Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Duncan Jones talks about Source Code, Jake Gyllenhaal, Moon and Mute and reveals new UK release date for SC

What with all the excitement over the Golden Globes, there's not been much time to look at an in-depth interview that took place this month between Duncan Jones and We Got It Covered. In addition to some great detail about Duncan's acclaimed debut movie Moon and some thoughts on what will be next, Duncan tells us quite a bit about Source Code, the role that Jake Gyllenhaal played in getting Duncan on board and the movie made, and his experience of working with Jake. Generously, you can not only read the interview you can also download it.

This all coincides beautifully with Duncan's tweet (here via ManMadeMovies) yesterday that the US and the UK will share the same release date for Source Code - 1 April 2011.

Back to the interview and the beginnings of Source Code: 'I don’t think I would have wanted to have jumped into Source Code, which was a much bigger film than Moon, without having done a feature before it. Also, Jake wouldn’t have been interested in me in the first place. His interest in working with me was very much based on his appreciation of Moon.'

'In all honestly, I met up with Jake Gyllenhaal and it was to discuss another project, one of my own, that I’ve been trying to do for a long time, a film called Mute. So I met with Jake and he had seen Moon and he was a big fan and we just started talking about possibly working together. Jake was already attached to Source Code and would be doing it next and he was very keen on me directing it and he asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating with him and working with him on that. I think Jake’s a fantastic actor and I very much wanted to work with him. I read the script and I thought it was pretty good and wanted to get on board. I wanted to work with Jake.'

'In all honesty, I think they were already pretty far along with the project. Jake was already attached, they knew when they would be shooting the film. At one point I think there was another director attached but Jake was very complimentary about Moon and when I met with him he told me that he wanted me to direct. I came in there with my own take on things and I think I messed up a little bit of their planning since I obviously had my own spin on how things should be done. But it all worked out and I’m lucky that I had very talented people around me. But I came onto it fairly late in the day, in fact what is it now? It’s January now, I think mid-November of last year is when I first agreed to be on board with Source Code, so that’s pretty fast really.'

We've talked here about the possibility that Source Code may remind us of other time jumping films and Duncan addresses that, referring to Deja Vu and Vantage Point: 'You’re just gonna have to watch it. It’s not like those films. Ya there are similarities in plot devices but it’s so different to those films in my mind that I would just suggest the audience go see it because it’s not the same as those films... With Source Code, there are things we do in the story which take it in different directions, but ya there’s a few twists. I think it’s all fitting though, within the story and very much within the tone of this kind of story. It’s all good fun.'

Interestingly, Duncan does relate the film to Hitchcock: 'That’s funny, I’m not sure that there was anything that relates directly. There were some Hitchcock films we looked at and some more unexpected things but nothing specifically. We may have visually referenced some things but it would be more subconsciously nothing overt.'

Finally, working with Jake: 'I have to say, one of the things that really drew me in and made me want to work with Jake is, well, I had an amazing meeting with Sam Rockwell for Moon. We really clicked, as people, besides the work, we just got on really well. I had a similar thing with Jake. He’s a really funny and smart guy. After I read the script we started talking about it and about putting the humor back in. He’s got a great sense of humor and he’s very creative. He’s willing to throw himself into things and try new things. While shooting, having him and Michelle Monaghan, Vera, Jeffery, all working together and with Jake willing to try stuff and be goofy and do the unexpected, I think we had a really enjoyable set. All the actors were really enjoying themselves.'

This is a very special interview - many thanks to WGTC for doing such a thorough job and to Duncan for being so open. There is much, much to it, so do read it all at WGTC.


Many thanks to Monica for sending me a link to this Christmas message to Brazil from Jake and Anne, as well as some other stars.

There are some other videos from the Globes. I love the first below because Jake is his charming self and winds down the car window to wave to his fans.

And in the next, we can see Jake and Michelle Willams - and some other stars - ouside the Sunset Tower at the afterparty.

Out for coffee

As for Jake, yesterday (18 January) he was out for a coffee with none other than Marc Silverstein again. It's good to see Jake out and about with his friends.

Many thanks to IHJ for the pictures and scans.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, WDW. I read the full interiew and enjoyed it very much. Duncan is so complimentary of Jake and talks about having such a good time during the filming of SC and how he just really seems to have "hit it off" with him. I like that they decided to "put the humor back in" as they were developing the project. I am anxious for it to be released and I have high hopes that it will be both commercially and artistically successful.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Susan! It's hard to do Duncan justice - such a generous interviewee and filmmaker. I'm not at all surprised Jake was so keen to get him on board - picking a director - a first for Jake?

Anonymous said...

"picking a director - a first for Jake?"

I've been pondering that very question. Who do you have to know, or how bankable do you have to be, or just "attached" in what way to a project do you need to be to get to choose the director? How much control and decision-making power does an actor of Jake's age usually have on any given project?

Then again, one of the things that would draw a director to a project of Jake's is that he will promote the hell out of the film when it's done, traveling all over and being charming, witty, funny, and gracious while he's at it.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I think it does mark the start of a new phase for Jake. He's always spoken about how he's wanted to work with certain directors - Fincher and O'Russell spring to mind instantly although I think Sheridan is another. And now Jake has enough clout that he can be attached to a project pre-director and influence the choice - like that! And it can only mean great news for Jake's development as an actor and a future director.

