Friday, 11 March 2011

Updated! SXSW livestreaming! In advance of the premiere tonight, more Source Code goodies - and Jake Gyllenhaal on a bike for Men's Journal

UPDATE! I interrupt to bring you livestreaming from SXSW here.

Watch live streaming video from ifcsxsw at

Jake is also about - here he is being interviewed by Moviefone. And here's another one.

As we speak, probably, the SXSW red carpet in Austin, Texas, is getting its last bit of spit and polish before Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones walk the walk and Source Code premieres in just a few hours. I'd tell you exactly how many hours if I knew which timezone Austin's in. But proving true the ancient adage ('No film ever had more posters than Source Code'), today there are more posters for Source Code, also giving us the opportunity to see Jake's name spelt out in a range of languages. I might be wrong but so far I've not seen a poster in Welsh.

Posters from Impawards (via ManMadeMovies) and Horror Asylum.

Duncan Jones has been blogging about his first day in Texas, spent in Dallas, and it is a must read. It could also make you hungry.

We have other goodies. There is a new featurette 'What is the Source Code?', which you can watch below, but it could be spoilery and so I haven't seen it with the sound on. It does look good, however. There are some new stills as well, thanks to IHJ, and you can find those below in the next section of the post. Alsoo, if you have your 3D specs handy, this is rather fun. Thanks to Eureka for the heads up!

Men's Journal - cyclists are like fish

As we know, Jake's featured in April's edition of Men's Journal and thanks to its website we get quite a taster. It was an interview conducted on the go - you've got to be fit to interview Jake these days - fit and speedy. It also contains the requisite amount of GyllenSpeak. Here are some excerpts, head over there to Men's Journal for the full extract. Incidentally, you have to wonder about a place that calls its hills Garbage Hill or Trash Truck Hill:

'Jake Gyllenhaal proves to be a man of his word, unfortunately. Yesterday he promised me a “really fucking hard climb,” and that’s what he’s engineering now, up and down Garbage Hill in Griffith Park, 
then over to the Hollywood Hills for a second round 
of ascents to Mulholland Drive. It starts out easy enough. As we zip over the flats along the 5 Freeway, portions of the ride spool by in bike-geek chitchat. I ask about his velodrome-style Look frame. “I’m not really a gearhead. With biking, the spirit of it is — whatever you can find. To be honest, I know nothing about my bikes. I know how to change a tire; I know how to fix my bike if need be. I just know none of the names.”'

'“I’ve had to teach myself to slow down a bit,” he confesses. “Because I get so into it, it becomes a real addiction. But it’s like a New Year’s resolution.” “To exercise less?” “To sit down and read a book. Life’s not a bike ride. I wouldn’t say exercise less, but sit with myself.” Good thing there’s the action-star loophole — Jake believes he can “sit with himself” while he’s running. “It’s not: ‘I’m having a shitty day and I’m going to go for a run,’ but ‘I’m having a shitty day and I’m going for a run and I’m going to try to work out what’s going on.’ Not just get my serotonin levels up and feel good. I’m going to think about things. And the only way you can do that is to slow the pace down.”'

'“I like to think of my toes as always moving forward,” he says. “Don’t push down. Try to even out the forces between pushing and pulling. Find a cadence and stay in it.” This works almost instantly; I close in on him and feel the way up the road getting easier. “Stay relaxed. You ever see the riders in the Tour de France getting up in the saddle? They’re not rocking from side to side. Their spines are loose, and they look like fish.” He stands on his pedals and turns to me. “When I start getting tense, I breathe out.” One arm at a time, he lets go of his handlebars and flicks his hands. “I carry a lot of tension in my hands, so I do this a lot.”'

Right, I'm ready for the premiere now...

Updated to add that I've done a feature on Source Code for Bleeding Cool tonight.

And last but not least...

