Monday, 28 March 2011

[Updated] Unscripted! Interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal on Source Code LA premiere day! Plus bowling and Brothers

Update: The Moviefone Unscripted with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan is now available to watch. With thanks to a friend for the heads up!

There are two shorter videos with it. Here is one while the other one (which won't embed) can be found at the link above.

In the words of Duncan Jones who tweeted this today: 'What do I have to do today.. trim beard, cut hair, mow lawn, wash clothes... was something else.. oh yeah. SOURCE CODE PREMIER TONIGHT!' I'm sure you'll agree that mowing the lawn and washing clothes would alone make today a special day, but throw in the premiere of Source Code and I reckon that makes it even better. Adding custard to the crumble is Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on Conan O'Brien tonight.

And just in case Jake still has his eye on that iPad 2, on Friday, he and Duncan will be making an appearance in New York City's Apple store. Details, and product advertising, here.

Proving that it is possible to bowl without the help of a Wii, on 26 March Jake visited the Spare Room in LA with a group of friends, including Maroon 5's Adam Levine, to bowl and, according to US Weekly, drink Red Stripe beer. [Note to real ale drinking Brits, this is a lager from Jamaica.] Apparently, in addition to trying to persuade models to have a go, 'As the game progressed, the guys started high-fiving each other; at one point Jake did what looked like a little dance after bowling a spare.' Far be it from me to mention that this sounds as if the spares might have been few and far between. Possibly, this is because it's hard to bowl and have your hood up.

We have more interviews today with Jake, Duncan and, I'm delighted to say, Vera Farmiga. These include interviews from Coming Soon and Collider. You'll find these embedded below within extracts from another interview with Jake, courtesy of The Spec. The article is a little spoilery but these snippets below are not. It's interesting to hear Jake talk a little more about how fond he is of his role in Brothers, Tommy. But first a little on keeping Source Code fresh throughout.

'“We knew beforehand that the only way this was going to be engaging and intriguing and fun to watch was through variation,” Gyllenhaal said. “How Duncan staged a scene, how I responded, how I gathered information, how much I was aware of what was going, and how much I wasn’t aware. So it felt like a real tightrope walk for me. And as soon as I stopped thinking about all those cliched responses you might expect from an actor in a thriller, as soon as it became a real psychological exploration, it became fascinating to me.”'

'“I have a relatively strange mind,” Gyllenhaal says. “Some strange things are going to come from it.” While there has been the occasional payday, like “Prince of Persia” (“Even there I tried to throw in a little bit of something,” he countered), he’s also done “The Good Girl,” “Lovely & Amazing,” the grossly underappreciated “Zodiac” and, more recently, “Brothers,” the Jim Sheridan’s adaptation of the Susanne Bier’s Danish film. “I loved that story and I loved that character,” he said. “In fact, I loved that character maybe more than any I’ve played; I’d like to bring him back in some kind of incarnation again ‘cause I just loved what he was struggling with. But yeah,” he added. “I think things work the best when I listen to my own instincts.”'

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Anonymous said...


Bowling? With the hood up? Looked like Donnie Darko was ready to set the place on fire...

All the great interviews and snippets and photos and clips for Source Code are just making me more anxious every day to finally see it! It's really tough, but I'm avoiding reading any more interviews or watching any more videos until after I've had a chance to savor the theatrical experience. Thanks for being so diligent in keeping track of them all so I can enjoy the posts again later.


Alejandra said...

In spite of your distractingly good looks, yes, I believe it's your "relatively strange mind" what I love the most about you, Jake.

And Tommy Cahill?? I LOVE him. Whenever I'm watching Brothers again I can't help wondering "Who put a... regular guy... in the middle of a Hollywood movie? Where did they find him?". Cause it seems to me that not many people know how to be splendidly "regular" anymore. I probably value an actor more for playing "one of us" than for portraying a historical figure. There, I said it. ;-)

That snippet alone made this post wonderful, WDW. Will check the rest of it more closely now. :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! He really reminded me of Donnie Darko too! Not long to go now :) I'm avoiding spoilers and I've seen it - must be crazy...

I do agree, Alejandra :) I love that about the mind. And it's so interesting to hear Jake talk about Tommy like that.

I just updated the post with the Moviefone Unscripted interview! Thanks very much to a friend for letting me know it was up.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Girls, I just read that Jake will be in GERMANY next week to premier Source Code in Berlin (with Duncan).
And it looks like tickets will be sold online in the next couple of days.
Anybody willing to babysit 2 well behaved, potty trained toddler for a day or two, so I can go?

