Thursday, 2 December 2010

Source Code brought forward, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway receive Satellite Awards nominations, and what's next?

There is the good news today that Source Code's release date has been brought forward a couple of weeks in the US to 1 April. That will certainly give people something to smile about on April Fool's Day. The date is still set for 15 March in the UK.

Love and Other Drugs has received its first awards nods, thanks to the Satellite International Press Awards which, appropriately enough, will be announced on 19 December, Jake Gyllenhaal's big 3-0. Jake and Anne Hathaway have both been nominated in their respective categories for Actor or Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical). That sounds like it would make a perfect gift, all wrapped in ribbons.

With Jake Gyllenhaal's future projects still a matter for speculation (with some potential projects having been discussed literally for years), there's an article in The Yorker this week that takes a look at the possible paths that Jake may take now that he can no longer play 'the disaffected youth'. As Jake approaches 30 - a great and liberating age - this may be time for him to take stock and consider where he wants to go. Arguably, this may have contributed to the lack of news about what may be next. I discount New Year's Eve because if that does go ahead it's unlikely to be take more than a few days of time.

One thing is beyond certain - Jake has played such a range of roles over the years, testing himself and us at times, that we can have no doubt that Jake's options are limitless.

Pictures from IHJ.


Monica said...

Hopefully, we can expect a return to his indie roots

I hope. I think he should have stayed in the indie film. It would have been much better for him.
Just an opinion!

Congratulations David Fincher and Christian Bale!#National Board of Review

mermon said...

Lucky Americans to have SC 2 weeks earlier and even more lucky British. I wonder when Source Code will be in Poland.
From IMBd about Source Code - "MOVIEmeter:
Up 626% in popularity this week." - not bad.

That article in The Yorker is very nice. Looks like the author likes Jake. Interesting opinion about Donnie Darko movie - "Gyllenhaal.... blends rebelliousness, awkwardness, humour and both normality and otherworldliness, that really makes the film.... "

sheba said...

Congratultions to Linda for your Jake encounter and kudos to you for being able to speak. Can't watch the video on stupid BBerry Torch so look forward to seeing it soon :)

Sorry I've not been around lately work has a kung fu grip on me at the moment - the kids are complaining :D. Thank you for keeping the Jake news coming. You're one in a million do you know that WDW.

Whaaaaah! What happened to UK premier December 6th? I'm happy for Sidney but what about us? Great news about Source Code and Jake & Annie's nominations. Would be a great Bday pressie.

Thanks for posting the US Weekly front page. The eyes see it. But the brain ...... I hope for his continued happiness. Maggie looks amazing. I love her natural beauty.

Have to say I love the snow. The crunch under my feet is delicious to hear. The snow pelting against my windscreen is so mysteriously beautiful. Everywhere looks new and pretty with the christmas lights now going up. Can you tell we're not used to snow over here :D. Keep safe everyone.

Anonymous said...

I've been on trains many times but never saw him on my train :( (although I did see someone who reminded me of Jake from the back and had dark hair, sunglasses on top of his head and his body was similar to Jake (I couldn't help looking at him, especially when he stood up)

Anonymous said...

YAY it's been moved up to April 1st. GREAT way to spend April Fools day


Linda said...

hey WDW! :D
woaah Great news ;) so Glad to hear about the nominations!
what a great bday present for Jake!
the sad part here is we don't have a release date for Source Code in Mexico, not even for LAOD, but well the wait is totally worth it! :)
Thank you so much sheba I hope you can watch the video soon!
have a great day/night y'all :)

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Oh, fine. Just when I plug Source Code in my latest video, they go and move the date, LOL! Nothing is ever cast in stone, I guess! Psst, when you watch the birthday vid, please disregard the last page! Hahahahahahaha!

Lucia said...

Hey WTW, I think you forgot to mention this photoshoot:


mermon said...

Josh Gad about fraternizing with Jake - funny :)

mermon said...

@Lucia - that picture scared me! Brrr! It's so weird :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Ooh good to see you all :)

Hi Monica! I' absolutely thrilled for David Fincher at the NBRs!

Hey Mermon! Well it makes a change for us to get something earlier - if the date sticks. I liked that aboout DDarko too :)

Good to see you Sheba and thank you! I've been caught up in a work vice too so I sympathise. Yep, we need to get some info about the London premiere. I'll try asking around a bit next week. I'm not so keen on the snow as I fall over constantly but things do feel a little Christmassy (which is amazing really as I am such an unChristmassy person). I'm making an effort!

Hi Anon! I'd certainly enjoy enjoy my commute a lot more with Jake to distract me :D

Hi Sweetpea :)

Hey Linda! I really hope you get release dates - that's so rotten not knowing :(

Hey Gyllenhaalisgr8! I'm sorry to smile at that! Dates always shift after I mention them... I must check out the new birthday video :D

Aaggghh Lucia! I've managed to avoid that pic so well and you got me!! I'm traumatised - gulp...

