Wednesday, 15 December 2010

[Updated] Jake Gyllenhaal celebrates his GG nom - 'Celebrating is a long, slow burn for me. I'm going to really soak this in'

In what is a lovely reminder of the hours following Maggie's Oscar nomination, Jake Gyllenhaal has filled the time since the announcement of his Golden Globe nom for Love and Other Drugs with a bunch of interviews. While drinking champagne for breakfast (no day should start without it), Jake describes how he is savouring every moment in slow motion, even walking to his phone slowly so that the feeling lasts longer. It's so good to learn that amongst the calls to family and friends, Jake received emails and texts from friends across the world, including past school teachers. Not to mention a text from co-star and co-nominee Anne Hathaway (as described to EW):

'She texted me this morning and I haven’t texted her back yet! Her text was…hold on a second, I’m going to grab my phone and I’ll tell you. This is an exclusive, hold on. [Rustles around for his phone.] She said, “Dude! Exclamation point. Congrats! Millions of exclamation points. You did it! Exclamation points. First Golden Globe nom, right? Millions of question marks. X.”' Jake goes on: 'It’s nice because the last movie we did [Brokeback Mountain] was acknowledged with awards. There’s something about us working together that seems to feel good and feel right.'

Jake also told EW: 'It’s such a random thing! The irony of this one is that it isn’t the typical awards-season fare. Most movies that are acknowledged during awards season tend to be darker, and what’s special about this nomination is that it’s something about romance and hope.'

'Q: So who’s your biggest competition for the win: Johnny Depp or Johnny Depp? JG: Right? Tell me about it. It’s a celebrity deathmatch with twin Johnny Depps. It’s pretty awesome that he was nominated twice. He’s such a badass.'

The Extra video (one of my favourites).

Here is Jake's official statement, courtesy the LA Times: 'I’m genuinely excited that the HFPA has recognized both Annie and me for our work in 'Love & Other Drugs.' I’ve always felt the movie is a classic romance because it’s about the nature of love. So, in acknowledging the performances, the HFPA is affirming the heart of the film and the voice and talent of our great director Ed Zwick. I am also deeply honored to be in the company of so many other amazing actors this year, a category with two Johnny Depps, a Paul Giamatti, and a Kevin Spacey.'

Here is the Access Hollywood interview and feature on the noms.

Jake gave some more details on Nomination Day to USA Today: 'Dude, I didn't think I was getting nominated. It's going to be a long, slow burn for me. I'm not rushing into anything!... I was asleep. I didn't wake up. It was pretty unexpected. I got a call and then I checked my phone and I had 25 e-mails, and it was either disconcerting or exciting. In this case it was exciting.'

'The last time I was nominated for an award like this, it was so overwhelming and I didn't know how to process it. I can see these things are rare and you never know when they're going to happen, so you have to soak it in and appreciate each moment... Celebrating is a long, slow burn for me. I'm going to really soak this in. I'll be with my family and I'm excited for the holidays. I'm not going to deny any awesome feelings.'

Updated to add that Jake spent lunchtime yesterday dining at the Angelini Osteria Italian restaurant in LA. Picture from JJ.

Love and Other Drugs publicity in the UK

Love and Other Drugs opens in the UK on 29 December and so some of the interviews recorded here in November are now making an appearance on British ITV and Radio. Jake appears on Daybreak on Monday morning (ITV from 6am) and on ITV2's 'ITV at the Christmas Movies' at 1pm on 21 December.

Jake appears on BBC 6 Music's Nemone radio show on 23 December at 1pm. We hear 'Jake reveals that his favourite album of the year is Sigh No More, the debut by Mumford & Sons, and he also shares his fondness for Laura Marling. Meanwhile, Anne tells of her love of Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.'

On Christmas Eve, Jake talks to Francine Stock on BBC Radio 4's The Film Programme at 4.30pm (repeated at 11pm on Boxing Day). I hope she's learned how to pronounce his name since the Brokeback Days. There was a recording of Jake on the Steve Wright show in Radio 2 this afternoon but, unfortunately, due to copyright (no doubt thanks to Fox), this hasn't been kept as a podcast. I'll keep you updated.

