Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal and Brokeback's ladies, Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams

If you happen to live in Britain and are an appreciator of a certain blue-eyed, intelligent and gorgeously funny actor with an awful lot of vowels in his surname, then you don't need me to tell you two things tonight: a) it's so foggy out there consider yourself fortunate if you don't walk into a wall or step on a cat and b) Love and Other Drugs is out tomorrow... FINALLY. To get you in the mood for your trip to the cinema tomorrow, here is a video in which Anne Hathaway says that getting naked with Jake Gyllenhaal left her feeling ..... [just fill in the dots].

Not quite the word I would have chosen. 'Eurphoric' and 'trying hard to stay professional' and 'flirty' may have been my words.

Source Code is next and in this video Jake compares this scifi movie to what he describes as one of his favourite movies, Groundhog Day. But different. Jake's not alone in hailing this as one of his favourite movies, it's certainly one of mine, and it's good to know that Jake enjoys it too. Jake is also asked here about whether there is a sequel planned for Prince of Persia.

Jake and Anne are not the only Brokeback actors nominated for Golden Globes - Michelle Williams has also been given a nod for Blue Valentine. Among those paying tribute to this fine actress in USA Today, is her friend and Brokeback co-star Jake: "People tend to box her into a vulnerable corner, but what's lurking underneath is severe strength and a sense of humor... There's a tendency in our business to emphasize the business or get caught up in hype. Michelle has never, ever done that. She genuinely prefers her life over her work, and as a result her work is better than almost any other actor out there."


Anonymous said...

wow I am SO looking forward to Source Code. I also thought it had an element of "Groundhog" day to it. I only wish the interviewer would have asked Jake if he was currently working on another film. I have a feeling Disney won't be making another POP. SO what are you planning on working on next Jake? (that is what he should have asked him)

I like what Jake said about Michelle. I hope they work together again someday.

sheba said...
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Monica said...

I've never seen Groundhog Day I'll look.

Beautiful image of Jake and Michelle and beautiful words of Jake said about her.

My friend saw tha trailer of LAOD on a Brazilian channel. I want to see.

sheba said...

Yeah, and I'm gonna try to be 'neutral' tomorrow during the film. Not bloody likely:DD

I bet it's nothing like groundhog day. I saw Up in the Air and was not impressed so I hope it's not like that. Jery McGuire I will accept though :DD

It's a pleasure going to watch something that's going to make me laugh and cry. At last. Now more children's movies please Jake.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Me too, Sweetpea :D I love Groundhog Day, definitely one of my favourites, so I'm glad to hear of the comparison. I definitely want to know what's next too :)

IT's well worth a look, Monica! I hope LAOD reaches you soon.

Hi Sheba! I hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow seeing LAOD with Karen! It's great to have the film come out during the holidays - no restrictions on multiple viewings :D The film will make you laugh and cry - I love that in a movie.

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for all of this new stuff, WDW, and all the great stuff I have been enjoying while playing catch up looking at stuff from the past couple of weeks...tons and tons of LAOD PR...whoowhee!! Which makes me think of all of you in the UK finally getting to see LAOD tomorrow...ENJOY!! I know you will...I've seen it so many times now and look forward to the DVD. There have been so many great BBM connections and references lately...I love that! I also love getting little bits of SC info which makes me look forward to that and also has me thinking about what is next for Jake filming wise (NYE? Something else?)...hmmmmm.

I'm happily here buried in snow on the North East (as mentioned in some of WDW's weather reports!) but indulging in some post-holiday down time (finally!) so am enjoying articles and videos I've missed recently. I honestly can't seem to get enough!

Oh, and a bit off topic but somewhat on topic based on some comments here a couple of weeks ago...I remember a while back there was discussion about the woman in the photo with Jake, Bono and The Edge. As soon as I saw that photo I thought it was one of his PR people as she is with him at most all his NYC and International events - Carrie Byalick (his other main PR person, the short woman with the blond curly hair, usually is with him at all the L.A. events - sorry but I can't think of her name). Anyway, I saw that blurb about it being Bono's daughter which I thought was weird but then later I saw this (which I cannot read but her name is noted so I think I'm right): http://estrelando.r7.com/celebridades/nota/Bate_papo:_Bono_almoca_com_Jake_Gyllenhaal-90922.html

While I was at it I found a picture of her with Peter: http://entertainment.msn.com/photos/gallery.aspx?gallery=5698&photo=365fa9f5-351e-482b-af73-48529e076950

Sorry for the ramble but I saw the chit chat here about the (lucky) woman we see with Jake so often so I thought I'd pass these tid bits on!

Well, back to video watching, article reading and wine sipping!

Until next time... :-)

Just Fan said...

I love all the interviews. The ones with Jake and Anne together are always fun to watch. They are so great together. Love them.

Jake and Michelle look so nice in that picuture. Michelle has such a cute little body. I loved what he said about Michelle. :)

I hope I'll like SC, but the trailer didn't convince me. But I'll watch the movie anyway. I'm such a Jake fangirl. ;)

Thanks for the great update WDW.

paulh said...

So "Source Code" is a bit like "Groundhog Day?" I got kind of tired of hearing "Pennsylvania Polka" so many times in that movie, but otherwise I liked it.

