Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway take to the water in Sydney and new Love and Other Drugs stills

Updated to add the link for the picture of Jake, Bono and The Edge. Love to know what they chatted about over the brandy.

After the excitement of the red carpet on Monday, an event which saw Jake Gyllenhaal shine by all accounts, Jake and Anne Hathaway took to the waters (well, a boat) for a maritime lunch in Sydney Harbour. Jake also took along his squiggly pink stegosaurus bracelet from Ramona. Source.

In addition to pictures we have some more videos from the Sydney trip. The first can be found here if the embedded version below doesn't work for you.

Here is another video from the red carpet.

You can read an interview with MTV here and thanks to PoPSugar for sending this one our way.

In this interview, Jake talks some more about his pharmaceutical research for the film: '“I would go online and look stuff up and only found weird youtube videos of girls in bikinis on Ferraris saying ‘Become a pharmaceutical sales rep!’ — with weird Euro pop behind it,” he says. “And then Ed [Zwick] found this diamond in the rough: on the Pfizer website they have descriptions of every single one of their drugs — the side effects, the reactions, the chemical makeup — anything that you need. I would highlight things and memorize them, and Ed would have me spew them randomly in between takes to people who were cast as doctors.”'

With Love and Other Drugs a mere three weeks away from its UK release, it's good to see some more stills from the film.

Source: Moviegod.de via IHJ.


LadyEkster said...

Oeh! I love lunch breaks like these! :-D Thanks WDW.
I don't know for what I have to envy Anne the most: Jake's company on the boat trip or the warm Australian sunshine on her skin. ;)

Those new LAOD stills are so beautiful. I'm totally in love with the second one. The Dutch media are picking up LAOD news more and more, now that our release date is just a few weeks away. Anne is very popular here. I have seen her name appear frequently in the online headlines the last week, and in every article LAOD and Jake get a mention too. Bring it on!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure Lady Ekster! I thought I'd better do a post now as off to a screening of the new Russell Crowe movie after work :D

I know what you mean about that sunshine. Anne is a very lucky lady!

I love these pictures too. You're going to love those bits in the film! Good news about the LAOD in the Netherlands, It's still quiet on it here, which isn't surprising considering the late embargoes.

I hope everyone's having a good day!

karmentxu said...


Anonymous said...

My admiration for both Jake and Anne increases with every new post. Instead of being bored and worn down by the endless round of public appearances and the same questions over and over again, they seem to thrive and exhibit such composure and class. Of course it doesn't hurt that they are in sunny Australia while I'm freezing my bum off going to work.

Then there's my inner 14-year-old fangirl emitting a "SQUEEE" that can be heard for miles... :P


Alejandra said...

Nice pics! And nice to see they're having a good time in Oz!

Regarding the new LAOD stills, that second one is now my desktop wallpaper. It was love at first sight. ;-)

Very distracting, though. What was I saying? I forgot.

Thanks for the fantastic post as always, WDW.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Karmentxu! The crowds just love him :D

It is amazing, Susan! Jake seems to have got his second wind now after having a little break. But it looks so so beautiful in Sydney. Next time he has to take us.

Very distracting :D Hi there Alejandra!

Linda said...

wow! what a great post WDW :)
the new LAOD stills are beyond amazing!
I don't know why but his voice on the videos reminds me of Bubble Boy :)lol
I love to see Jake & Anne together, they seem to be having fun :)
good day to all of you!

mermon said...

WDW, lovely post with lovely Anne and Jake :)
So nice, they stayed for longer and had some fun on the boat. Jake was telling something about surfing. So instead they were boating.
That report from Aphrodite K from under first link is very interesting and funny. Anne waiting for Jake being late, screaming together with the crowd "...at the top of her lungs "JAKE! JAKE! JAAAAAAKE!!!!" ....it was hilarious." "And then as if by magic, he appeared. And it's true, your pants really do evaporate." - hahahaha - I can imagine that very easily.
"...he did not leave until he had signed something for every single person who had something they wanted him to sign" - sweet Jake.
"...everyone always says he's so charming and amiable and sexy but it really blows you away in person." ...sigh.
That second still is truly charming. I also have it already on my desktop.
@karmentxu - that picture with Jake surrounded by tight crowd is quite funny, because Jake seems to enjoy it, all smiled and kind of mesmerized, with his eyes closed. Maybe he imagines, he's somewhere faraway

mermon said...

Jake and Bono

Alejandra said...

Just checked the link to the Sun article Mermon posted... That's not Bono's daughter! I say that's Jake's assistant. The one we've seen in many, many pics. Including recent Sydney airport pics.

Get Real said...

Finally, pics of Jake with Bono and The Edge....SQUEE!!!!

Wonderful that Jake was named ambassador for the Chez Panisse Edible Schoolyard program! Such a great cause.

Love the pics of Jake and Anne at the premerie and boating around....wish I was there, lol.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! You won't believe it but my word is 'foodi'. How appropriate. Back from the Russell Crowe movie - good and rather intense. In fact it's a headache-inducing movie. In a good way. Sort of.

G'day Linda!

Hi Mermon! I can get what that girl says- I have a tendency to yell 'Jake, Jake, JAAAKKE' too at red carpets. I was very well behaved at the press conference of course.

Hey there Alejandra! I'm pretty sure that's not the assistant. I've seen her so many times over the years and I'm sure that's not her. So great to see Jake and Bono and The Edge! Love to know what they talked about. Maybe it ran along the lines of 'Do you have any spare tickets?'.

That's great news about Jake's role with such a good cause. I didn't want to lost that in the post today so I must do something with that later. So much going on! I need more of me!

mermon said...

It seems that Jake and Anne visited Children's Hospital today - (from FaceBook), and went together to "Uncle Vanya" - (from Twitter).

"What? What? I hear you cry! Yes people, Jake Gyllenhaal was there watching "Uncle Vanya" like a normal person. He is just so normal (& hot!)"
about 1 hour ago

Love and other Drugs on 4th place in box office! Hurrah!


Alejandra said...

WDW, are you saying this girl and this girl are not the same person? Not important ultimately, but I still think she's his assistant. You know what? We'll ask him, eventually. I'll add it to the list. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Alejandra! I found your comment in the spam as it had picture links! I still think they're not the same person but yes it doesn't really matter :D