Sunday, 30 January 2011

Atticus and friend take Jake Gyllenhaal out for a walk to show off Jake's new haircut!

Whenever I see Jake Gyllenhaal with a new haircut, I can't help hoping that it might be a blue flag, waving in an imminent new role. And when it's paired with a shave, then I don't just see one flag, it's a veritable display of bunting. But, that said, it's very nice to see Atticus out for a walk with a mate yesterday (29 January) in Beverly Hills. Luckily for us, they decided to take their owners with them.

Several things to note here in addition to the gorgeous new haircut (reminiscent of the Source Code look perhaps?): a) LA is having to endure another hot, sunny January, poor sods; and b) the Nike is back where it belongs.

The day before (28 January), Jake was back at everyone's favourite Medical Center, putting in some extra hours. Another hint perhaps of things a-happening? Or have I just eaten too many soft-centred chocolates?

And while we're talking new pictures - here are some more images of Jake at the Globes, where it looks like he was sitting at quite a table. I remember CZJ when she was knee-high to a grasshopper back there on Home Farm with Ma and Pa Larkin...

Many thanks to IHJ for the lovely new pictures! There are lots more there.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Have a great Sunday everyone! Lovely to see pics of Jake today :)

Monica said...

He looks so good!

Finally I saw Love & Other Drugs!

I went to see the film without high expectations and I think it helped, because it was fun. Seriously. I enjoyed watching this movie. And people who were in the cinema too.
Everyone laughed in almost every scene.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway are great in every scene they appear and show a chemical much stronger than I expected. And it helps in the dialogues (which are not always good) and the love scenes, because they are so comfortable in their characters.

The great performances from both offset the weak moments of the script, as a Zwick's film, it is always clear.
As the orgy scene, for example. That did not seem to be part of the movie. Or was placed at the wrong time. We were in a romantic and dramatic moment, and the director puts a scene totally misplaced.

The character of Josh Gad is totally unnecessary. And I could not believe for a moment that he was the younger brother Jamie.

I think they should have invested a little more in the character of Oliver Platt, Bruce. He's great in every scene that appears.

It is much better than a lot of romantic comedy I've seen in recent years. Made me laugh and I think romantic comedies rarely funny.

I'll see again. And buy the DVD or BR.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! So glad to hear you got to see LAOD and enjoyed it :D I agree with much of what you say, although I did enjoy Josh Gad. My feeling with some of the scenes is that I liked them all, I just wasn't so sure they fitted together. I'm glad it made you laugh :)

LadyEkster said...

Oeoeoe looking good! Thank you Atticus and friend. ;) Medical Center + haircut = new project on the horizon? Please, please, pretty pleeease.

I wish Jake would send some of that LA sunshine over to this side of the Greenwich line. I'm - once again - freezing.

Have a good Sunday everyone!

mermon said...

For me everything fitted well.
Now there will be some spoiler:

That "orgy" scene - was not really orgy. What did we see? One girl in the bathtub, 2 girls kissing and in the morning 3 corps sleeping together. We may only imagine it was an orgy. Maggie and Jamie broke up, she had someone else, he was alone, and brother convinced him to join pyjama party. Jamie even didn't want to go. Maybe that was the reason for that Josh character? :)
So after breaking up Jamie went to the party, then landed in the hospital. Why it didn't fit?
The end of spoiler

The pictures are great. I like him like that. How do we know the guy is his friend? Does anyone know him? Maybe they just met walking dogs? :) Lucky guy!
I also hope for some new look - new project?

Margot said...

Why is he at a Medical Center? Is he sick?

Hui said...

OMG!!!!!atticus!!!!hug*kiss*then hug*kiss

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Fingers crossed, Lady Ekster! Could really do with some of that sun here too - it's freezing!

Hi Mermon! In my review on MB I talk about the scenes that didn't fit for me and this was the main one, although I did have a good laugh. But I would most definitely argue that it was a bit of an orgy! I've no idea if that's a friend of Jake's, interesting that he's wearing a Steelers shirt :D

Hi Margot! Ahhh, now that's a question we've heard a lot over the years :D Jake, and Maggie and plenty of other stars, regularly go to that Medical Center - it has lots of different things there, from dentists and opticians to holistic treatments to having your feet scratched, so it could be for anything. Jake also seems to go there a little bit more often when he's about to start a new project or about to travel overseas for a while. He goes there so much it's a running joke here that he has a part time job there :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Hui! It's great to see Atti!

Hui said...

YES!!!!I miss Atticus so much:D
I want to know Jake's new projest!!maybe it's the Joe namath movie(?)and nice to his beautiful face again:)

Hui said...

YES!!!!I miss Atticus so much:D
I want to know Jake's new project!!maybe it's the Joe namath movie(?)and nice to see his beautiful face again:)

Margot said...

Thanks WDW on the reply!
I do love this blog - so much great Jake info and good mature discussion on his life and films and how they inspire each other in Jake's life.

I like that Jake seems happier in these new candids (not that he's not happy) but I just love it when he smiles and love that he doesn't let the paparazzi (for the most part) get him annoyed/down. It's also great to see Atticus!

I loved every scene in LaOD. The 'orgy' scene to me was Jamie trying to deal with Maggie leaving which didn't work out because they got back together. I miss LaOD! I can't wait for it to be out on DVD!

Hmmmm I wonder why stars go to Medical Building.

Lastly, I may be in the minority here, but I miss his facial hair! He looks so much younger with his hair cut and clean shaven (though I do like this look as well).

