Tuesday, 21 December 2010

A signpost post for my report from The Love and Other Drugs London press conference

A quick pop by to say that if you want a full account of last month's London press conference for Love and Other Drugs - featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway and Ed Zwick - may I suggest you head over right now to Bleeding Cool for my own account. A big thank you to the team at Bleeding Cool for making it all possible.

I'm sure I recognise that arm in the front row...

My review of Love and Other Drugs is now up on MovieBrit.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

So excited! Deep breaths...

LadyEkster said...

Oeh! I know where I'm gonna go immediately after the deadline tonight. :-D

You described earlier how close you were to them, but I had no idea it was thát close. Hurray for the combined forces of WDW and Bleeding Cool. ;-)

Carol said...

Looking forward to reading it later.

Well done WDW and Bleeding Cool:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again, WDW. A wonderful review at Bleeding Cool and a working video for the Daybreak interview! I'm starting to get anxious for all the rest of the world to see LAOD - can't wait to hear how much they loved it after they FINALLY get to see it.


Anonymous said...

WOW you were so close, WDW, you could probably see the blues of his eyes

I loved the article.


T said...

Love it WDW, brill article
Thanks for sharing, can't wait for more details
I don't know how you managed to stay in your seat, your a stronger woman than me.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Just got back in after digging out my car for two whole hours.... brought back memories of my digging days... and then fighting my way round Sainsburys. Ugh...

Hi Lady Ekster! I was so so close! An uninterrupted view. I got embarrassed though when Jake caught me staring at him. But I couldn't help myself :D

I'm so grateful to Bleeding Cool for giving me the chance to do this - and Gulliver's Travels too. That was a lot of fun and should be published soon.

Thanks Carol!

Hi Susan! I'm going to write my review of LAOD tonight. It's so strange that it's not out here yet but I've already seen it twice - very lucky.

I could :) Thanks Sweetpea!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there T! Posting at the same time - it was a surreal experience I can tell you. I'll do a behind the scenes report on my day shortly :)

Linda said...

wow! congrats WDW!!
you were so close (and so lucky too haha) :D
yay !
loved the article :)

sass said...

Incredible interview...they sit together as if they are an intimate couple. Love it...TY so much

Dani said...

Wonderful article, WDW! What an incredible opportunity for you. Well, you deserve it for all of your years of hard work and absolute dedication to Jake. Thanks for the usual stellar job of covering all aspects of LOAD. I have seen the film three times already. Jake was ten kinds of adorable! And he and Anne were fantastic together!

Happy Holidays to you.

Dani said...

Excuse my typo. You know what I meant! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks for reading it, Linda!

Thanks Sass :D

Dani!! Fantastic to see you! I hope everything's going well for you and yours. After all these years my dream came true - reporting seriously on a new Jake movie. And also on other movies. Just thrilled. And I kept my head :) So good to know you're still there xx

sass said...

I may not get back but I have to share my joy...Jake's movie has made its money back...YAY! xxxx

I forgot how to hyperlink:(


Anonymous said...

As a longtime film critic reader, and once also a sort of critic myself, I must say that your article, Kate, was one of the best I have ever read. And I mean not only when the subject has been your favourite actor.

Looking much forward to your review; be fair but true!


Anonymous said...

I don't miss digging out


Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's great news, Sass! Thanks for sharing :D

Wow - thank you, H! I've just finished my review (fair, I hope). I'll put the link at the end here.

Hi Sweetpea.

I've written my review of LAOD at MovieBrit. I'd love to discuss the film there with anyone who's seen it.

BBMISwear said...

This is so exciting! Finally you get to share your LAOD press conference with us - and it's so great to see you right up front - whooowheee!!

I am on the fly tonight so I am right now printing both the Bleeding Cool article and the Movie Brit article for some very much needed quiet reading time. I am not going to rush something so important!! I've flagged some videos to watch later as well - I want to enjoy them, not rush them.

Thanks WDW for these direct reports, for the many updates/videos, etc. over the past few days and for the behind the scenes report you will share soon! (You know me - I'm all about behind the scenes - LOL)!

A fun couple of days on WDW - I'll be back soon...


sheba said...

Thanks for the video and look forward to reading your review as a roving reporter. I know this is very landmark for you and perhaps a new burgeoning career? It's just a pity you didn't get to ask him a question during the press conference. He lit outta there so quick at the end, guess he was jet-lagged. I can imagine that he is fascinating to watch as his eyes sometimes show his brain ticking over and you get a sense of when he's about to be impish. Anyway, I digress.

Thank you so much for putting up the Jake interview on Daybreak (which I missed *shameface*) and missed your tweet about Christmas at the Movies and only caught the closing credits (again *shameface*) What kind of Gyllenhaalic am I???!!! I blame the cooking, washing, cleaning, vaccuming, decorations, WWE and everything else getting in the way of some serious Jakeing. I cannot wait until 29th December seriously. One clip I really dislike already 'cos I've seen it so many times is the OMG,OMG scene, they just show it over and over again, but I'm sure there will be many more beautiful scenes that will distract me from that one :D

Anonymous said...

According to the NY Post Jake was spotted having lunch with his mother at a place called EAT



lemniscate said...


I can't think of a better person to report on all things Gyllenhall, and cinema in general, but you.
So great to read your dream has finally come through. What an amazing opportunity.
Hip-hip-hurray for WDW and Bleeding Cool!
As someone else here mentioned, you bloody well deserve it. After all those years of relentless hard work and dedication promoting JG and writing movie reviews. And what a fantastic job you did on this one! You've now proven you can keep your cool near the Gylls and be a pro. Good on ya!
Looking forward to reading more of your work. And who knows, maybe some day soon, a face-to-face video interview.

lemniscate said...

Eh... I'm obviously very tired. What a typo to make-a?!
It's Gyllenhaal!!! Got that red-eyes? G-Y-L-L-E-N-H-A-A-L. Not bloody Gyllenhall. Djeezes... Off to purgatory it is then.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good morning everyone! Good to see you all and thanks for checking out the report on Bleeding Cool!

Hey BBMISwear :-) That's so nice that you printed them out to read - it was great for me on the day knowing that you were there at the end of an email to keep me calm!

Morning Sheba! Unfortunately the conference was running late and so the questions were all predetermined. But at least I got a good spot. I was nervous though. I'm tired of that clip too. And some sites are still calling it exclusive!

I recorded the Christmas movies thing, it was short but very funny, so I'll do something with that. I may do a bodge first and then a smarter version later - these things take so long for me to do as I don't have the right means to do it.

Hi Sweetpea - we have EATs over here, I wonder if it's the same company...

Thanks so much Lemniscate! I was determined to be as professional as possible as it was an amazing experience, as was the Gulliver's Travels one. I was less stressed out with that one... But I wanted to do a good job. Writing about movies is such a pleasure and I enjoy being able to do it in almost all my spare time.

However now I have to brave Christmas shopping! Aaarggghh! Hopefully see you later...

Thanks for all the comments on the MB review! I appreciate people taking the time to read it.