Oh - and by the way, WDW: nice post as always! Good luck to Duncan, Jake and the others for premiere weekend!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Ooh, very exciting, Mrs JG! Do you have a link?

Ayda said...

OMG, I'm still in a complete state of shock since Jake Gyllenhaal himself just said my name. HE. SAID. MY. NAME. Haha, never would've thought my question would make it to the final interview, but I am SO glad about it! This just totally made my day. <3

Aaaaand, Mrs. G, I need a link so I can get my tickets and buy my train ticket to Berlin. :D

mermon said...

WDW - thx for all that videos and interview and for Moviefone, we have at last.
This movie seems so special, I just can't wait.
@MrsJakobGyllenhaal - OMG! - you have such a chance to see Jake. Is it far from you to Berlin? I would babysit for you, you may send your kids over to me :)
@Ayda! Congratulation to be picked with your question on Moviefone. I can imagine how it is for you to hear your name from Jake's mouth:)
@Alejandra - I like what you wrote in your post. I agree. Sometimes is easier to portray a hero than a regular guy.

m said...

WDW, Ayda, here is the link:

Right now tickets are not available online (they only sell for shows till monday now) yet. I will make a few calls to see if I can buy some over the phone as I am afraid they'll sell out to people in Berlin before they'll become available online.

Berlin is kind of far away - 670 km (a 6 hour drive). But I don't see how I will get any closer any time soon. There won't be any new movies until at least next year and I won't be in the states any time soon.

Plus my hubby's really excited about SC too, so I might be able to persuade him! Might be my gift for birthday, X-mas and anniversary all in one though!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@ "m": Sorry, being overly excited I hit the send button before my full name showed :-)

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

@ Ayda: I just spoke to the manager of the Film Lounge and they have not yet started to sell tickets. They don't sell any over the phone, but online purchase shall start this afternoon.

I also spoke with my boss and I would be able to take Thursday and Friday off.
I have a voucher from Lufthansa for a free stay at a really nice hotel.
So all I need to do now is to convince my hubby!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Wow, Ayda! WOW!!! I'm thrilled for you and I'm dead proud that a WDW reader was on that - fabulous! I imagine you'll be dancing for quite a while :) And thanks for commenting!

Morning Mermon!

Ooh that's fab Mrs JG - this is really exciting. Can you do me a favour and email me - and.... if you happen to buy a ticket on the phone, I don't suppose you'd get me one too?!

Good days - right, time to check out on what happened last night :)

Ayda said...

@mermon: Thank you! I still feel like a little giggly girl. xD

MrsG: Thank you so much for the information! Most of the tickets are already sold, aren't they? I'm thinking about going... But it would be SO expensive and I'd be alone, I don't know if I wanna go there all by myself, might be a little... weird. :D Plus, it's quite something from Cologne to Berlin... May I ask where you're from?
BUT I WANNA GO SOOOOO BAD!! Haha, I'm kinda freaking out right now. :D

@WDW: Thank you! I am actually still dancing and probably will for the rest of this day and the day after and the day after... you get what I mean. ;) Thank you for this amazing Blog, I only have two websites bookmarked, your blog is one of them - feel honored. :D

Ayda said...

Okay, I just bought my ticket. Still don't know if I'm actually going, though, because it would cost me at least another 100€ for the train tickets - hostel etc. not included! AND there's still the fact that I'd be alone - WDW, you're coming, too? Pleeeeeaaaaase! :D

And so sweet of you to congratulate me in you latest entry, thank you. :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Ayda! It's always so good when a reader gets to ask Jake a question. And thank you for booking me :D

Good for you buying a ticket. If it's any consolation I'm coming over from England! Yep, Got my ticket :D

Ayda said...

Haha, that actually is a consolation! Good for you!! How long will you stay in Berlin then?
Oh, you gotta tell me where your seat is so I can wave like a maniac when I see you. :D

Slateism said...

I have just on my laptop and was surfing for something interesting for this morning and got this post. It took considerable amount of time of mine to read it but it was worthy. It made my day.foryels

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Wow, Berlin could turn into a WDW meeting.

Ayda - I'm 670 km away, way down in southern Germany. I have no idea yet how to get there, but I need to work it out!

Ayda said...

MrsG: Whoa, that is really a looooong way! I actually study in the south (Freiburg), but my family lives in Cologne and I'm visiting them.
Look, do you maybe wanna e-mail me ( Us German Gyllenhaalics gotta stick together, right? :P