Saturday, 8 January 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal to present Natalie Portman with a Desert Palm tonight and Jake's interest in the Great Wall of China journey

[Update] Jake's name has been removed from the cast of New Year's Eve (again...).

Tonight the Palm Springs International Film Festival begins with a gala, during which Jake Gyllenhaal will present friend and co-star Natalie Portman with a Desert Palm Achievement Award. If you live in that timezone (or simply cannot sleep) you can watch livestreaming of the red carpet here. Other recipients of awards tonight include, I'm delighted to say, Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth, Danny Boyle and David O'Russell. David Fincher will be presenting his entire Social Network cast with the Ensemble Award.

So while we wait for new pictures of Jake tonight, looking all lovely and gorgeous on the red carpet in the desert, there's time to take a closer look at Jake's Jumper at LAX yesterday.

Back in August, we reported here (in what has become known as my 'Ugly Fish' post) that 'Bicycle adventurer Kevin Foster, while signing books this week, suggested that a movie of his cycle ride along the Great Wall of China may be about to become a reality and Jake Gyllenhaal is a possible for the role (with Kathy Bates as the mother).'

Today there was an update in which it sounds as if Jake and his management are indeed interested in this role which, you may well agree, would suit Jake all the way down to his cycling socks. 'A screenplay has been completed and the Chinese government has tentatively offered $25 million to partially finance the film. That's roughly half the movie's budget, Foster said. The trick now is to fill out the rest of the proposed budget, choose a lead actor and start filming as early as 2012, Foster said... The key to the project is to find the right actor to star in the film, Foster said.'

'The targeted actor? Jake Gyllenhaal, star of "Brokeback Mountain" and other critically acclaimed films in recent years, is Foster's favorite. "It's a great fit," Foster said. "Jake is 30, my age when I rode on the Great Wall." Gyllenhaal's management company has taken an interest in the story and passed it on to the actor, who is interested in the project, Foster said. The Gyllenhaal possibility will put traction behind the idea, Holland said.' I can certainly see that this is just the type of film that would interest Jake and so this could be one to watch.

Includes pictures from IHJ.

My review (with spoilers) of 127 Hours is now up at MovieBrit.


Just Fan said...

I like Jake's jumper, it looks good on him.

WDW, when is the award show tonight? I mean local time?

Thanks for the update. :)

mermon said...

New Great Wall of China - bicycle's project? Sounds like an good idea. Something just right for Jake and his love for a bike. It could be very exciting. Chinese toilets are very unusual :), but with guys is easier. 2012? Hm, another year of waiting. Jake probably would spend it practising bike riding. And maybe some quick movie in the meantime?
I went to this older post from August. I remember that! It was such a great interview about Jake falling asleep during watching TV (because of being depressed and lonely) and hard mornings without thinking clearly.
Thank you for that post WDW.
I think this new movie would satisfied appetite of many fans and what adventure for Jake!

My BBM has just started, goodnight!

Eureka said...

That would be a great role! And a big production. To be shot in China.
I'd wish we knew what's next in Jake's carreer. I go back to the date of your poll where we voted. A musical, that is and was my first choice. I'd love to see him dancing and singing.
Is the film making business slow? Are they affected by the economic crisis? Or is it as usual? Just waiting for roles and projects to come....

I bet he will look gorgeous tonigh! And he will do a really nice introduction for Natalie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi JF! I like it too - but my mission is always to poke fun at men's jumpers. It's my wicked streak...

I believe that the red carpet starts around 4.30 Pacific time. You can see more details at the end of the link I posted. Looking forward to seeing the pics tomorrow!

Hi Mermon! It would be a great role for Jake. But I can just imagine how many scripts he considers. But I do like the sound of this. That was such a good interview! Enjoy the film. I'm about to turn it on here :)

Hey Eureka! It would be marvellous to film something like that on the Great Wall. I hope we hear something very soon about some role. I can't wait to see how it goes tonight!

My (spoilerish) review of 127 Hours is now up at MB.

LadyEkster said...

Keep the jumper, lose the glasses and the... oh. I'm getting predictable, ain't I? *grin*

The website says the streaming starts at 6pm LA time. That's 3am Amsterdam time if I'm not mistaken. Hmm... it depends on what the rest of this Saturday night will bring. Would love to catch a glimpse of Jake on the red carpet. :)

The Spandex Jake project, ehr, excuse me, the China project sounds very interesting! Plus, it would save you from having to overcome your feet phobia, WDW. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Lady Ekster! Thanks for checking the times - that is awfully late... I have to admit thaat I have been thinking of this as the Spandex Project too :D And yep none of those barefoot shoes. That's a bonus! Or at least it is when you have a 'foot thing'.

Anonymous said...

I forget you are British, to an American a jumper means a type of woman's dress. I thought Jake was wearing a dress.

Anonymous said...

I always wished Jake would do a movie about biking since it is a big interest of his. There had been work a while back of him doing a movie based on Lance Armstrong's life. But I like the idea of Jake riding on the great wall.

My nephew was in China this past fall and he rode a bike while there (not sure if it was on the great wall or not)

I hope Jake DOES take this project


Anonymous said...

I missed the live feed for this show, is there anywhere else I can see it?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi 00:53 - I've never heard that expression before.

Hey Sweetpea - if the movie works out, Jake would certainly be ideal and the whole thing would look incredible :)

Hi 6:06 - hopefully something will turn up as I missed it too of course. That is a very big time difference.

The new post is up!