Thanks for the link, Mermon!

I have an early start tomorrow - off to the press conference and screening for Gulliver's Travels. Should be fun - Jack Black does make me laugh.

sophie said...

replying to lindas post...
we dont have a release date in mexico but i read somewhere in the internet it would be in january and the other day i was passin by the multicinemas and there was already a poster with the coming soon banner

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks for that, Sophie! Good news :)

Lucia said...

I am sorry to anybody I might scared with that picture..I find it quite funny, actually...:)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

No worries, Lucia! Nothing a few stiff gin and tonics won't cure!

paulh said...

I just got back from seeing "127 Hours," and am happy to report that it is a very good movie, extremely moving. I timed the scenes that are hard to watch: the boulder falls on Ralston's arm 25 minutes into the film. One hour after that, he starts amputating. The surgery takes maybe 5 to 10 minutes (I skipped that scene, peeking in every few minutes). The ending is very heartwarming and well worth seeing. James Franco makes his character worth caring about. I actually felt guilty about stepping out into the hall, as if I were abandoning him in his hour of need. :-( There's a huge link to Jake: Kate Mara, who played Alma Jr in "Brokeback Mountain."

Linda said...

Thanks so much Kate :)
and Sophie that's so cool :)
I just knew it was going to be around January, by the end of the month just like Burlesque,
so hopefully we don't have to wait much longer :)

mermon said...

Hi again!

Interesting interview with Anne Hathaway with pretty pictures.

LadyEkster said...

Congrats to J&A on their nominations! Let's hope many more will follow.

Lucia!!! That picture is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh, it's bloody awesome. :-D

I think it's pretty clear which paths Jake should choose next, isn't it? Just check back our Next Project poll, near-birthday boy! Follow that road and we will all be happy. ;-)

Alejandra said...

Did I tell you that there was a preview of Source Code in the news here? Yes, they showed the trailer and said the movie will be in theaters here in March. They were very enthusiastic about the plot and had nice comments about Jake. I was jumping around the house, of course. :-D

Regarding indie or mainstream, I don't think it matters that much in the end. The Day After Tomorrow was a blockbuster and it proved to be an amazing film: and the moral of the story is impressive. Jake has my blessing for whatever he chooses to do next. And no, it wouldn't kill me to know what that's gonna be. But I'm enjoying the mystery for now. :-)

Finally, I watched the vid with Linda's question. Yay, congrats again, girl! Officially now. ;-)

Hui said...

Josh Gad is a funny guy.I believe everyone work with Jake will fall in love with him :)

Now I am even more excited about source code.I have a gut feeling this film will do well, but it's just me XD

As for Jake's personal life, as lonf as Jakey is happy, I am happy.But please let me know your next new project a bit, OK? Jakey :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! On the bus to London. Long busy day ahead.

I really want to see that, Paul, if it ever opens here that is...

Hi Linda!

Thanks for the link Mermon :)

Morning Lady Ekster! That is a good point. We've given Jake a lot of guidance on what's next!

Hi Alejandra! Great to hear you have a date too. Good to heat it has buzz! And I'm with you on TDAT :D

Have a good day everyone!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Go Hui! Posting at the same time :)

Tiffany said...

Lucia, that pic is hilarious! I am literally laughing out loud :D

mermon said...

Hi everyone!

Maggie Gyllenhaal with Taylor Swift and Ramona:

LadyEkster said...

Hi all! Just a quick question: are any of you having trouble with the forum? It takes forever to load and then ends up in giving me an 'problem loading page' error. :(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Back from a really fun and completely knackering day in London with the Gulliver's Travels screening and press conf, plus a jaunt round the British Museum and a lovely lunch with Conjito! Really enjoyed G's Travels :D

Hello Tiffany!

Hi Mermon :D

It seems to be working for me, Lady Ekster :D Hello!

My word is 'letters'...

Anonymous said...

Is LAOD still premiering in Australia this Mon? I haven't been able to find out any info about it

And is Jake and Anne still going to Sydney?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon! I think so - there have been a few links here about it. But more details at the Australian PoPsugare and here

Wet Dark and Wild said...

^^^ Apologies for spelling of Popsugar - I'm really shattered!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this

some lucky winner will walk the red carpet with Anne and Jake at the Sydney premiere

karmentxu said...

First, to Linda Felicidades por el video!!! Aun estas "en las nubes"??

Still don't want think "Source Code", first see L&OD and especially now with the nominations, see the chemical (often mentioned)

I read about an exhibition of the film in SAG and I just saw this,

Pic today? or old

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Karmentxu! That's a new pic from last night - it's in the new post! Jake's making good use of being back in LA (probably as on way to Australia too).

Hi Anon and thanks for the link :D

Linda said...

Hi karmentxu! just read your comment!
thank you so much! I'm still floating on a cloud :)
Gracias :D