Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal becomes an Ambassador for Edible Schoolyard and Jake and Anne Hathaway see more of Sydney (and Chekhov)

Jake Gyllenhaal has joined The Chez Panisse Foundation as an Ambassador for the Edible Schoolyard programme, where he is welcomed by chef Alice Waters: 'We are so lucky to have someone so charismatic and thoughtful who cares deeply about the philosophy of Edible Education. As an acclaimed actor, Jake has the ability to help us reach people in communities all around the world.'

Jake's statement: 'I am so excited to accept the position of Ambassador for Edible Schoolyards... I have long admired [founder Alice Waters]' work and care deeply about helping children better their health, communities and environment… the students get to apply what they learn about cooking and gardening to other subjects, science for example, where they can learn about photosynthesis while planting in the garden and having the invaluable experience of spending time outside. The Chez Panisse Foundation is not only offering an education that students will benefit from for the rest of their lives, but they’re a leading force in the movement to change the future of this country’s youngest generations'.

Meanwhile Jake and Anne Hathaway have been enjoying their summer in Sydney with a walk around the Opera House and last night Jake attended a production of Uncle Vanya. Anne, of course had already seen this Cate Blanchett version of the Chekhov play while Jake was out eating. As someone who has seen Uncle Vanya on two occasions (once in a production featuring the extraordinary Michael Gambon), I can only offer my commiserations.

There have also been some more Breakfast TV interviews.

And finally...

Anne has been talking some more about the eight days that she and Jake spent on Brokeback Mountain: 'We only got to work for eight days together on Brokeback and I was so happy during that time to get to work with Jake... I was such a fan of Jake's work. It was a big milestone in my career to get to work with him, and that film really changed my life, I really felt like I had arrived at a new place as an actor, because I got to do scenes with Jake.'

Thanks to IHJ for the pictures.


Georgie said...

Aww, congrats Jake, you make us Gyllenhaalics so proud! Totally deserving!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

HI there Georgie! And yes :D

m said...

Ha! So Jake went finally to see Uncle Vanya.
It seems they really have very entertaining time in Sydney. They will have good memories.
It's funny, they were strolling around the Sydney Opera House, we have many pictures, but we don't see Opera House and they don't seem look much around, they are very busy with each other. This promotion time it so different from American one. Full of fun.

Congratulation Jake for being an Ambassador for Edible Schoolyard!

mermon said...

@m it's me :)
Thank you WDW for that late surprise post!

paulh said...

The Sydney Opera House is one of my favorite desktop backgrounds. I've seen videos of operas that were performed there.

Jake and Anne look great together. "Love and Other Drugs" has taken in about 23 million dollars so far.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Is it Friday yet...?

My pleasure, Mermon! It looks like they had such a great time in Sydney. What a wonderful place to spend some time - but so brief! Jake's already flying back.

Morning Paul! It's an ambition of mine to go there. Mr WDW visited it a couple of years ago and I never hear the end of it...

Have a good day everyone!

Serene Hill said...

HI WDW and all..
Just finish my school exam and doing some catching up right now, I just got to see some of the videos and some is really funny, such refreshment...
Oooh, what a great thing for Jake, he totally fit for the Ambassador position.
Haven't seen the vids in this post and the previous one, will do it tomorrow, don't think my eyes could stay open a second longer.
Just wanna say thank you for the wonderful vids, pics(real goodies, the stills), and posts. Big Thanks WDW!!!

Aoife said...

Evening WDW, and fellow Gyllenhaalics!
Jake is looking good! I'm ashamed to say that I lost faith for a little while upon hearing about Jake and Taylor Swift... but he's been forgiven and I'm back :L
Looking forward to more updates!