Friday, 7 January 2011

Updated: Jake Gyllenhaal arrives back at LAX. And 'thirsty for life' and still making dining room tables (and talking about sex - a lot)

Update: Jake Gyllenhaal arrives back at LAX today ahead of presenting Natalie Portman with A Desert Palm Achievement Award at Palm Springs on Saturday. I'm delighted to say that Jake brought a lovely new jumper with him. Please note how I'm not mentioning the beard. Source.

On with the post...

Jake Gyllenhaal attempted to blend in to the commuting masses on the NYC subway again today. Unfortunately, Jake failed for two reasons: a) extraordinary hotness and b) sunglasses. Texting on a subway/tube while wearing sunglasses is not your average commuter behaviour. It takes years of movie stardom training to pull it off. Meanwhile, reminding us of hairier times, Jake is on the cover of Singapore's issue of August. It's the motoring special but I don't think that's relevant. Except if you like motoring.

Last weekend, Jake made an appearance in the Times. I've managed to get my hands on the interview and it's another goodie. Here are some choice snippets. Obviously, it starts with sex. One almost thinks that Love and Other Drugs must have invented it.

'“What you’re looking at when I’m on screen doing it, is not actually the way I do, well, what I do,” says the 30-year-old LA native and potent screen star (Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain), snickering quietly as he analyses the manifold differences between his screen romping and the private activities that unfold in the boudoir chez Gyllenhaal. “I know it’s hard for people to believe this, but if you asked me if I spend time thinking about how exactly my character orgasms, the answer would be yes!”'

When reminded of having turned down Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers almost at the last minute because of its nudity, Jake argues that Love and Other Drugs is completely different, as indeed is he now. “Well, when I think about two people falling in love, I think about how they spend at least half their time not in their clothes,” he says, grinning broadly. “So this is just the fortunate, or unfortunate, part of the storytelling process. Plus, I think I now feel a little more comfortable in my own skin.”'

Here's some description of Jake from the interview: 'Wearing faded denims and a baggy blue sweater, he kicks back in the leather armchair of a Central London hotel and conducts our conversation from a reclined position that could almost be described as catatonically relaxed. His eyes are the prize, enormous Bambi-blues, encircled by dense chimney-sweep lashes, and he rolls them painfully when I mention his many beefcake sequences (pecs out, biceps flexed) in the recent blockbuster Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (“Let’s just say that I didn’t get to cut that movie together, if you know what I mean?”). Or he will focus them intently when firing off a fusillade of his own curious questions, including “If your wife were to leave you, would it tear you apart?” and “Did you have an open heart when you declared your love?”'

Love popped up: '“When you have real love,” he says, coyly avoiding eye contact, perhaps for the first time, “regardless of the complications or the things that surround it, or the issues that might threaten it, you should hold on to it. And if you’re not in a relationship and you want it, you should search for it, or at least believe in it!”'

Back to sex: '“Before each scene we talked about the things that turned us on, and that didn’t. So sometimes the things that happened in the scene were what Ed and Annie thought were sexy, and I didn’t. And sometimes there was different combinations.” An alleyway tryst in particular, that might have been more physically elaborate in the hands of Hathaway and Zwick, was taken back to basics by Gyllenhaal. “They wanted us to do it in different positions,” he says. “But I was like, ‘Look! We’re in an alleyway, it’s already dirty enough as it is, let’s just do it regularly!’"'

'He talks about Brokeback at length, and with a solemnity that inevitably reflects the loss of his co-star, Ledger, after a prescription drug overdose in January 2008. When I ask him if it’s odd to be discussing his work with Ledger on that film when the actor is no longer alive, his head drops and he says sadly, “I think ‘odd’ is the wrong word for it.” He snaps out of it, though, for the contemplation of his future, and for his forthcoming role in Source Code, the latest sci-fi feature from Duncan Jones (Moon). “It’s about a guy who wakes up in another man’s body and has to figure out how he got there. It’s pretty cool, actually!”'

'We race through a final quick-fire round. Yes, he still makes furniture (dining room tables mostly). No, he’s not competitive with sister Maggie. And, yes, he’s keen to always do on screen what’s least expected of him. But what is it, I wonder, that drives him? When he wakes up in the middle of the night, what’s on his mind? “When I wake up in the middle of the night it usually means that I’m thirsty,” he says, before adding, with the biggest, widest, cheesiest grin of the day, “But I’m actually thirsty for life”'

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Alejandra said...

Good Lord!! THAT is a lot of hotness!!

Source Code, the New York subway... and I always loved UNKLE's "Be There" video... I'm going to end up obsessed with trains!

Gonna try to tear my eyes off that pic and re-read the post. Loved the "thirsty for life" quote. Beautiful!

Thank you, WDW! Truly gorgeous post from beginning to end. :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there Alejandra! Very hot indeed. I'm so glad you liked the post :D There really is something very compelling about Jake on a train...

mermon said...

