Friday, 18 February 2011

Source Code - the first clip plus behind the trailer, Adele misses out on LAOD and 1990s Jake Gyllenhaal

Today, thanks to IGN UK, we have the first clip from Source Code, in which Colter Stevens - aka Jake Gyllenhaal - has eight minutes to save Chicago from a dirty bomb.

There is also a video in which Duncan Jones talks over the Source Code trailer, revealing details about the making of the film. Including how,how he and Jake had compared the structure of the film to a video game in which a player has multiple lives. The main action sequence of the trailer is also a homage to GTA.

Here a couple of close ups of a very frosty Jake.

Adele wanted Love and Other Drugs

In a new interview with Spinner UK, the hugely talented singer Adele admits that the film she most wanted to write for got away from her: 'I really wanted to have the soundtrack for 'Love and Other Drugs,' that Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway film, and I was in for a good shot but I submitted the wrong song. But that's my kind of movie, I love that kind of thing, so I would have loved that.'

Back to the 1990s

Talking of the Love and Other Drugs 90s, a Swedish site has a 'Look at them then' type of feature this week, which presents a panel of famous faces when they were less famous and a little more pimply. Take a look - one at least shouldn't be too hard to identify. Many thanks to my good friend, Anna.

This picture is taken from a 1998 yearbook, demonstrating that Jake's thing for hats has quite a history (not to mention a hit and miss kind of quality).

And finally...

Several eagle-eyed readers have identified the place from the latest photos of Jake as being Crave Films on Sunset Boulevard, the home of director and writer David Ayer. Just to speculate wildly for a moment, Ayer is currently putting together two films - the scifi action film Last Man (to be released in 2012) and, more imminently, a remake of Commando. Sam Worthington is currently attached to Commando but there is noone linked to Last Man as yet. So... is Jake going Commando? Or, as in Last Man, be a soldier trying to save a distant planet from alien attack. Or... none of the above. Of course, the benefit of Jake revealing what is next in store will be the end of my wild speculations...


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks so much for such an informative and entertaining post! Source Code is going to be freaking awesome and I love these little glimpses into it from Duncan Jones.

Jake going Commando? I could go for that! Or Last Man (never enough sci-fi!). Or even an action/adventure/alien/sci-fi/rom-com/time travel/drama - just give us more Jake!


La Brulee said...

Counting the days to see this movie!

Everything sounds so perfect to me, I love Duncan Jones (if you have a twitter account don't miss his twits they are really cool!) I love MIchelle Monaghan -I think I first saw her in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which is a brilliant and hilarious movie with the one and only Robert Downey Jr and a wonderful Val Kilmer on it- and well there's also this other guy Jake... not sure if you are familiar with him :)

I love the yearbook picture! So cute and fun!

WDW and Susan...Jake going Commando?....Mmmm what a vision! Yes, please! :D

PS: I always get the weirdest word verifications to be able to post! inersexx?? How intuitive! :P

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Glad you liked it, Susan! Me too - we are very lucky with some of Jake's filmmakers. I'm gonna say that I actually quite like the sound of Last Man... :D I love scifi. And I know it's pure speculation but Jake being seen going to a studio has that affect on me :D

Duncan is a great tweeter, La Brulee! He's tweeted at me and some of the readers here and it's a huge thrill every time he does it. I love that pic too :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the videos and info, WDW


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Sweetpea - glad you like them :)

Alejandra said...

Funny Thought Part One. I think Jake would be a great and thoughtful Twitterer himself. That old quote is actually less than 140 characters long. :-) Maybe one day. He’d have millions of followers.

Funny Thought Part Two. That photo of young Jake reminds me of the words “When I grow up, I think I want to be a clown”. From “To kill a mocking bird”. Don’t know if I got the quote right, actually, but that’s how my favourite person in this world remembers it. Very apt, I say. ;-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Love that, Alejandra- I get a similar feeling looking at that picture too :)

mermon said...

