Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in LA 22 February and some Love And Other Drugs Blu-ray moments

Jake Gyllenhaal was seen out and about at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA today (22 February), sporting a look that no-one else can do quite as well as he can. Source.

My Love and Other Drugs Blu-Ray arrived today from the US, a week ahead of schedule. I'm delighted to report that Mr WDW loved it and that, while there is no commentary and the documentary features are short to say the least, there are three deleted scenes. I don't want to give the game away and so, just as a taster here are some very poor pictures that I took from these. It's interesting that these scenes contained more than one shot from the trailer, as you'll see below.

Among the brief documentaries is a discussion by Ed Zwick about his actors, including the 'utterly engaging and really quite delightful' Jake. He talks about a photograph he kept from the shoot - you can see it below. This was taken when the cameras stopped rolling in between takes and its affection and intimacy are genuine and real.

I'm crook at the moment with a bad neck so please forgive the awkward angle at which I wrote this post.

Pictures from CG and WDW.


Anonymous said...

oh my what a photo too keep. it gives me another view of how I see jake boy.

Carol said...

Thanks for the sneak preview of the bluray WDW. Can't wait to get my copy.

Jake is looking good in the recent pics. Can't wait for the Source Code publicity to start.

Hope your neck is better soon WDW. Take care.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. I'm sorry about your neck, WDW. I have problems with mine too. Too much computer time


mermon said...

Thank you for the lovely previous kiss' post WDW. Delightful.
The Most Kissable Man award - fully deserved. I could watch Jake's kisses constantly. Besides BBM kiss - my favourite is that one:
Donnie Darko kiss
"Jake... knows where you keep your pens" interview - hilarious.
I never heard the story about audition for TDAT - nice/funny pictures with Emmy Rossum. Lucky girl - a kiss on the first "date" with Jake :)

mermon said...

Thank you for new post as well. Sorry to hear about your neck, WDW. Take care.
Nice new picture of Jake. In my favourite brown shoes and one of my favourite shirt :)I like that frowned look a lot.

I can't wait for LAOD DVD, to have a chance to see deleted scenes.Thx for the pictures from those.

Anonymous said...

Hi WDW! You've made me jealous - I don't have the LAOD bluray yet and I'm terribly impatient to get my own! Thanks for the peek into what the extras are. I know I will enjoy the disc immensely when I finally get one.


BBMISwear said...

Ooooh...thank you for the teaser on the LAOD Blu-Ray...now I'm even more excited to get mine! I'm not too happy about the short bonus features though. GRRRR...don't the studios know how much we like bonus features?! (apparently not - most are stingy unfortunately).

I just saw yesterday's kissing post - fun stuff! Good to see Jake out and about...hmmm, a meeting at the Four Seasons perhaps? We need new movie news soon!!

Until next time...


Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW..
So nice to see Jake in that shirt again, we saw he wears it so oftenly it could be his iconic shirt... What's Jake dong at Four Season Hotel, project meeting/negotiation?
Congrats for the Blu-ray WDW... I was wondering how could you have yours delivered earlier than the release date? Blu-ray got two disk, right? If the BD with 2-disk only got shorts special feature, what will it be for the DVD???
I love today's last pic!!! Just looks so real and natural...
And Congratulation, Jake for the award. He truly deserve it :D
I really love the Kissy post!!! MY favourite kiss is the first kiss fro BBM, what about you?
Thanks for the posts WDW

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi everyone! Sorry for the absence - been quite incapacitated by my neck - but turning on the laptop for a few minutes this evening to catch up with you all :)

Good to see you al!!

I ordered the Blu ray, Serene, from a company here and they delivered it a week early! Movietyme.com

There are two discs but one of them is a digital copy.

*Waves to everyone!*

sass said...

Hi there, I hope your neck improves...love your Jake pics...his stormy eyes in one shot makes me feel 30129572097 years younger:lol Please take care of yourself.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sass! Me too... I will - and you too! xx