Love and Other Drugs opens in Australia tomorrow and to mark the occasion here's a great video interview with Jake and Anne from their visit last week.

And finally...

Duncan Jones is currently recording the score to Source Code. He has revealed through tweets - complete with photo - that it will take three days but that they were unable to secure Clint Mansell in the end due to time clashes. I'm sure that it will be amazing nevertheless. One confidently expects little else from Duncan Jones. The task is instead going to a 'very talented young guy called Chris Bacon, who was recommended by my editor, the legendary Paul Hirsch'.

Pictures from IHJ.


Linda said...

hello WDW!
woah! so much info :)
my god, those pics! I think Jake is going to kill us one of these days.
I'm so glad they got nominated, they deserve to win!

btw we finally have the release date for Mexico :)January 21!
can't wait :D
hope u have a good night

Eureka said...

Golden Globes. I didn't know they were so important. I'm really happy for Jake and Anne. What a great birthday present.
Very nice post WDW!
I loved the 9:00 am interview too. :o). He looks sleepy like the rest of us! Ha,ha.

How sweet of him wanting to bring his niece to the ceremony. I'd love it if he brought his mom. His voice trembled when he mentioned how much he loves his family.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Linda! That's great news about the release date. That's not too long at all :D

Hi Eureka! I suppose, as Jake says, the recognition for actors must really matter with these awards and Jake looks thrilled :) It'll really raise the profile of LAOD. I loved hearing him talk of his family like that. He's a very lucky man.

LadyEkster said...

Such a brilliant feel-good post. Thank you! I was laughing out loud at the text message from Anne and I kept smiling till the end. Not to mention the beautiful pictures... ;)

"Who will be your date to the ceremony?"
"I was hoping my niece, to be honest." / "It's so early in the morning, I have no idea. I'll take you."
Clever, clever kid. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Lady Ekster! I lived these interviews. I would like Jake to know that I'm available for the Globes (although I don't own any shoes).

Eureka said...

Hey! that's true specially in countries like ours where it has not yet been released.

And he's wearing my favorite plaid shirt. He looks really great on it.
He's such a flirt. The lady's heart when he said I'll take you. Ha,ha.

mermon said...

Thank you for the post WDW! It's nice to read Jake's reaction to their nomination. Congratulation one more time, Jake!

I don't like British LAOD poster. It's still OK with Anne for me, but Jake's hair look like a wig and have strange colour.

I liked very much the old post about Selma Blair and Jake, you gave a link in previous post, and the Nine Stories' story too.

And the last post? Great! Thank you WDW. My favourite plaid shirt :)
Nice Extra interview. I like the way he celebrates that nomination - slowly.
And that he doesn't drink too much :)
I don't like that he doesn't text back, when his friend sends him a message. It's second time we know he didn't do it with Anne. First time he didn't answer her cooking question.

The rest has to wait till tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Oh BOY!! SQUEEEEEE... Isn't he charming and witty and poised, even so early in the morning trying to absorb such wonderful news!

I'm so happy for both Jake and Anne and love, love, love the interviews. Thanks so much WDW!


gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Besides the natural euphoria, I have two comments. I am so glad Jake said "Annie and me" and not the incorrect "Annie and I"; the boy knows his grammar! Secondly, how in the hell do his old teachers get his phone number??? Unfair!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Waiting for another snowstorm to hit... eeek!

It'll definitely give the film a boost in Europe, Eureka :D Maybe they should rush out new posters. He does look good in that shirt...

Morning Mermon! I don't like the UK poster either. I much prefer the dark American one. This one just makes Jake and Anne look odd! I'm so glad you enjoyed the past posts. That's funny about Jake being a bad texter-backer. I'm like that with emails. I must improve - my New Year's Resolution :D

Hi there Susan! An early start for Jake to a very exciting day. And he is so witty at 9am! I'm more of an ugh person around this time in the morning. (It's 9 here now.)

Those made me laugh, too, Gyllenhaalisgr8! I love that Jake's teachers are proud of him and that they have his number :D Certainly nothing like my own experience with teachers...

Have a great day everyone! Is it Friday yet?

LadyEkster said...