Wow! What a great post, WDW. Chapeau bas!
And an interview?! Whenever I think I read the best Jake's interview, it comes another one - better.
Oh, Jake, you are too perfect.
He tries to be simple, normal, but it's always something extraordinary about him.
Point for you WDW for glasses in the train. I'm so used to them on Jake's face, that I don't notice how funny they must look in certain places and situations. And they certainly attract the attention :)
I like the description of his eyes and his look. As I understood the interviewer is a guy (a question about wife?). He seems to like our Jake.
I discovered quite recently in some old interview that Jake can make the furniture. (he made a dinning table for his mom) and here we have it again. So he still does it. Maybe that what he was doing during the summer, hiding behind his beard :)

"The Dreamers" - I have that film on DVD, still didn't watch it, scared a bit by that sister/brother sex, involving American friend who was suppose to be played by Jake? Actually, I don't regret, he was not a part of it. He was 22 at that time, too young I suppose.
Thank you WDW for all that. It was worth to wait.

Anonymous said...

Hello WDW and everybody

Interesting interview. I saw the Dreamers for the first time recently, a well crafted powerful movie. But it was really explicit - full frontal nudity for the American character.I could understand why any actor would have qualms.

Good on Jake, thirsty for life.



mermon said...

I found something from 6th of January 2011 about New Year's Eve. It looks like is no sign of Jake and Taylor in it.

New Year's Eve

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Mermon! It was such a good interview, I didn't want to rush it out last night. The sunglasses in the subway make me chuckle, although I tend to wear mine everywhere as well, but that's mostly because mine are prescription. Could be the same for Jake.

Jake's well know for his 'crafty' or 'rustic' furniture. We have mocked it a little here in the past but it's such a good hobby!

There are some posts on here about The Dreamers and Jake did come in for some criticism for turning it down (including from other cast members) but he most definitely made the right decision.

Hi there Tui! I can understand it too, It wouldn't have been the right thing for Jake to have done at that time. So glad you liked the interview!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon, I saw that - some sites list Jake and others don't, simply because he's still just rumoured. We'll know soon enough.

LadyEkster said...

It's the motoring special but I don't think that's relevant. Except if you like motoring.
Hello-o-o! If it hadn't been for the presence of the Face Pet that would have been the best cover ever in my opinion. *drool*

Oe auwtsch, that PoP comment was quite an unexpected one. A whole different tone compared to the shampoo-and-conditioner-regime jokes... I wonder what Jake would have done if he indeed would have been the one to put it all together.

If everything goes according to plan I'm going to see LAOD this Sunday evening. *yay!* Is it weird that I have a butterfly-like feeling in my stomach already? :-D

Anonymous said...

Zowee! That post was packed with priceless observations, information, and yet another great interview.

Mermon, I agree wholeheartedly: "I like the description of his eyes and his look." That's one journalist who knows how to put adjectives to good use.

I have plans to see LAOD again this evening. Can't wait!!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey there Lady Ekster! My fellow motoring enthusiast! The PoP comment was very interesting indeed - I want to hear more from Jake about PoP. I have no doubt that he loved the experience it showed through the film and the amazing month of May (my favourite time ever for Jake promoting a movie - loved his exuberance), but yes he wasn't responsible for how he was presented in the film. Very interesting. I must see PoP again this weekend, I really must.

Wow! Sunday! No time at all now. Can't wait to hear what you think. In my experience the fourth time was the best so stock up on tickets :D

Hey Susan! Hope you saw it again! Even though it's doing really well here, I fear that it won't be around much longer due to some big movies coming out this week (127 Hours, King's Speech). I must try and see it one more time. I don't thin the DVD will be long, which is good.

I loved the description of Jake in this interview!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I was wondering about that PoP comment as well. Up until now I thought he was really proud of having done that movie.
But maybe he's just getting bored of the same questions over and over again.
And I am glad he turned down Dreamers then, it is very different from LAOD indeed.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Mrs JG :D I have no doubt Jake is proud of the role - a movie all his family could see (and Ramona will love it). I think it's more about how he's presented in the film, which is obviously pleasing for us...

LAOD is far superior to The Dreamers :D

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he's still in NY, he is supposed to be presenting Natalie with an award on Sat and NY is about to be hammered by a snow storm (true it won't be like the day after Xmas blizzard but I would have thought he would have left NY to get ahead of any delays that could happen.)

He looks hot on the train. I never did travel much in NY when I was there. If Jake comes to DC I'd love to meet him on the subway. (btw, WDW we don't call them tubes here. I'm sure you already know that)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea - I'm well aware it's called the subway and not the Tube in the US - that's why my sentence was how 'Texting on a subway/tube while wearing sunglasses is not your average commuter behaviour' - it wasn't place specific.

I'm sure Jake will get to Palm Springs in time to give the award.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Talk of the devil... :D Updated post as Jake arrives back at LAX today.

mermon said...

So, according to your update, WDW - Jake is in LA already. You're right. Beard is bigger. I wonder if he will shorten it for tomorrow. Probably not. Which is fine with me :)
I've peeked to your source - JJ and they describe Jake from the last subway/tube picture as a "straphanger". I had to google it to understand the meaning. I had no idea, that is a special word for that :)
I can't wait for seeing Jake's speech tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

LOL you beat me to the punch, WDW. I just saw that Jake is now in LA. I bet he is glad to escape the cold and snow.