I've always taken delight in the international community that reads WDW. My heart goes out today to that section of it in Japan.


gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Everything looks wonderful for SOURCE CODE (including Jake!). But on to the poor souls in Japan: Joel David Moore posted this on twitter and I thought I would share it. I hope you don't mind.

Joel David Moore:
Guys, give up Starbucks for 2 days and Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 for Earthquake relief. This is where twitter can help.

Anonymous said...

WDW, Austin (and all of Texas except for a small bit in the extreme west) is in the Central Time Zone.


Linda said...

wow totally loved the posters,
can't wait to finally see the movie :)
hope you're doing great!xx

Eureka said...

Nice posts. I like this one today in particular.
With the posters and the interview excerpt. How can he have a shitty day? It's nice he tells this cause we idolize him so much we lose sight that he is human....

What a surprise for Rob to find that great shop window.

What's with the posters... have they a company to do them or do they admit artists to propose posters... do you know?

SC news are piling up, aren't they? take a breath.... ;o)

My sympathies with Japanese people. It's horrible. What's with 11-M? In Madrid today we commemorated the 7th anniversary of the terrorist attack were they bombed several trains and killed and injured many. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I've read the entire post. I can't believe how anxious I am to see Source Code! Thanks, WDW, for helping to build up the excitement!

But at the same time there are some sobering reminders today that the real world suffers real calamities while the movies are just make-believe. My heart goes out to the people in Japan for the terrible events there today, and to Madrid where they are sadly commemorating an act of terrorism.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks for the link, Gyllenhaalisgr8 :)

Ooh thanks, Susan! I do get into difficulty with parts of the US away from the coast.

Good to see you, Linda! I am, hope you are too :)

Thanks, Eureka! The posters are all incredible - I've been having some fun with those. Yep, what a day.

Anonymous said...

First let me say my heart goes out to all those poor people in Japan.

And thanks WDW for the posters from SC and the video


Monica said...

Great post, wet dark.

Very sad and very scary what is happening in Japan I could not believe what I was seeing.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

My pleasure Sweetpea :)

Hi Monica - it is unbelievable.

mermon said...

Hi! Thank you for that post - WDW. I like that interview on bikes. Jake sets the rules, very good. I'd like to read full interview.
I started to avoid some informations about SC, so I don't look or read everything. Polish SC premiere is May 6, I may wait. SC is that kind of movie that less we know it's better.

Duncan's blog is interesting, Rodene seems to be nice and she's pretty. I hope we may find many good things about Jake ans SC in Austin.

I'm so sorry for people in Japan. All those news were terrible! It was difficult to watch it even.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I'm avoiding spoilers at all costs too! I'm not watching some of the things I link to. This is definitely the kind of film that you should go in to unprepared.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for the clip, Kate.
I listened to it as well, and it's not spoilery in terms of the movie IMO.
It talkes more about the use of this kind of technologie in real life.
But I have already read so much that I don't know if it would be a spoiler to someone unprepared.

As already mentioned by everybody else - my prayers are with Japan! Just heard half an hour ago there was a major afterquake. Poor people.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mrs JG, I'm doing a good job of avoiding all of it. I'm not usually bothered too much but SC is the kind of film that I love so much anyway, regardless of whether Jake's in it or not, that I want to see it completely unprepared. I have no idea what to expect, just that I'll love it :)

paulh said...

I went to see "Cedar Rapids" last night. When the previews began rolling, I said, "why couldn't we have one for 'Source Code?'" Sure enough, the next preview was for "Source Code." It made a lot of sense, too. I think I understand what I'm going to be getting into when I go to see it. :-)

(As for "Cedar Rapids," it's probably not a movie that will be shown outside the U.S. All you need to know is that the main Jake link is John C Reilly, who plays an obnoxious insurance salesman at a convention in cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul! At least the trailer sounds good :D

I've done a feature on Source Code for Bleeding Cool tonight :D

Shelly said...

Good God who did they hire to make these posters? With the exception of the SXSW poster, which is really cool, the rest are no better than your basic beginner photoshop.