Tuesday, 1 March 2011

[Updated] Nailed to be test screened tomorrow! Gwyneth Paltrow gets a grip on Jake Gyllenhaal and details of Source Code's OST

Updated to add this exciting piece of news about Nailed!

The Film Stage has posted this piece of hopeful news abut Nailed: 'I now have a reliable source with information that there will be a test screening tomorrow in Los Angeles, billed as “a new comedy from David O. Russell, the Oscar-nominated director of The Fighter, Three Kings and Flirting with Disaster.” While this is no confirmation that it will see theatrical distribution, it is certainly a strong hint there is renewed interest in the project. If Russell is interested in completing that final scene, I’m sure he has the clout to make it happen.'

On with the post...

We have some new pictures today from the Oscars including one of Gwyneth Paltrow holding Jake Gyllenhaal's head in some kind of fearsome Vulcan mindmeld grip.

Gwynnie isn't the only one of Jake's leading ladies to have a go...

We have some video of Jake at the Oscars although it rather unfortunately stops at the very moment when Jake draws breath to speak. Nevertheless, until we have further footage, you can at least enjoy looking at Jake while Amy speaks.

Source Code Soundtrack

I am delighted to say that, unlike Love and Other Drugs, the soundtrack of Source Code will be released. It will be out on 29 March and is available to preorder in the US and in the UK. You can read a full list of the tracks by Chris Bacon here as well as find the image below.

The tracks are:

1. Source Code Main Titles
2. You Don’t Know Me
3. Eight Minutes
4. Racial Profiling
5. Coffee Will Have To Wait
6. Source Code Explained
7. Piecing It Together
8. Am I Dead?
9. One Death Is Enough
10. Colter Follows Derek
11. A Real Validation
12. I’m Gonna Save Her
13. No More Rubble Today
14. Regret And Reconciliation
15. Frozen Moment
16. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

Things must get serious, judging by the title of No. 5.

Thanks to Eureka for the heads up! A note to say that I don't know if the image above is the final image for the soundtrack or not. We shall soon see (and hear).

And finally...

There are also some new pictures of Jake with Robert Downey Jr. Many thanks to IHJ for these and all the Oscar pictures!


Just Fan said...

Jake did well presenting at the Oscars. He and Amy looked good together. Enjoyed looking at all the Oscar pics, esp. the ones with Michelle.

James Franco should never host any award show again. LOL. I felt he dragged Anne down who really tried her best. But Anne was overheared at the VF party that she fell in love (probably a joke) with Franco while preparing to host. So, I think she's not mad at him not being the best host ever.

So, they finished Nailed? If true, that's good news. I hope the movie turns out decently.

Anonymous said...

Such a great post, WDW, chock-full of wonderful news! My fingers are still crossed that Nailed will eventually get to see the light of day, if not in a theater then at least on disc.

I'm enjoying the backstage photos of Jake as well. I have to admit, though, I've always thought of Ms. Paltrow as more of a Romulan than a Vulcan. ;)

The sound track for SC reads like an outline of the movie's action - I hope the answer to #8 is "no" and #16 indicates a satisfying, perhaps even happy, ending.

Thanks so much for keeping us informed with all the latest news and entertained with all the latest images and videos!


Rob said...

Regarding track 5 - you have GOTS to be kidding.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi JF - They still have a scene to finish on Nailed - no change there - just renewed hope that it will get finished.

Thanks Susan! I'll take a DVD, I'd be very happy with that. Ooh and I absolutely agree with the Romulan analogy ;D I do get amused by OST titles - the ones for the Social Network were very amusing. It's a pleasure :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hey Rob! Posting at the same time :D I know, can you believe it?! Train blowing up every 8 minutes, the fate of a city in your hands... the least you can do is drink your coffee on time.

winterbird said...

I think the most hopeful bit is that David o. Russell is willing to attach his name to Nailed again :)

Thanks for the news!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That is an excellent point, Winterbird!

mermon said...

Hi everybody!
WDW - thank you for all those news.
Good to know the titles of the tracks. The movie seems closer by that. No 5 attracted my attention as well. "Coffee will have to wait" - hm, I figure, it could be few reasons for that. Track no 16 - is very promising and optimistic.
The news about Nailed are very exciting, of course. I think Jake is happy to. They did their job for nothing, so far. It would be great to have one more Jake's movie. The anxiety of waiting too long until the next movie after SC - would be gone. And the genre of the movie is quite interesting. Another comedy, Jake as a senator, cruelly seducing and using nailed woman - Wow! Something absolutely new in Jake's repertoire.
I like that short Oscars clip. How could anyone so mercilessly cut it in the most important moment! :)
I like also the picture with Jennifer's hands on Jake's face. Though I don't see much of Jake, from what I see - he looks very handsome and cute. Those women just can't take their hands of him! :)

LadyEkster said...

That is indeed very exciting news about Nailed! Fingers, toes, arms & legs crossed! :)

I can't blame Gwyneth; I'd surely touch that perfect bone structure if I would get the chance. *grin*

Love, love, love the pics of Jake and RDJ. I want those two in another movie together even more than I want Jake to star alongside Johnny Depp. :)

La Brulee said...

Hi peeps!
Not much to add to what has already been said about Jake at the Oscars … I also loved to see that image with Michelle -so tender the way he holds her- Here's another lovely pic with Michelle Williams that I found and liked so much as well. Isn't it cute the way they look at each other's eyes?


Talking about the ceremony, I LOVED the fact that one of my all time face musicians, Trent Reznor, won the best original score. I didn't expect him to do so, competing with Zimmer who usually gets home all the awards … but he did it!

I enjoyed SO MUCH the dialogue between Downey Jr and Jude Law … I love the chemistry between these two and without a doubt Downey Jr would make an excellent host for the ceremony!

Thanks WDW for the pictures of Robert and Jake, it is always a pleasure to see these gents together!

Jake looked stunning on his Ferragamo tux …I wish I were the tailor who took the measurements and fixed the initial pattern to fit da man like a glove ….. Meaow!


And here below there's a short clip (0:47 seconds) of Jake, Amy Adams and Luke Matheny posing for the press. You cannot miss it, Jake goofing is always sweet to see. You have to click on the first clip and enjoy.


PS: It is fantastic to come around and read surprising news like Nailed screening test, thanks for keeping us so well informed on Jake's related news!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I've read the script of Nailed and I love it - so funny and very sexy. It would be a good filler while we wait for what's next :) That's a beautiful pic of Jake and Jen - in another of the series, you can see that Jake has tears in his eyes and Jen is shielding them from the cameras - a beautiful moment.

Hey Lady Ekster! Me too - Jake and RDJ are a wonderful combo :D

Thanks for the links, La Brulee - they're great! I do agree about RDJ. He'd be a wonderful host.

I hope everyone's had a good evening - I've been out watching Drive Angry 3D. I really enjoyed it!

mermon said...

WDW - "you can see that Jake has tears in his eyes and Jen is shielding them from the cameras" - do you have any idea why had he tears in his eyes?
I can imagine how touching the situation was.
I'm happy to hear about sexy and so funny Nailed script, so the movie too. I suppose. Seems a perfect movie with Jake. Now I'm anxious even more to see it. Is it possible to post a link to that script, Kate?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I think he had tears in his eyes, Mermon, from the sheer occasion of it all. Really touching. And so perfect that such a good friend was there for him in that moment :) There's no link to the script as it's not a file that's available but if anyone emails me I'll send it to them.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I've been to see Drive Angry 3d and put a review on MB