Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Source Code begins its screenings, Jake Gyllenhaal's 'roasting' in full and on 'The Fighter's Couch'

Source Code has started its screenings. It's early days but it's great to hear one of the first comments about the film from someone who was lucky enough to see it today: 'In some ways, this film is this year's Inception'. If so, then that would be right on so many levels.

We're now lucky enough to have Jake Gyllenhaal's presentation speech in its entirety from Palm Springs on 8 January. The sound comes and goes but it's good enough to get the feel of Jake's raucous speech and the 'rowdy' crowd. Jake was definitely in the party mood... As Natalie said later, 'He threatened that he was going to be roasting me'.

There are more highlights in these two videos below, including a lovely hug between Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman. I do apologise for the inclusion of Mark Wahlberg in the second...

Talking of Wahlberg, he features in this amusing account in The Wrap of the Festival after party at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel. 'Early arrivers David O. Russell, Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg planted a flag on what became “The Fighter Couch." The trio held court in the open-to-the-public hotel lobby, choosing this space over the official party. Sitting with their reps and friends, nearly all the non-industry attendees missed them while rushing by to get to the official party’s “check-in” in the backyard...'

'After swapping a tux for a sweater to go more low-profile, Jake Gyllenhaal perched up on the back of the “Fighter Couch,” traded Blackberry info with Amy Adams, and went on on one with Wahlberg before a sparkly dressed local interrupted the two and unknowingly asked Wahlberg to shoot a photo of her with Gyllenhaal. “There’s a lot more qualified people here to handle a camera,” Wahlberg quipped.'

[This picture from the Blame It video was the most 'Jake on a couch at a party' picture that I could find - just imagine Ron Howard is David O Russell...]

And finally...

A shout out to Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard whose off-Broadway production of Chekhov's Three Sisters begins tomorrow. More details here.

Includes pictures from IHJ and links.


LadyEkster said...

Source Code as 2011's Inception, wowsa! Sounds very, very exciting. :-D

Love the speech video, thank you! He is such a crowd pleaser and tease. :-) Glad that he mentioned Cold Mountain, what a beautiful film.

Gee, Mark Wahlberg is AGING!! :-O

Good luck to Maggie and Peter!

mermon said...

Hi! Thx for the new post WDW.
That picture with wheel, Jake and Natalie is funny. Jake looks like her younger brother. How different he looks now. She didn't change at all.

On the picture on the coach - the guy in a hat - is this Jake? Look at those bottles in ice! They all look like having fun.
The story about Jake, Mark and sparkly dressed local is funny. So she didn't recognize MW. I don't blame her. I wouldn't have either.

All the clips are interesting, especially the one with full speech.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello Lady Ekster! Very exciting - I love it when we start hearing what a film may be like. Such a gorgeous tease. And ugh Wahlberg - not at all funny. Made me laugh that someone just wanted to use him as a photographer! I bet Jake will go and see Peter and Maggie straight after the Globes.

My pleasure, Mermon! I love the pics of Jake and Natalie from years ago - you're right, she's not changed at all. Jake has changed so much :)

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to hear some good buzz about Source Code. Please, let us have more comparisons with a great film like Inception! Hopefully it will help get more butts in the theater seats.

Thanks, WDW, for the clips and tidbits. Tell me, what is wrong with Mark Wahlberg? Not that he's a particular favorite of mine, I'm just not aware of why he elicits an apology for being in a video clip?


Eureka said...

Thanks WDW, very nice videos. "She lights up a room even before the cinematographer arrives". He sounded emotional. Very nice.
And he says, "Yes I did". Does any one know why?

I hope SC is not like Inception. **my apologies to those that liked it** but it was not a movie I enjoyed, don't know why. It gave me a headache like Shutter Island did. :o/

Alejandra said...

Mermon, go to YouTube now and search for Jamie Foxx's Blame It video. Jake is in it and oh.my.God. he looks gorgeous!

I hated Inception. But I'm cool: I'm dead sure Source Code will be much better IMHO.

I'll check the vids later. Thanks for the post, WDW. :-)

Just Fan said...

I've gotten a little wary regarding positive pre screenings. With PoP and LAOD we had the same and then one received bad and the other mediocre reviews in the end.
Of course I hope the movie turns out good, but if not, I'll still be seeing it. :)
Thanks for the update WDW. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! Inception was my favourite film of the year so comparisons are great! I really can't stand Wahlberg (I hide it well :D). Ages ago he talked about why he didn't want to be in BBM and how Ang had wanted him for the role. It's on WDW. I've had little time for him since. Plus there's the not being able to act thing. He's just not my cup of tea :)

Hey Eureka! It's great how we all love different movies. I couldn't quite catch that bit either. I wondered if he was responding to people asking if he'd written that bit.

Oh yes, Alejandra! Mermon, you must watch the Blame It video. The days of the fedora. Enjoy the vids Alejandra!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi JF! Posting at the same time :) Well positive buzz will never hurt. I've had no complaints about either film, I suspect I'll feel the same about SC!

Eureka said...

Yes, I think he was responding to an audience comment as you say. :o)
Sure, great we don't all like the same movies. Variety is the spice of life. ;o)

mermon said...

Oh yes! I've watched "Blame it", I've seen that before, but haven't recognize it on the picture :)
Thx for help. Jake looks good in a hat, I wish it was more Jake on that clip.
I liked Inception a lot, though I was not crazy about it. I would have nothing against if SC was similar to it. But I have impression that it will be much more interesting for me, much more in my type. I prefer comparison to the Grounhog Day. But the speed of the action to Inception.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that SC is already being screened. I only wish I could be at one of those advance screenings.

We'll have to wait and see how this picture pans out. I don't like when they make comparisons. You just never know if it is right on the mark of a movie might fall short of such a comparison.

I just know that seeing the trailers for SC already has been wanting to see it so badly for its own merits. And I am hoping this is a big success for Jake.

I'm not a Mark Wahlberg fan either.

Break a leg to Maggie and Peter (theater talk to good luck) I just hope the blizzard that will be hitting NYC won't keep theater goers away.


paulh said...

I think Mark Wahlberg is fairly likeable, like a younger version of Kevin Bacon. When I think of him, I don't think of great acting, but who cares? It's not a crime to be a mediocre actor. The sad thing is that he came into show business in a singing group that was created more for appearance and appeal to certain demographics than talent. Then, when that ran its course, he tried his luck as a film actor. He looks old? That's the kiss of death in a youth-oriented culture! Is it any wonder that people like Michael Jackson have such high anxiety levels that they can't sleep without hospital-grade anesthetics? I think it really stinks what the entertainment industry does to nice young people...

I'm looking forward to "Source Code," but I'm disappointed that "New Year's Eve" is not going to include Jake Gyllenhaal. :-(

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Morning Eureka!

Hi Mermon :) I used to like Jake in a hat until we had almost an entire year with one attached to his head! I don't mind them in small doses now :D

Hi Sweetpea - I hope it goes well for Peter and Maggie.

Morning Paul! It certainly isn't a crime to be a mediocre actor but it doesn't mean I have to like him :D We can't like all actors - it's nothing to do with age or how nice he is or isn't. I'm not disappointed Jake won't be in NYE now, probably, but I would like to hear of something else - I know it was like this after Zodiac and then Rendition just popped up - LAOD did the same thing. So I'll sit and wait, sort of patiently!

Have a good day everyone - Good luck to those with snow coming and to those with an awful lot of rain and water x