I was kidding about the tube reference. I know that we might both speak English but there are some interesting terminology (and you Brits like to add extra letters to your words like colour :P)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mermon,

yep straphanger, it is an interesting term. Not fun when you have to do it, especially if it is a long trip on a crowded train (there actually is a straphanger group that tries to keep the cost of the ride down. Not that they are successful


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Mermon! He does look lovely there for sure - and so confident and striding proud :D That's not an expression we use here either.

Hi Sweetpea :) It is true that English and American can be very different - I like to thrown in as my Brit words as I can though. I'm really fascinated my language.

We don't use that word here, on the Tube they would just be called 'a commuter' as you're bloody lucky to get a seat at the best of times.

Monica said...

I love the new look! Thank you for posting this photo here.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

He looks gorgeous! Hi Monica :D

Anonymous said...

This was an absolutely stellar post WDW! If you get a chance can you plz link to the interview? I'd love to read it entire. Is it possible the Times interview is available at IHJ?

He looks gorgeous in that sweater/jumper arriving at LAX.

Yes, everyone, please fo see LAOD as many times as you can before they pull it out of the theatres!

I do hope Zwick and Fox are smart enough to understand we want/need/must have a very special Director's cut DVD with at least 3 extra minutes and lots of "special features" when the DVD is released.

lemniscate said...

Hey y'all,

Great post WDW!!! Love those interview snippets. Very interesting and intriguing responses from Jake there. Too bad we can't get the whole interview verbatim. I'd so love to know exactly what he said when he talked about BBM at length... Ah well, a journo can only get so many words in hey.
But, c'mon... "The eyes are the prize...". Is that it? Is that the best you've got? Really?! ;-)
We know there's a lot more to JG's irresistible, pervasive presence than his bambi-blues. Tss...
So, in relation to the above, his reaction to the muscle-poppin' POP question is not that surprising to me. *roll eyes*
And, as for him spending time thinking about how his character would orgasm. Uh, yeah... Of course he would! It's not hard to believe... I bet Anne thought about those details very, very intently as well, in order to insure it came across as authentic as possible (and it sure did!). It's their job after all.

And eh, sunnies on a subway in the dead of Winter? Dude?! Seriously? I'd go for hoodie or beanie next time. Or better, grow a beard! *evil grin*

Hui said...


LOL at your sunglasses comment :)
It's hard to text and wear sunglasses, and still being hot on subway at the same tim.Jake must train for this for a long time XD

mermon said...

Good morning!
Annie arrived to LA. On Lainey Gossip - some great pics of her in funny-pretty glasses and hat. And few words about Jake and Anne at Golden Globe. I'm not sure if they are trusted.
Anne Hathaway

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi there 1:40 :D Thanks for the lovely comment! Unfortunately the article isn't available online - you have to subscribe and pay (which I did). You're not missing anything here though. And the pic with the blue shirt is the one used in the article. What I can do is put a pdf up at the forum. I hope we get lots of special extras in the DVD! We've had very little background stuff so here's hoping...

Hi Lemniscate! I was surprised that the interviewer left out the discussion of BBM but as you say they were there to talk about LAOD. It would have been interesting to hear for sure. I get the sense Jake had a twinkle in his eye through this interview. I find it strange that these interviews all took place the day I saw him in London at the press conference! I saw the room where they took place too (from the outside) and people were leaving with some big goodie bags... A wonderful interview.

Hi there Hui! I've not acquired the ability to text and wear shades at the same time - kudos to movie stars!

Morning Mermon :D Thanks for the link - looks ike things are really gearing up for awards season now. I wouldn't be surprised if Jake and Anne sat together at the Globes. Be good to see them together again.

Have a lovely day everyone! I'm so glad it's the weekend.

Anonymous said...

All the people from the same movie usually share a table @ the GG. Anne and her guest, and Jake with his guest, will definitely sit together, along with Ed Zwick, etc. It's a relaxed, fun evening, and lots of opportunities to network and table hop. Jake usually brings his publicist or his Mother.

mermon said...

Today, on TV we have Brokeback Mountain! Uhuuu!

If you have a link to the ceremony with Nathalie and Jake, please paste it. If it's on line of course.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Anon - they do indeed. It should be a great night!

Hi Mermon! I'll be watching BBM tonight too, so I'll be thinking of you :D I'll certainly post anything I can tomorrow about Palm Springs!

mermon said...

@WDW - "I'll certainly post anything I can tomorrow about Palm Springs!"
I count on it :)

Thx for thinking of me during watching BBM - I will feel, like I would be watching it together with another gyllenhalic :)

Anonymous said...

I wish that Jake Gyllenhaal would make a movie set to ancient Egypt of a French book called "la Reina Hatasu" by Vera Ivanovna Kryzhonovskaia.
The Earl of Rochester (John Wilmot Rochester) guide Vera Ivanovna to write this book.