I am so glad Jake said "Annie and me" and not the incorrect "Annie and I"; the boy knows his grammar!
Would you mind explaining why the first one is wrong? I can't remember that lesson in high school. *blush*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! It's because of whether it's the object or subject:

'Jake and I went to the Globes together' (Jake and I is the subject)

'The Golden Globe was given to Jake and me' (Jake and me is the object)

Hope that's a help!

Karen said...

Hi WDW, great news! Did you see the brief mention of LAOD on Film 2010 last night? It's off air now until new year so I suppose that is all they will do, but made me laugh when Annie said come to see it for Jakes but or something like that!

LadyEkster said...

Thanks WDW! That is definitely helping. :)
I keep getting confused with that I/me-thing. Yesterday I read in an English Twitter status 'Peter and me are going to the movies' and I went: huh?! So when gyllenhaalisgr8 posted that comment I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask some native speakers. ;) Thanks again!

Have a good evening everyone. We once again have a fresh pack of snow... I'm staying inside tonight with a bunch of movies. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jake and Anne and LAOD didn't get a nod from SAG :(


Uli said...

I am a bit late, but...

YAY!!!! for Jake's and Anne's (and Michelle's) nominations for the Golden Globes!! This really made me happy for them!
I don't really don't know what Jake's chances are to really win this, but... The last time he was up against twins he won... :D So let's see!

And the interviews about his nomination were really nice - especially the Extra video! He is the sweetest guy!! Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to love him even more - and then I see an interview like that one and I know - Yes, it is!! :D

What a sneaky question about whom he will take with him to the Globes... But they didn't get the answer I guess they were hoping for, hehe!

Like mermon I liked that he said he doesn't really drink! And I was surprised, cause with him loving to cook and to eat I totally expected him to say that he likes wine! Damn, Jake, we are so compatible!! :D
And it always makes me happy when he says how much he loves his family, cause I believe it is honest!!
About him not texting back to Anne - I agree, it is not nice... But I thought it was adorable that he even said it in the interview!
(and I hate texting, so I also have a hard time answering... And I am sometimes bad at replying to emails, too... Jake, we are made for each other!! Can't you see???)

I really hope the Golden Globes noms will get LAOD some more attention and more people will go and see it now!!!!

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW and everyone...
Nice infos..
The Extra video doesn't work too well, maybe the internet connection..uurhh..but from little part of it that I've seen, Jake seems like in trance in the interview, like he still enjoying the long slow burn of celebrating there, bashful moment.
Annie must be very upset that Jake didn't text her back again this time..hahaha...
And I like just how he looks in the vid, that blue eyes is such a killer. have seen the LAOD screening again WDW?? You lucky one... I'm waiting for your review really.. And hope Jake will come to your place for the premiere..will be such great birthday present, won't it:)? Do you think now is still the publicity period for LAOD?
NIce vids and pics, he sure loved that plaid shirt, and very good interview too, like from the Variety, I would love to hear Jake read the text Annie send to him ;D
Thanks for the posts WDW!!!
I can't wait till next month for LAOD.

mermon said...

@Uli said
"(and I hate texting, so I also have a hard time answering... And I am sometimes bad at replying to emails, too... Jake, we are made for each other!! Can't you see???)"

Well, I'm not so sure. If you both wouldn't text back and answer emails from each other, I'm not sure if your relationship would have survive :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Karen! I didn't - it was on so late and I really don't like this new version. I'll have a look on iPlayer so thanks for the heads up!

Hey there Lady Ekster - these grammatical rules aren't easy - as Jake shows! Horrible weather here too - not so much snow yet, just very cold with sleet. But snow on the way :(

Hi Sweetpea - these nominations were very different.

Hey there Uli! That Extra interview was so adorable, it really was. I'm no good at texting - it takes me so long to do. I have very non-dextrous thumbs... Good to see you!

I think that's the net connection, Serene Hill - hope you can see it properly at some point :D I loved seeing it again - my review should be up on Sunday or the beginning of next week.

Hi Mermon!

I am lucky I have advance screening tickets for the King's Speech and 127 Hours now - both films aren't out here for such a long time so I'm really pleased (and they're free...). New post :D