Monica said...

Mermon, it was an orgy scene for me. It was not as explicit as in Caligula and Eyes Wide Shut, but it was still a orgy scene.

I will read what you wrote about the movie, wet dark.

Do not know if already mentioned, but the music that plays at the end of the film is Fidelity by Regina Spektor. I like this song.

Monica said...

Wet Dark, this guy was with Jake and Adam Levine leaving Stepples Center last year.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

It's really good to see that beautiful face again, Hui :)

So glad you like it, Margot! And it's nice to see Jake looking relaxed and with a smile. I'm looking forward to the DVD too :D I do like Jake with some scruff, it's true.

Hi Monica! I agree - they just didn't show much of it... That is a lovely song. And thanks for that about the chap with Jake - I thought he looked familiar.

I'm watching Sorcerer's Apprentice - loving it!

mermon said...

Hi Monica! :) SPOILERS!
I know that Jamie in the triangle it was an orgy. What I meant, that we really didn't see anything. At least in the version I saw.
I had different opinion about that this scene didn't fit. For me it fitted well. It was in style of his previous life, probably he would have enjoyed it more if he wouldn't have fall for Maggie. But he wouldn't have to go, if his brother wouldn't have take over the phone from doctor. I believe that this crazy party and brother to brother talk in the car during his way to the hospital made him realised how empty his life was before, how Maggie has changed that. Maybe that's why his brother was necessary? To make him realised how important and strong his love was to him, much more than maybe his fear of living with sick person.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon!

Hope everyone's had/having a good Sunday - I enjoyed Sorcerer's Apprentice (but not as good or as fun as Prince of Persia) and I still get goose pimples thinking of when I met Jerry Bruckheimer last May :)

BBMISwear said...

I missed getting here yesterday so wanted to make sure I wished you a Happy BBM Anniversary WDW! I read what you said your plan was for the night and it sounded wonderful - was it?!

I loved your post on Zodiac - one of my favorites too as you know (and some of the best behind the scenes footage/commentary of any Jake DVD as we have discussed a lot too - hee hee)! I love this: "In the promotion for Zodiac, Jake spoke of the passions that affected his life - family, food, acting, films - and demonstrated once again why he is such a great actor of his generation - he understands fully the roles he plays". This is so true - how it shows he understands fully the roles he plays and is one of the best actors of his generation - thanks for including that!

I'm laughing a bit because we all happily jumped to the same conclusion when we saw those pictures this morning - the new haircut, the shave, the visit to the medical building - all this usually equals BACK TO WORK!!! Yay!! Can't wait to learn more.

Oh, and his friend's Golden Retriever? OMG I stopped in my tracks and announced to my family that we must look for our dog as she apparently took off and went out for a walk in California with Jake and Atticus - LOL! That dog looks so much like my dog I took a triple take (WDW, I'm going to send you a picture of my dog to remind you since you met her back in 2009 and may need a reminder - ha ha)!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Eyes peeled for new movie filming news!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

OMG when I saw the dog, BBMISwear, I immediately thought of yours! Twins! I love your Retriever, gives amazing hugs :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the posts. I had a lovely day yesterday.

Just Fan said...

Jake's looking really good in the new candids.

I love the pic with Tom Hanks. :)

Thanks for the update. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

He really is, JF!

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW, I didn't know Jake visited the medical center, but seeing the new do and clean shaven gorgeous face I role. I hope we find out soon if he is working on something.

I was wondering where Atticus was hiding all this time. Glad to see he gets to hang out with a friend too (maybe BBMISWEAR's doggie)


mermon said...

Look, what I found! Dastan, Donnie, Jack and all the others were there, in that little body. So self confident,funny and lovely:).

Jake Gyllenhaal 1991

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea - hopefully it won't be ling before we hear something. At least during the SC promo :)

That is a great interview Mermon, done for City Slickers. It's from a Biography documentary on Jake. There are bits from it on WDW, including that snippet. I think you can see the whole thing on IHJ :)

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

This seems to be a relatively new 'do for Jake. SOURCE CODE was much shorter on top. I think the closest was the few shots from NAILED we got to see. But doesn't he look maaahvelous?!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Gyllenhaalisgr8! He truly does! It does remind me of the Nailed 'do.

Have a good day everyone - what a shame it's Monday... It was a very pleasant weekend :)

TD said...

Atticus does not look fit.

shoe89 said...

natalie said jake is like carey grant..cute

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I am so looking forward to getting home...

Hey TD! Atti does look a bit worn out to be sure - and just look at the length of that tongue!!

I do love that, Shoe :D

A lot to post this evening :)

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW..
Great great great new haircut Jake!!! I love this looks, it's just so gorgeous and ...( can't find the right word to describe it). And Atticus, ah... we miss you, Atti, that sure is a long tongue.
I hope it really is signs for a new role, I just can't imagine how long we would have to wait for a new movie after Source Code, Jake should hurry and make many many movies soon ;p!
Ah, I just read your old post WDW, back in 2008, Jake Gyllenhaal - " You just want to pinch his cheeks and make out with him at the same time", that post was so sweet, hot, and sexy at the same time, and I just can't help to tell my regards to you...
Thanks for the post WDW!!!

Margot said...

I love it when you write "A lot to post this evening.", WDW.
I'm looking forward to it!
I love Jakes casual workout look too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Serene Hill! I'm so so glad to hear you read and enjoyed that post! I remember doing it and it's really nice to think it's still being read :)

Thanks Margot - hope you like it, just posted it :D Me too!