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UK trailer for Source Code gives us nothing new but Jake Gyllenhaal reveals much in an excellent new interview

Source Code now has a UK trailer which, albeit a little shorter, seems extremely similar to the previously released and excellent US trailer. Nevertheless, I'm never going to turn up my nose at a new trailer and so I've spent some time trying to spot the differences. Thanks to my good friends at Bleeding Cool for posting the trailer.

What I can tell you is that interestingly there isn't a single new scene or moment in the UK trailer. Instead, about 24 seconds of plot has been removed (Vera Farmiga's description of Colter's alterego Sean Fentress) and some moments of extra clips of Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga. No more 'He is now you'; no 'concentrate on the passengers' and no '8 minutes and I blow up again' (in a rather fedup voice). Here is the US trailer again for comparison.

Time Out has a feature on Jake Gyllenhaal today, in which it sounds as if the scub adiving with walruses may have been put on the backburner. ‘I was thinking about scuba diving in the Arctic with the walruses and killer whales – seriously! I was thinking about doing something that scared me and that freezing cold water with huge sea creatures sounds kind of scary. I’d like to mark the time by doing something frightening and then something that deeply comforts me, being with my family and friends and the people that have surrounded my life over the last 30 years.’Sounds sensible to me - if Jake fancies doing something scary and challenging, he could do worse than Christmas shopping in Oxford in the snow...

Here's the rest of the interview, which includes the very intriguing news that Jake has more of an eye than ever (possibly that's not a real phrase) on directing in the future. Not that he plans to give up on his dayjob... But what beats all is this answer Jake gave about why he's done so many different types of role in his career, a topic that has fascinated me:

Q: 'You’ve spanned many different genres and roles in your career. Is this a conscious decision? ‘Yeah, that’s how I work, even in a take. I never do the same take twice, It’s something that frustrates certain actors. Maybe it’s an issue of trying out different corners of my mind. I love my audience and I try to make movies they haven’t seen before, explore something that hasn’t been explored before. Sometimes work is work and you just show up but I feel more and more an obligation to listen to what I believe in.’

I love this: 'I love my audience and I try to make movies they haven't seen before'.

On working with Anne Hathaway: ‘Definitely, we learned a lot about each other. Being naked together is intimate, but less so than being emotionally intimate. She had a tough time sometimes and I would have to guide her through and vice versa. Anne is a very serious actor; she played a woman with early-onset Parkinson’s and she may have taken her character Maggie’s struggles into the process. A lot of it was me saying, “It doesn’t matter if it’s any good.”... You can’t really be worried if anything’s going to be good. I think worry is the stupidest emotion – there’s nothing you can do about it.'

Differences between Jake and Jamie: 'I found myself being a little more adventurous. But Jamie has an obnoxious and manipulative confidence, and it seems embarrassing to me to walk up to somebody and to lean in and try and sell something. Essentially what my character is doing in the movie is avoiding his feelings and I try not to do that.'

Q: Do you believe that one romance can change your life? 'I do, yeah. You can meet hundreds of people and you can have an amazing time, an interesting time and learn something, but every once in a while there’s someone that comes along and you’re just: pouff!'

The future: ‘I’d love to explore other aspects of the film industry. I grew up in a family who told, wrote and directed stories and I’d like to move in that direction. When you’re writing, you can come up with all different ideas, and when you’re directing you have power over different elements, not just one. I see the future in creating not just performances but hopefully whole stories... I have a number of things that I’m developing. That’s probably where the future is for me. I mean, I’m not gonna quit my day job; I’d like to see how it goes.’

Q: Which genre would you choose to direct? 'I love stories of family and relationships, but I do love sci-fi, because sci-fi gives an opportunity for so many elements to come into play and the ability to look at reality from any angle and let your imagination go wild. I have quite an active mind.’

Source Code: ‘Yes, with Duncan Jones [‘Moon’] directing, about a man who wakes up on a train who is not in his own body and has to figure out why. We had great fun coming up with all the ideas. That was thrilling. Some people find great comfort in context. I find great comfort in variation.’

Christmas: ‘We have a family Christmas. We all get together and spend time with my niece [daughter of sister Maggie] and just deal with all the wonderful complications and love that is my family.’

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway were interviewed on Nemone on BBC 6 Music this afternoon. Interestingly, the interview was sandwiched between songs picked by Jake and Anne by Kings of Leon and Mumford and Sons. Jake and Anne were both asked about their albums of the year - Jake picked, not surprisingly,Mumford and Sons 'Sigh No More' plus Laura Marling. Anne went for Yeah Yeah Yeah and Karen O. Do keep an eye on the members section of the forum later.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

My review of The King's Speech is now up at MovieBrit.


Anonymous said...

I figured that Jake would one day want to explore the different aspects of the film making process, that includes writing and directing. It would really be interesting to see where his mind would take his 'audience'

thanks WDW is it still snowing? It is cold and windy and I'm going out caroling (wish me luck, that I don't turn into an icicle :D)


Claire said...

I'm sooo excited, got a free ticket to see LAOD on Tuesday!!! Can't wait, christmas came early... :))

Loving the trailer(s) for Source Code, means we have something else to look foward to in the new year. Saw Brothers a couple of days ago and found it quite interesting as well as a bit horrific with how it portrayed what his brother went through!

Fingers crossed my dad finally lands at Heathrow tomorrow.

Enjoy the caroling Sweetpea. x

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a good evening, Sweetpea :) Hopefully the worst of the snow is over for the time being - hope so as a long drive tomorrow. This is a wonderful interview! My favourite for LAOD I think.