And you're so right - Jake is fantastic publicising movies. Must be a bonus :D

mermon said...

Thanks for posting that great interview, WDW. This is so worth to read and think over.
That line about picking a director over the one already chosen - hit me as well. I thought to myself - "Wow! What a power our Jake has".
Like I wrote it somewhere already, it's absolutely no wonder for me that Duncan Jones clicked with Jake. It would be surprise if he wouldn't. Jake is so clickable :)with anyone, with any sex.
So Duncan postpone doing "Mute" after convincing conversation with Jake. WOW! And he wanted Jake anyway in first place for "Mute". So who knows, maybe after such a nice common work over SC, they will work together again.
"All the actors were really enjoying themselves." - it looks like acting may be very enjoyable thing to do, especially if Jake is involve:).
Coming back to Lisa/Jake encounter - I found her on another clip with Jake from GG - from IHJ - Lisa appears and disappears

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I live that - clickable. He really is. And he's playing a part in the development of Duncan's career too. Thanks so much for that link - I'll have a look now!

Anonymous said...

wow I had no idea that Jake was the one who picked the director for Source code, it does say a lot for his clout. It is nice that he is hanging out with Marc. I wonder if they are talking about any future projects.

With all the interviewing going on I wish someone had asked Jake what he'd be working on next


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea - it is great! As for the what next, I kind of think that even if asked Jake might not necessarily say. I'm sure something is planned but clearly it's not the right time to announce it.

Karmentxu said...

I just read ... hope to translate well.

"Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal seduce the Spanish box office: Weekend in the Spanish box office, first place for the romantic drama Love and other drugs, raised 885,421 €. The pair Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal have a big jerk in the audience, beating what was the blockbuster that seemed would be the highest grossing weekend, The Green Hornet" What joy!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That's great news, Karmentxu! Thanks so much for sharing :)

BBMISwear said...

It's so great to be getting more SC news - thanks WDW! I can't comment too intelligently about it at the moment, though, as I just printed the full article to read later when I'm not rushing off to dinner.

Oh my, Mermon, you have a sharp pair of eyes on you! That video made me laugh - thank you for posting the link! One thing is for sure, everyone working that day did half their job via texting - it was great because the area both on the carpet and backstage was so huge that the best way for the teams of people working together to communicate was via text. As you can see I was able to get work done AND listen in on some of Jake's interviews - multi-tasking at it's best! Thanks for sharing that Mermon!! :-)

mermon said...

@Lisa - You are very welcome :) It was first time for me when thinking that I noticed you I've paid more attention to the back of the clip that to Jake's interview. Hahahaha!

It so good that Spain likes LAOD.

From 19th of January Box Office:
Love and Other Drugs

Theatrical Performance
Total US Gross $32,019,958
International Gross $34,600,000
Worldwide Gross $66,619,958
It's not bad, don't you think?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi BBMISwear :-) Shows how useless I'd be, I am the world's worst texter (after my dad). Hope you're relaxing a bit today!

That is such good news about the Spanish box office, Mermon :D It's holding its own here too despite far fewer screenings.

Have a great day everyone! It may be Thursday but today is my Friday as I'm off on holiday for a few days! yahay :D

paulh said...

I'm not sure what constitutes a "successful" movie any more. despite the expenses incurred in making it, "Prince of Persia" must surely have made back its production costs [about 200 million] and earned a profit for Disney, with a worldwide gross of 335 million. "Love and other Drugs" didn't have to have any special effects or animation, and the stars probably didn't get paid exorbitantly. The estimated budget was 30 million, and the worldwide gross has been more than twice that. Is it a financial success? An artistic success?

mermon said...

So it was not so bad with POP if Disney earned 135mln$. (3 mln$ were from Poland :))
Maybe it is not double, but still a lot of money. I didn't know that. With LAOD is already more than double. As for a movie with not so many good reviews - it's quite good. So, it's better to make cheaper movies. It's easier to earn :)
I really wonder how Poland will take LAOD movie in February. I don't know what kind of promotion we will have here. With POP it was not so much, just huge posters everywhere.
2010 Poland Yearly Box Office Results (few positions):
1 Shrek Forever After - $17,262,308
2 Alice in Wonderland - $7,926,017
3 Inception - $6,727,314
4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - $6,679,851
9 Tangled - $4,526,899
14 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - $3,302,798
Shrek was always very popular in Poland:)

Anonymous said...

Jake was spotted having dinner with Taylor in Nashville last night (Wednesday)! is usually a very reliable source.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! I would definitely think that LAOD has had a respectable success, with still some way to go. I think the verdict's out with how much of a success it was artistically but it's done really well for a film with a restricted certificate. I hope I can see it in the movies again before Black Swan sees it off for good. That finally opens tomorrow.

Hi Mermon! Interesting to compare those figures - with the success of Alice and Shrek so high - very different to here.

Hi Anon :)