Saturday, 26 February 2011

[Updated] Jake Gyllenhaal to present two Oscars with Amy Adams (and gets a haircut)

Yesterday (25 February) Jake Gyllenhaal was seen leaving a salon in LA. So, with the Oscars just a day away, Jake can now cross 'get a haircut' off his To Do List. We now know that Jake will be presenting two Oscars. According to Deadline, Jake and Amy Adams will 'present the Best Documentary Short Subject and Best Live Action Short Film Oscars' somewhere between Anne Hathaway's second and third costume change. I'm hoping to be livestreaming the red carpet for the Oscars here on WDW tomorrow night.


Hot on the heels of the new trailer and the first clip from Source Code, we now have a TV spot which you can see here.

At last an embeddable link for the new clip (thanks Karmentxu!).


karmentxu said...

Hi everyone! No write a long time, but WDW, I look the web every day, here always well informed, besides all posts are great (especially "the Most Kissable Man") New and possible projects,, new movie, soon LAOD in blu-ray ... I'm excited.

What handsome! And tomorrow we'll see your smile, sure

I just found a new clip: # from = embed

BBMISwear said...

Lookin' Good! :-)

The hair is getting shorter and shorter, though - maybe for a role? But what?! *gets impatient waiting to hear more*

Glad to see a TV spot for SC - I keep seeing the spot for the LAOD DVD while watching TV and I always jump off the couch a little - hee hee!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!


Monica said...

He looks good.

Do not like the idea of The Bourne Legacy!

paulh said...

"Do not like the idea of The Bourne Legacy!" [Monica]

Do you mean the movies themselves, or the idea that Jake might be in one of them? I saw the third one, and liked it a lot. I think that Matt Damon makes the movies interesting. Take him away, and they would likely fall apart. So, they should just close the franchise if he's no longer interested, and just move on to something else.

Incidentally, I'm going to be in London for the weekend of May 13-15.

mermon said...

Hi! WDW - Thank you for the pictures. Jake looks fine. I think fresh hairdo is for Oscars night! I'm glad he will be there, among all his famous friends and fellows.

Two presentations, so double chance and pleasure to see Jake on stage.
I picture him right now in the bathtub in bubbles, relaxing before the Big Evening, repeating his speeches.

Michelle's character - "Who are you? What did you do to Shaun Spencer?" Colter - "It's a new me." - now I am even more confused. So Colter looks like someone she knew, but behave completely strange and different? Anyway, I like his behaviour and look in that scene.

Get Real said...

Hey everyone!

Great to see the SC clips! Can't wait for when it comes out.

Interesting about the Bourne rumors. I could see him doing I great job if the promotion is right. I don't want POP promotion.

Glad Jake will be at the Oscars. I love when he mingles with other actors/directors. I am looking forward to tomorrow night.

As I usually do I have seen all the nominated films....all great stuff. Plus Anne and James are a win, win. Would be so fun if Jake interacted with them. Btw, I saw Anne and James interviewed together and they don't have half the chemistry Jake and Anne do.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a good Saturday. I'm having a lovely relaxing day doing very little :)

God to see you Karmentxu! I'm so glad to hear you've been reading and enjoying the post. Yes, Monday morning we'll wake up to pictures of Jake looking like the movie star he is - can't wait. Thanks for that link - that's the clip from the other day but with an embeddable link! I'll add that :)

I love the hair, BBMISwear :-) Oh, I so so hope so!! Something that films fast! I rarely see TV spots here - this morning though there were a few for Doug's Fair Game which is at last on the way here.

Hi Monica!

Hi there Paul! It's hard for me to express an opinion on this one as I've only watched the first one but I do associate Matt Damon with them absolutely - one would have thought this would have to be completely different!

ooh! Really? That's fantastic. I'd love it if we can meet up. Do you know London? I'll email you - I'd love to see you :)

That's a lovely image, Mermon :D I think we're going to have to wait and see with Source Code :)

Get Real! Wonderful to see you, my friend! I think that is true about James and Anne, however lovable James is. Enjoy the Oscars! I miss being over in the US for it. OMG when I think what I did the last time, cashing the Night Before party - I must have been crazy! I'll never forget though - what an adventure :) So good to see you, Get Real! xx

Just Fan said...

Jake looks good in the new candids. Like Monica, I don't like the Bourne movie news. I didn't like the movies with Damon in it.
James Franco is irritating to me. He and Anne, however, will probably work well together at the Oscars. From the younger generation of actors I like Gosling and Jake (of course). ;)

Monica said...

PaulH, I love the Borne trilogy. I'm talking about this project, thinking on recent movies with Matt Damon.

Anonymous said...

Talking about James Franco and Anne Hathaway. Here is a cute video interview with them:


mermon said...

Good Morning!
Thank you for that video - Anonymous.
It was nice. Seems like Anne has a chemistry with next partner. It stupid, but it felt to me like a kind of betrayal of Jake! Like she could hug only him that way:( James is really very sympathetic guy.
Have a good day everyone.
In Poland is beautiful sunny weather and 0 degrees in Celsius.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Hi there JF :) He does look great. James Franco has rather grown on me over the last few years - in a manner of speaking...

Hi Monica :)

Thanks for the link 2:28!

Morning Mermon! That sounds sunny and crispy - the weather in LA on the other hand sounds rather peculiar!

Have a good Sunday everyone!

karmentxu said...

What lucky!, a new photo

JF said...

mermon - I think Anne has the best chemistry with her boyfriend of 3 years, Adam Shulman. ;)
She had great chemistry with Jake and I used to think they'd make a nice RL couple too, but I don't think so anymore.
Anne and James Franco have great chemistry too and there is obviously admiration on Anne's part, no wonder James has been the it boy for almost 3 years now. Success is a big draw and add to that his good looks.

But we should not forget that for Anne who has a boyfriend, promoting with Jake and promoting with James is just work. ;)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much for the link, Karmentxu - a great picture! Added it to the post!

Hi there JF! We know Anne has a boyfriend and Jake has his own life and they're just actors but it is nice to dream :) The beauty of movies.