Hi Claire! That's fantastic! Enjoy it. I think you will... Brothers is certainly a complicated and not easy film to watch. I'm glad you saw it. Hopefully you r dad will be ok. I think things are a bit better now?

I just uploaded the interview from today for the members' lounge of the forum. I don't want it on here for obvious reasons!

I hope everyone's having a lovely day/evening!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My review of The King's Speech is now up at MovieBrit if you'd like to read it.

mermon said...

Hi WDW and everyone! Thank you for the last two posts. Thank you for all the time you give us to find the news and goodies about Jake.
This last interview is very interesting. He's so close with his family and he likes to talk about it. "We all get together ..... and just deal with all the wonderful complications and love that is my family." Isn't that sweet? I can only imagine how nice will be in his own family one day. That's what I wish him for this holidays. Finding true love for his whole life.
I'm glad that he wants to direct movies, but still do his day job, which I assume is acting. Good for us!

In previous post - I like that story about beeper's code. It was funny.

I wish all of you Merry Christmas! I hope all your family members will come home for time. And you all will have great peaceful time.

Get Real said...

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the interviews, SC UK trailer, TimeOut, etc.

I love this blog for keeping up with all the awesome Gyllenstuff!!! Thank you WDW for all the amazing work you do to keep this place going!!!

Btw, Jake is in NYC and visited kids and families at Sloane Kettering Cancer Hospital. He is such a beautiful person inside and out. :)

Want to wish everyone a wonderful, merry Christmas!!!!

Karen said...

Hi WDW, love the SC trailers, really looking forward to seeing it. Is it just me or do his eyes look larger than usual in SC? I love his big blue eyes!

Hope you have a lovely Xmas WDW, you do a great service to us Jake fans and this has been a memorable year with the POP premiere, seeing Jake and meeting you and of course my son being born, I will always remember 2010!

paulh said...

I agree with Jake about the in-your-face nature of Jamie Randall. I would be shy about going up to someone and trying to sell them something, too. Luckily, Jake only had to be that way during the filming of that one movie. He can take on other characteristics in other movies if he wants. :-)

After seeing "Black Swan," I went with a movie that wasn't as challenging: "Little Fockers," which had plenty of Jake links: Dustin Hoffman ("Moonlight Mile") and Laura Dern ("October Sky").

I had hoped to see "Tron Legacy" today, but I have three hours of driving to do, and 2 hours of Christmas baking. There just won't be enough time. :-(

I probably won't see "Yogi Bear," though there's a Jake link (Anna Faris) in it.

Sometimes Christmas seems like an endurance race. It may be different for me because my choral society starts practicing Christmas music the first week in September....

Anonymous said...

Hello WDW and everybody

Merry Christmas! It is Christmas Day already here in Auckland, New Zealand.And it will get up to 25 degrees C later - our midsummer here. We won't eat turkey but we will have trifle.

Juat wanted to give WDW a big round of thanks for making this blog so interesting and welcoming.

I hope the snow has cleared up up in the northern hemisphere so you can all get to where you are going easily.

Paul, I am in a choir too. It is really busy but come Christmas Day I really know those carols.

And a big Merry Christmas to all other commentors, it feels like a community on this blog.



Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays everyone!

I am so glad Jake took time from his celebration to visit the hospital. So nice of him.

I hope you all enjoy your day


mermon said...

That's really very nice of Jake to visit sick kids in the hospital. I wonder how it works. Probably not all the kids know him, so how it looks like? Does he act for them, or talk or play with them.? I know from Twitter that he made them happy. It reminded me of celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in homeless shelter. How we see it had some good influence on him.

Today it's Christmas Eve. The most enjoyable evening of the year. In my religion we celebrate it with delicious meals, carols singing and gifts from under the Christmas tree from Angels or Santa Claus :)I love that day!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Made it up to my mum's and been out for a lovely meal with my parents and Mr WDW - just gorgeous. It is FREEZING out there!

Hello Mermon! I hope you have a wonderful evening :D

Good to see you Get Real and thank you so so much for being here from the very beginning xx That is a lovely story about Jake visiting the hospital - what a lovely chap :D

What a year you've had, Karen! An incredible year. I'm so happy that I got to meet you in it. Not for the last time either, I trust!

Hey Paul! I'm most definitely not seeing Yogi Bear either - ugh. Horrendous. I won't be seeing Little Fockers either. Christmas is most definitely an endurance feat...

ooh Tui, a lovely warm Christmas! That sounds fantastic. It's abnormally cold here. I'm not keen on it. It really is a wonderful community here and I love it!

Happy holidays Christmas, Sweetpea :)

Love the sound of that, Mermon. I'm not one for Christmass so it's lovely to hear how other people celebrate.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve everyone!

Carol said...

Happy Christmas to all. Hope everyone has a great holiday:)

mermon said...

WDW - I've read your Bleeding Cool article with transcript from press conference. Thank you for that. It's much easier to read and it was interesting.

I watched SC trailer again and it came to my mind that it reminds me of "Groundhog Day" movie. Of course it's completely different genre of the movie and different story, but the idea of coming back in time to the same moments and repairing staff, learning things was very appealing to me in that movie. And here Colter (Jake) will do the same. I can't wait to see that. I wonder if real Colter face is Jake's one or that guy in the mirror. What do you think.

T said...

Merry Christmas all, WDW thanks for a wonderful year of updates and posts, take care xxx

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Merry Christmas, Carol!

Thanks Mermon! I'm glad you enjoyed it - it was a great experience writing it.

Merry Christmas T!