Saturday, 12 March 2011

As the panel is about to begin, report no 2 from the SXSW Source Code premiere

In a few short minutes - 11am local time in Austin, Texas (5pm I think over here) - the Source Code panel will take place, stage two in Source Code's triumphant SXSW opening. Before that here's a brief update to this morning's post. I'll start with a repeat of the video of the Q&A in case you've not seen that yet - plus a rather fun little prelude video.

There is a new account of Jake Gyllenhaal on the red carpet last night and here is an extract. I rather like its opening: 'Even on a red carpet in front of the Paramount Theatre amid the screeches of adoring fans, he focuses just on you. His eyes do not wander. He answers question after question with the deft intelligence of a trusted advisor, but the down-to-earth quality of the star next door.'

'“I love the artistic aspect of Austin,” he said about his frequent visits here. “It’s a city but also a town. And unlike elsewhere, everyone at this festival is kind.” He walked the carpet for “Source Code,” the thriller receiving its premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival. And like his director and co-stars, Gyllenhaal spoke persuasively about the project concerning a time-traveling soldier sent to avoid a train explosion. “It depends on how you define science fiction,” said Gyllenhaal, trimly attired in a gray shirt and neat jeans, when asked about his roles in the genre. “There’s always a bit of science fiction going on in my mind when I’m creating a character. We create our own roles when we act in science fiction, so you can make any choice you want.”'

There is a great sitdown interview with Jake at cnet. This is a wonderful interview and I suggest you read every scrap. Jake talks some more about the Source Code game and how it means the audience can interact with the film and its actors. 'What I think is cool is that storytelling doesn't just have to be linear [and the] movies we see are just one form of it. I think it's actual storytelling. You can tell one story, make a movie, and it's not just marketing a movie, it's about telling another story off of that movie, and having different stories. You're used to that with comic books, but to have something online where you're actually participating with your own computer, which is what happens in the movie, you know, it's a computer program that allows someone to enter someone else's body for the last eight minutes of their life, so you kind of get to do the same thing, and it just allows for millions of stories to be made off of one base story.'

'And the movie has a great opportunity to alter your sense of reality, and the game is just another one of those forms of being able to mess with people a little bit.' It's also interesting to hear Jake say that such a game may have been suitable for Donnie Darko.

Flynnofilm has presented his account of last night over at ManMadeMovies along with a great video interview recorded with Duncan Jones. Do check it out. There will be more there later too, from last night and from today.

According to tweets, Jake is 'in the building', the press are gathering for the panel, and the stage is set. So see you later!

Many thanks to IHJ for the pics.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello! And welcome to post no 2... The panel is just about to begin - so exciting. There's a good spread on Source Code in my subscriber's edition of Total Film that arrived today so I'll get that up later too!

LadyEkster said...

Dearie me, WDW!! What a marvellous job you have done - I can only try to imagine how much work you've put into this. Thank you!
I'm gonna take my time to enjoy all these treasures - what did Jake call it, something like 'a slow burn'? ;-)

BBMISwear said...

Yes Yes Yes! Very Hard Work Indeed! It surely shows and we absolutely appreciate every little bit of it!! I'm still catching up but determined not to miss a thing thanks to you WDW!! Thank you x 1 million!

Popping back whenever I can (trying not to ignore the family too much - hee hee)!

Back Later.... :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much Lady Ekster! It's been a labour of love today - wonderful keeping up with Duncan's triumph and I'm thrilled Jake is part of it. I need to take some time too :)

It's a pleasure, BBMISwear :-) And now there's another post! What a great, great day. One I am going to remember for such a long time.