Here's a link to a list of sexiest scenes of 2010. Jake and Anne come close to nailoing the number one spot:


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! LAOD is here!

So... is anyone going to see it today?

I'll be heading off into the fog this afternoon to see it. At least it shouldn't come with a Yogi Bear trailer. If I see that trailer one more time...

Morning BBMISwear :-) I'm glad that you're happily snowed in, catching up. Lots of little LAOD goodies as this film takes its time opening up around the world. And still quite a journey for it to go. And thank you for the links!

Hey JF! I love that pic of Jake and Michelle. She is so beautiful. I'm really excited about SC - I love scifi and I'm really keen to see Jake in this kind of thriller.

Morning Paul! Thanks for the link - it's hard to imagine any movie couple beating Jake and Anne for a sexy scene :D

Have a good day everyone!

LadyEkster said...

"Neutral." That was so funny! Looks like Anne got herself a slice of Jake's humor ;-) - and then that reaction of his! Brilliant.

Jake's answer about PoP2 sounds like a definite 'no' to me. Cleverly avoided in GyllenStyle, but still. :-(((((

Have a great day everybody! I'll be off later for pancakes with my grandma. :-D

sass said...

Morning, Jake and Ann were gorgeous at the premiere...*sigh* TY for all the information about Source Code:)

mermon said...

I'm glad that Jake likes "Groundhog Day", me too :). I wrote about similarity between those two movies in comment under SC trailer. So Jake agrees with me :) Fine.
@sheba - SC it's different genre of movie, it's not a comedy like GD, but going back in time, learning from previous events entries, remembering everything, fixing staff that needs to be fixed - that's the same idea in both movies.

"Neutral" Clip is very funny. Jake's reaction to Anne's words is priceless. They are amazing together, but we know that already :).

From the other clip, if I understood it well - it's no news about POP' sequel :(. Nice that Jake is ready to act again, but that's not enough. 5th of January we will have People's Choice Awards. If POP will win in its category , maybe Jerry will do the sequel. Let's hope. I would love to see Dastan in long hair again.
In that "Sci-fi and 'Persia'" clip Jake looks sweet and handsome.

Good to read such nice words about Michelle. Jake is a fine friend.

So The Kitchen Sex Scene ('Love & Other Drugs') made second place in 10 Sexiest Movie Scenes of 2010! Congratulations!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Just got back from seeing a) LAOD and b) an awful lot of fog. I preferred a. Quite a few people in the cinema and they laughed in the right places. Not impressed that I was sold a Little Fockers ticket by mistake - that'll help the Box Office...

Hi Lady Ekster! I love Jake's reaction to some of the things Annie says in these interviews. Very funny. When I saw the film today I was reminded how much I want to see Jake in a comedy - Nailed, I want you!

Hi there Sass!

Hey Mermon :D I would have loved a PoP sequel but I'm glad we have PoP 1. I love it and it was quite probably my highlight of the year. That PoP week. Amazing. I think it was JF with doubts about SC but I think it'll win audiences, not least because of the genius of Duncan Jones. That's great about the kitchen sex scene!

paulh said...

Critics have begun writing their retrospectives on 2010, and "Prince of Persia" seems to be viewed as a dud, while "Love and other drugs" is a success. But the "dud" was seen by ten times as many people as the "success." Go figure!

WDW, have you written your review of "Gulliver's Travels" yet? I can't find any jake links in that movie, but there's a link to Anne Hathaway: Emily Blunt, who was in "Devil wears Prada" with her.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! Drives me mad how PoP is assumed a Box Office failure when it got in so much dosh but it's definitely one of my favourites of the year. I think Jake looked so wonderful in it, I could have watched him as Dastan in a 12-hour epic.

I have! It's on Bleeding Cool. There's a link from MovieBrit

Alejandra said...

Hey, WDW! Been catching up with the posts and the vids in them. Last night my friend and I had a blast watching the "murse" one. ;-)

And I love Groundhog Day too! My favourite band even wrote a song inspired by it -quoting lines from the movie like "Is this what you do with eternity?" and "I killed myself so many times, I don't even exist anymore". Great film, a classic. Bill Murray is a genius. :-)

As for a long-haired Jake... maybe Rock of Ages will come with a surprise. Yep, I'm still keeping an eye on that. Someone on Imdb also connected the dots and reckons it looks like Jake will play the lead. :-D

Exactly four weeks ahead and then I'll get to see LAOD. Yay!

Claire said...

I braved the fog yesterday to see LAOD...it was good yet I came away more thoughtful than I thought I would, it was quite serious too. I expected the sex scenes to be more than they actually were, with all the hype - but it suited the film.

What more can I say? Jake was dreamy, beautiful and gorgeous... *sigh*

Enjoy everyone. XX

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Alejandra! I do hope your instinct is right about Rock of Ages. That would be fantastic. he last I saw Alex Baldwin and Tom Cruise and Gwynneth Paltrow were lined up but these things have a habit of changing in a moment - fingers crossed. I hope that month flies!

Hey Claire - thanks for your report :D I agree that the sex was much more understated than I was expected. I do wonder if that's because we're more used to it in movies over here (hence the lower certificate) but I did think it was well done. Glad you enjoyed it!