Thursday, 3 February 2011

New images from Source Code - 'the biggest train set you can play with'

There are new images today from Source Code thanks to Empire who have published a six-page spread on the film, including new interviews with director Duncan Jones and writer Ben Ripley.

We learn that Duncan and Jake Gyllenhaal worked together on Ripley's script, creating in Colter 'a lost soul'. Duncan tells us that over the course of the film Colter 'finds out more about who he is and how he fits into the reality he's found himself in. I suppose if there is any kind of a tie between Moon and Sourc Code, that's probably it. I think there's something very personal to me about that. Because, like I said in the BAFTA speech, it took me such a long time to do that. I think I find those kinds of stories appealing - at least at this point in my life.'

Ripley's initial script - he was inspired by the line 'You're writing a film about a soldier returning home' - was on the heavy side and Duncan and Jake worked on lightening it. Duncan: 'It's got that quirkiness, that sort of serious thriller aspect but still all these little humorous moments, so hopefully the balance is right.' Ripley found the results 'a delightful surprise' and noted on set how Duncan 'was extremely focussed on the actors'.

Duncan speaks of his cast: 'They're all incredibly talented actors and all come with their ideas... I can't speak for other directors, but for myself, if you hire good actors: let them do it. If you're hiring incredibly talented people to do their job, let them do it the way they think it needs to be done. I really believe that a director's job is to get the best out of the people around him, not to impose his views on everyone.'

I loved reading how Duncan Jones was inspired to make movies by visiting the set of Labyrinth, which starred his father David Bowie. 'I remember being on the set of that. It was massive. So much fun. I got to run around the goblin village that they built. It was vast - so cool! I remember, as a kid being able to sort of look at that and see how on a film you can actually create what's in your imagination. I think that had a huge impact. Being a kid in your own imagination is terrific.'

'That should be the tagline for Source Code: it's the biggest train set you can play with!'

Empire confirms the joint UK/US release date of 1 April and says it will have a review in the next issue.

And finally...

I am thrilled to announce that I will be holding the fort over at ManMadeMovies for a few days. Many thanks to them. Post number 1 went up this evening!

Images from Empire and scans by WDW.


Monica said...

wow Thanks, WDW. Thanks for the photos and information. Good to hear that Jake also worked on the script.

Source Code has a release date in Brazil: April 1.

mermon said...

WDW - thank you for the SC news. Good to see new pictures.
I'm still with one leg in "Love and other drugs" and now my
second one looks for "Source Code" :).
I still have in my mind great LAOD promotion and soon we will have another one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, WDW! It looks like a great magazine spread and I love all the photos and snippets. So Colter is a "bit of a lost soul." That makes a lot of sense, as it would take a certain type of person to volunteer as an experimental time traveling guinea pig. I also love hearing it compared to a movie like The Matrix. There's some great buzz starting to build for Source Code, and I have very high hopes for it.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, WDW, so now we learn that Jake helped Duncan with the script. I have to wonder if Jake will eventually write his own script (I believe he did mention wanting to do that and try his hand at directing. This certainly is a step in that direction)

I heard that Jake might have left LAX (although WHY would you want to leave sunny, WARM (and not a snowflake in sight) Calif I have no idea. If I was there right now you couldn't DRAG me away


BBMISwear said...

More great SC stuff - thank you for sharing all this WDW! I can't wait to get my hands on this issue of Empire - love the pictures. Jake doesn't look very happy in one of the photos and I'm sure it's because he had to work with someone who was wearing a Yankees hat - pfft! You tell 'em Jake - we know where your baseball lie! :-)

Hope you are feeling a little better WDW!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I love that SC is being compared to "The Matrix". I sure hope it does well on the box office. Jake sure could use a box office hit! And this could very well be one.

Claire said...

Empire dropped through the letterbox today and I have been happily reading the article before turning the computer on *bliss*

Can't wait now until April!! I seem to spend all my time waiting for Jake's movies to come out...

XX Claire

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! I've been absent writing my debut post for ManMadeMovies - thrilled to be holding the fort over there for a few days :D It's a huge honour!

Thanks Monica! That's great about the date :D

My pleasure, Mermon :)

It most certainly would, Susan :) The buzz is brilliant, it really is.

Hi Sweetpea :) Maybe Jake wants to catch the end of Maggie and Peter's play? That could be a possibility. Although I think I'd stay put myself...

You'll be getting a copy soon, that's for sure BBMISwear :-) *makes a mental note not to tell BBMISwear that I have a Yankees cap*

I think it'll be a big critical hit, Mrs JG :)

It's a great read, Claire!

I'll put the scans up in full on the forum :)

Just Fan said...

I loved the VF pics. Jake, James Franco and Anne looked especially good.

As I've said, I've gotten wary after PoP and LAOD received good early reviews. We know how that turned out. This time I won't say anything, just that, no matter what, I'll definitely watch Source Code. :D

Thanks for the great update WDW. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi JF! I have to say though that what we got with PoP and LAOD were two terrific movies so I'm not complaining. But also LAOD has done a storm in the international box office and everyone involved should be so proud :) SC is gonna be special!

paulh said...

I will have to go over to Man made Movies and see what you've come up with, WDW. I don't think I've been there before.

Today I saw "Dilemma." There weren't any obvious links to Jake, nor did I feel like digging around for any.

Frankly, I feel that early February is the dumping ground for new movies that aren't much good. If I hadn't seen "Dilemma," I would have had to settle for Anthony Hopkins as an exorcist, or some movie full of unknowns about a hit man. Puhlease! Or see "Yogi bear." [Just kidding!]

Kendra said...

congrats for your entry in ManMadeMovies, and thanks for posting these new pics of Source Code!

mermon said...

WDW - good article on ManMadeMovies. Congratulations.
Jake attended "Three sisters" last night. Nice pictures on IHJ.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Back at work today, feeling better and happy it's Friday :)

And thanks to everyone for reading the MMM article!

Hi Paul! I'm struggling with films at the moment too - I have no desire to see The Dilemma or The Fighter or The Mechanic (or anything else beginning with 'The'). I'll see Sanctum this weekend and hopefully another film but that'll probably be Tangled again. After a great January, this is a bad week!

Thank you Kendra!

Morning Mermon! I'll do a post on those later.

Have a good day everyone :D

TD said...

Why didn't they use that 'Stranger on a Train' pic for the poster? Complete with that title for the tagline. Or Even Duncan's tagline! Anything would have been better...
Fantastic news and pics, and a great blog post on MMM. Thanks WDW

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi TD! I totally agree - almost anything could have been done better. Let's hope that the something special for the UK that Duncan promised is indeed something special :)