Saturday, 12 February 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal helps Jennifer Aniston celebrate, LAOD out on DVD in UK 9 May and a WDW Interlude

Yesterday, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her birthday at the Spotted Pig in NYC and among the guests was old friend Jake Gyllenhaal, the man who described Jen as his best screen kiss. According to Just Jared, guests also included 'Hugh Jackman, Paul Rudd, Thom Filicia' although there were to be no pictures. So, let's go back a bit...

Here are some reminders of just how special this friendship is.

As previously mentioned here, Jen was instrumental in David Fincher picking Jake for Zodiac, as was revealed to MYV: 'David: 'Jennifer Aniston cast this movie because she was saying 'Oh my God! Jake! You'll love him. he's fantastic! He's so charming, he's so great!' Jake: 'She can be one hell of an influence.' More here about Jake's working relationship with The Good Girl.

I hope Jen had a wonderful birthday and that she, Jake and everyone else had a great night.

Love and Other Drugs DVD release date in UK

The DVD (and the Blu-Ray/DVD/digital special) of Love and Other Drugs has now got a release date for the UK - 9 May. So all those who can't play R1 discs now have a date in sight.

And finally... a WDW Interlude

Today was the first sunny spring-like day of the year and so myself and Mr WDW took ourselves off in search of some historical beauty spots. We headed southwest to Salisbury, with the cathedral with the steepest steeple, and then to Maiden Castle, not too far from the coast in Dorset. Maiden Castle is a prehistoric hill fort which grew to become Britain's largest Iron Age Hill fort, and one of Europe's largest, enclosing an area of 50 football pitches. Its complex of ditches and mounds are truly monumental, dwarfing the Roman temple in its centre.

On the way back, we stopped off at dusk to pay our respects to another ancient landmark - the Cerne Abbas Giant. Big chap.

Pictures from IHJ and WDW.

You can read my review of Never Let Me Go at MovieBrit.


mermon said...

WDW - that post is a gem for me. Thank you for that. I like Jennifer very much, I like Good Girl a lot. I don't even mention Jake Gyllenhaal. I've not seen all that staff about GG, about Jake's audition, hitting the wall with the chair, that Jennifer helped him to get a role in Zodiak.
That video from Vanguard Award GLAAD, where Jake presented Jennifer was just great. He's got huge applause, and his speech was great. He's so well spoken and has good memory to say such a long interesting speech without any note.
I like them together, they are both nice warm people, liking each other. That's nice.
Fine that you had a good , interesting day and was able to give us something so interesting in the evening. Thank you.
I feel like I want to watch Good Girl again :)

mermon said...

One more thing. I forgot to write. How nice it is that Jake and Jen keep their relations through the years and that he's between her friends to celebrate her birthday. Happy birthday Jennifer! You were in good company.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, WDW for the lovely walk down memory lane for Jake and Jen. I bet it was a wonderful birthday party!

and I loved your pics of the countryside.


irisgirl said...

I have felt for years that Jake and Jen would make a great couple, including being positive influences on each other's careers.

Jen was awesome in the Good Girl and has not lived up to her potential in subsequent film role choices. Maybe Jake could encourage her to try more great Indie films.

And maybe Jen could inspire Jake to try more comedy, which is a true gift he has not shown enough!

TD said...

Good news and a great post! I heart WDW

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Taking it slowly today as worn out by yesterday's epic travels!

I'm so glad you liked it Mermon :) The videos with Jen and Jake are among my very favourites. And just hearing Jake say 'smoooooch' - sigh... I think it's wonderful that Jake and Jen are such good friends still, after all that time.

Thanks, Sweetpea!

Hi there Iris Girl! And welcome :) I totally agree - Jen is top of my approval list. And I agree, the films have not been so good for Jen since TGG. A couple of goodies but otherwise very disappointing. I always want good things from her, she deserves it. And Jake is great at comedy, as is Jennifer.

TD, thank you so much, my fiend xx

Anonymous said...

Another "Jake connection:" Bailey Madison, the little girl who acted so well in Brothers, is in Jennifer's new movie with Adam Sandler.

Your interlude looks wonderful! I envy you.

WDW, what time do the BAFTA Awards begin?

BBMISwear said...

Lovely post WDW! I was happy to hear (if it is true) Jake was a part of Jen's birthday celebration - they always seem so happy when they get to spend time together.

