soon!

Alejandra said...

Forgot to say your snow pics look so very BRRRRRR, WDW. Total Day After Tomorrow. Whereas I should pick up Tamina's style for this season here. Hot! :-)

Serene Hill said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! Wih you all the best thing in the whole world,you deserve it, darling!!
So Jake's not off somewhere swimming with walruses and killer whales? Ahaha..good for you, Jake.
I love the vid from Korea, especially when he said I love you in Korean, sweet and funny.
And WDW, I would love to get Jake's DVD as a present from anyone. I'm now currently looking for Jarhead DVD...
Thanks for the post WDW, waiting for LAOD post!!!
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE GYLLENHAAL!! Enjoy the present and we all love you so much.

T said...

Fab post WDW
Is it wrong to watch Jake on live on studio five with the sound off as I really cannot abide that programme, though loving Jake in the jumper/Tshirt combo.
Be safe if effected by snow, I am but am managing to get about xx

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh sounds good, Alejandra! Love some of that heat right now. I'm going out with a shovel in the morning to try and dig myself out...

Hi Serene Hll :D I do agree, a Jake DVD is a fine gift. And I love that video!

Hi T! Oh was Jake on that show? I missed it, damn. Do let me know if you hear of anything else. I really really hate that show though... The jumper/t-shirt combo is gorgeous - really shows Jake off.

New post :)