Good morning everybody!
I have a question regarding trailer. When Jake looks in the mirror, he sees the other man, the body he was sent into, to find the bomber. The body of a person who really was on that train and died like all the others.
We see Jake/Colter. And what do you think? What the other people see? Jake or the other guy?
It's quite confusing.
Have a good weekend!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! So glad it's the weekend - I have entered the blu-ray world thanks to a new PS3 and I'll be testing it with PoP and Inception later. Looks incredible.

Hi Mermon! I believe that everyone else sees the man Jake is replacing, not Colter himself. That's why he sees a different face in the mirror.

Have a lovely day everyone!

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW...
The SC clip really interesting, and why was that Colter was frosting??? Can't wait till it comes out...
Love that yearbook pic, so adorable and funny.
Hope that is really a sign for a next project!!!
Ah, I was wondering, WDW, abot LAOD dvd, will the DVD get all the special feature too, or it's only for the blu-ray? I have just preorder the DVD from
Thanks for the post WDW!!!

mermon said...

WDW, thanks for sharing your thoughs. But then, it means, that character played by Michelle sees the other guy, not our Jake/Colter. So if she falls for him, it's not for real Colter, but the other guy. It would be confusing for him and for the audience. Hm.

It looks like you are having good movie night. I'm so glad that you are among those who likes POP. Do you know how many times have you watched it already?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! Indeed - and that's all part of this film's twists. So we and the characters look at something different :)

Yes, I love PoP! Seen it more times than I can count :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Serene! Your comment got spanned again - I don't know why. I think that the features are the same on all the versions of the discs. My blu ray has now shipped! Very exciting!

Eureka said...

Blue Ray is sooo nice WDW!
I have POP & Jarhead in this format and it's amazing. POP as you will see is spectacular. Even movies in DVD are a bit enhanced when played in a BR player.
Good Night

La Brulee said...

Hi peeps!

Mermon said: "that character played by Michelle sees the other guy, not our Jake/Colter"

For once in my life it is way better being a viewer than Michelle Monaghan's character! :P She interacts with the unattractive one while we see the gorgeous Colter!

WDW about Duncan tweets, I specially loved this one:
"Dear Father Time ... can you make it so I can fast-forward to SxSW, then the April 1st release of Source Code, and save the next three weeks for when I'm old & wrinkly. Cheers, Duncan" hahahah poor thing, I totally relate.This wait must be so stressing. It's very contradictory when you want something to happen so badly but at the same time you want it to be over!

Anonymous said...

WDW, thanks for all the great information. To be honest, after seeing Jake in LAOD, I wouldn't look forward to seeing him in a spacesuit.

The Last Man, the David Ayer project sounds awfully similar to the Doug Lehman project, the 'Untitled Moon Project.'

The BAFTAs have come and gone, and while I always enjoy them, they wren't half as exciting as they would have been with Jake there.

mermon said...

@Anononymous - "BAFTA wren't half as exciting as they would have been with Jake there." - That is so true! When I think of BAFTA - I have Jake on my mind:)
@La Brulee - "...Michelle Monaghan's character... interacts with the unattractive one while we see the gorgeous Colter!"
:)We may be wrong, cause in one interview Jake or Duncan said something about her, that she's also in someone's body. That could means, we see her true face and she sees herself in the mirror differently, like Jake does. But probably they both see each others fake faces. They could see themselves correctly if they both meet in the chamber. Or maybe just the two of them see their true faces, cause they are from different time and place. I hope so. So we have a riddle. I hope it's clear what I wrote:).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureka! I tried the PoP Blu ray first and it was incredible :D

Hi La Brulee - that is a great tweet! I love how open Duncan is :)

I absolutely agree, 16:38 :) The BAFTAs for me always take me back to Jake's win in 2006 and also to 2007 when I saw Jake myself for the very first time and it was incredible :)

It's going to be quite a plot, Mermon! Clearly, not everything is as it seems. Not long now!