I enjoyed revisiting The Good Girl stuff you included here - I've been thinking about that movie lately and almost watched it the other night but went with Highway instead (*SIGH* Pilot!!!). I guess The Good Girl will be my next 'old Jake movie viewing' whenever that may be. Never enough time, never enough.

Beautiful photos from your excursion! Happy Sunday all. Tough choice tonight...The Baftas or The Grammys (??).


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Got back from seeing Never Let Me Go and settling down with the BAFTA red carpet. Wet!

Hi there 14:25 :) I think it starts live from 6.30pm but it's not shown on the BBC until 9pm, which means Twitter is banned!

Hey BBMISwear :-) A Good Girl night sounds good, although I can definitely see how Piilot might win... Ahhh, not a tough choice for me or on this side of the pond, I think :)

What a horrible day! This rain...

Anonymous said...

Hi WDW, loved the post! Every time I re-watch The Good Girl, I am amazed that Jennifer Aniston's career didn't zoom into the stratosphere after it came out. As you say, she's had a couple of good movies in the meantime but far too many disappointments. Maybe this new one with Adam Sandler will give her the boost she needs, but I wish she would go for something other than another "rom-com."

Thanks for all the Jake videos, too. And I LOVE it when you share photos of the beautiful English countryside. That's the big one on my bucket list - visit the U.K. and see all those glorious sights for myself.


La Brulee said...

I absolutely LOVE the chemistry between Gyllenhaal and Aniston. When I saw The Good Girl for the first time (I have already admitted that I tend to see Jake's movies a couple of (hundred of) times, not because I don't get the plot -like it happened to me with Inception, ahem- but for the amusement that implies to rewatch some parts) I totally bought their story together.

These two are the kind of people who I'd love to see together … as a couple! But notice that this whole post has been written by a dysfunctional person who, after seeing Grease couldn't help torturing my little self thinking "why doesn't John Travolta marry Olivia Newton John??? I don't get it …."

And years later, here I am … asking to grown up self the same silly things.

I LOVE how you, WWD, compile all the info, connect all the dots and illustrate each entry with interesting videos, photos and your witty remarks. I'm glad I finally decided to drop some lines after all these years of starting a post that I always ended up erasing not feeling sure about how to express my ideas in another language. But since you all look like a friendly gang to me, I was like "what the heck!"

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Susan, and I do agree. I like a good romcom but Jennifer's go on and on. I loved Marley and Me though - I'm ready for another like that :) I'm so glad you liked my pics!

I'm so pleased you took the plunge, La Brulee! There are lots of people here who don't speak English as their first language and I am continually amazed. So please don't worry about that. And there are also a lot of people here who are older (I too remember Grease when it came out and being told by a teacher that if you loved Travolta you could go home 10 minutes early - my hand shot up!)

And it's really really good to hear you've been reading along all this time :)

I've been writing about Never Let Me Go over at MovieBrit while I wait for the BAFTAs - fingers crossed for David Fincher and Gemma Arterton!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeay! Thrilled David Fincher won best director!

Glimpses of Jake in the review of films of the year and in the bit for Gemma's category.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone - hope you all have a good day! Monday....

La Brulee said...

Morning WWD and everyone!

Now that my boss is working out at the gym, I said to myself "just because I work here doesn't mean that I WORK here!" So I decided to pay you a visit and say hi :)

I've been checking the place where Jennifer Aniston celebrated her birthday -The Spotted Pig- and looks like a really cool place to enjoy a good meal in the company of good friends.

Jeez, now I'm officially HUNGRY! My mouth is watering … 12:40 pm in here and I won't be able to have lunch until 3:00 pm ….. DOH!

mermon said...

Hi WDW, I hope you have a nice day. Hi everybody!
Hi! La Brulee, I hope you survived somehow till your lunch break :)
The Spotted Pig - what a strange/funny name for
a restaurant. I wonder what they serve there.

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW!!!
Happy Valentine Day everyone!!! Wish everyone in this world great loves in their life!
Wonder how Jake celebrate this day.. Oh Sorry, if I recall, you've said that you don't like Valentine Day, is that right, WDW?
Beautiful pics, what is that the last picture?
Thanks for the posts WDW!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there La Brulee, Mermon and Serene!

The Spotted Pig sounds like a great restaurant - it's run by Jake's old friend Mario Batali and we've seen Jake (and Maggie and Peter) eat there a lot over the years.