Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in Silver Lake, 16 February

After quite an absence away from the cameras, Jake Gyllenhaal was seen yesterday (16 February) at Silver Lake Studio in LA. However, Jake had put his time away from the public eye to good use, buying a new jacket and removing all last traces of any Face Pet. There is one very obvious thing to note about these photos - looking good, Jake! I hear that Source Code was featured on The Insider last night and with the premiere in Austin, Texas, less than a month away, Jake looks ready to go on another round of publicity.

One can't help but wonder if this is a work-related outing...

Did I mention that Jake looks hot?

Many thanks to IHJ for the very welcome new pictures!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! Hope everyone's having a good day - I've been in meetings all morning...

Jake's looking GOOD!! A real sight for sore eyes.

Have a good day!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

One word: Yummy!!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Oops...time to lose my Valentine pic!

Monica said...

Hello, Jake.

Trying to find time to go see The King's Speech.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one can only hope that this was a work-related outing.

Thanks for sharing the hotness, WDW!


mk said...

the silver lake studio is a salon/spa place not a movie studio unfortunely he looks gorgeous

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Taking my new pic for a spin!

Ruby said...

Well hello there Jake. Very nice. Very nice indeed.

Anonymous said...

Feels as though he is channeling his inner Ennis wearing that jacket.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the cool pictures!

That Filson oil finished jacket never fit that GOOD! BTW it is water repellent, Jake ... no need to run :P He should always walk in sloooow motion, shouldn't he?

La Brulee said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the cool pictures!

That Filson oil finished jacket never fit that GOOD! BTW it is water repellent, Jake ... no need to run :P He should always walk in sloooow motion, shouldn't he?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

hello! So good to see you all! Thanks for the comments :)

Very yummy, Gyllenhaalisgr8! That is quite a picture, ahem...

Hope you enjoy it, Monica!

My pleasure, Susan! Gorgeous.

Hi MK! I was looking around and there seem to be so many places called Silver City Studio - very confusing. It does sound like it was probably the salon. Maybe Jake is preparing himself for a new role... :D

Great to see you, Rubes! And see you later x

Hi Monika :)

It's a really cool jacket, La Brulee :D

I love these pictures - Jake looks the part of a movie star - like that :)

I hope you'r having a good day - I'm off out to see Rubes - lovely :)

mermon said...

Hi Everyone!
Those pictures are great, I mean Jake looks great!:) The colour of the jacket suits Jake beautifully.
@La Brulee, how did you know it's Filson oil finished jacket? It's really nice, I like the colour. Jake is in really good shape.
Jake going to spa - preparing for hot, hard SC promotion time? I can't wait.
Filson oil finished jacket
@gyllenhaalisgr8 - your new avatar is surprisingly hot!

Eureka said...

What a come back. Looking good Jake! :o)
Have fun WDW and Ruby.
@gyllenhaalisgr8, hot avatar. My, my,my ....
@Mermon, agree jacket color suite him very nicely. Thanks for the link. ;o)

Anonymous said...

lookin good Jake! What do you have next on your plate?


TD said...

Missed him! Yummy pics

BBMISwear said...

I've been catching up on the last few posts - thanks WDW as usual!!

It was great to hear about the SC SXSW panel in addition to the screening - hopefully there will be a podcast of that and/or a video posted afterward! I'm sure Jake will catch some live music while there - that festival always has great music.

I loved that that GREAT kiss was included in that kiss segment and it wasn't the typical one that is often referenced (although that is a great one too of course)! But it is the best one in my opinion and I was happy to see others agree!

It was fun to think about The Spotted Pig - I haven't been there in a long time - it is such a funky place (that seriously is the only way to describe it - very funky)!!

Oh those U.S. Open pictures - such funny memories, WDW, of watching all that tennis - ha ha! I got to escort Bruce Willis to do press at the Golden Globes after Ricky G. referred to him as Ashton Kutcher's dad! Yikes!! Made me laugh a bit!!

All this brings me to today's post - WOW! What a jacket (thanks for the details on that Mermon)! The minute I saw it I thought it was such a wonderful updated leather version of the Levis jackets from the 70's! Lookin' Good is an under statment and true WDW! :-)

I believe Jake was at Crave Films which may have involved a meeting with David Ayer? David's working on the remake of Commando (not that it means that was what the meeting was about). I kind of hope not. Hmmmm. They also do a lot of sound and music recording there so it could have been something like that. Can you tell we're all so desperate for some news on Jake's next project we are speculating like crazy?! Can't wait to hear something official!!

Sorry for the long comment...I had some catching up to do!!

Until next time... :-)

Alejandra said...

Sound... and music recording? Man, I was not going to say anything today. I'll pretend I didn't see that, BBMIswear. ;-)

Nice pics! Whatever you do next, Jake, I hope it comes to us soon...

Just saw this posted in Imdb, btw. Yay! :-)

First Clip From Source Code

La Brulee said...

Good Morning everyone!

Hey Mermon! I knew it was a Filson jacket because I work as assistant for a wardrobe stylist so we are constantly shopping, looking for fashion tendencies, checking fashion magazines and at the end of the day you can't avoid gathering a HUGE amount of useless information like that! ... But you never know when you are going to find a use for every useless talent so...! :D

Holy Cow, gyllenhaalisgr8! Your aBUTTar is GLORIOUS! Woo hoo!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Having quite a day of it here so very nice to see you all - lots of stuff to post shortly :)


Serene Hill said...

Hello WDW and everybody...
Jake's looking really good...*drool*
I can sense that the Tnew look is definetely for a new role... no, I'm just hoping it is, ahaha ;p
But the first pic seems like a movie still to me, and an absolutely good one.
The second pic is hilarious and the third one is gorgeous.
OK, thanks for the treats WDW!!!

mermon said...

@Alejandra - thank you for the link to first SC clip. Does it mean that we will have more of them? :)
It's a nice clip, I just can't figure out what is that white staff on Jake's face and head. Is it snow? It should melt, at least a bit during that time. So I don't know what is it. Any ideas?
@La Brulee - thank you for that information. We may learn here some unusual things. Like a name of the jacket :)