Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in LA 1 March, behind the scenes at the Oscars, a little extra LAOD and SC science

After all that Oscar partying, there's only one thing for it: a full fry up (veggie, of course) with extra toast. Not surprisingly, then, Jake Gyllenhaal was seen at La Cienega Grill Café in LA yesterday lunchtime (1 March). There are more pictures at FYB.

At the Oscars, Jake presented the award for Best Live Action Short to Luke Matheny. for God of Love. The producer of that film, Stephen Dypiangco, has been talking about that magical evening: 'Stephen also recalled how Jake Gyllenhaal teased Luke when he was having his photo taken at the media room after the awards. According to Stephen, Jake told Luke, ‘Look at all these photographers. They are all your new friends!’" Stephen recalled that at one of the parties they went to, Luke saw Jake again. As Luke wanted to talk to Jake again, he followed him. "Since we, his entourage, were all following him, we followed Luke too. It turned out that Jake went to the men’s room. So suddenly, there was a long bee line outside the men’s room!" Stephen recalled, laughing.'

In this brief video below, you can see Jake, Luke and Amy Adams backstage.

Love and Other Drugs deleted scene

Hopefully, many of you now have the LAOD DVD or Blu-Ray. If you haven't, you can see one of the deleted scenes from it below, thanks to the NYP.

And finally...

The science of Source Code has a write up in Wired. It is very slightly spoilery so do consider that before you follow this link (although it does give fair warning).


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, WDW! Now that the Oscars are history, let's hope Jake has his mind on several projects that can get into production quickly.

I got my Blu-ray of LAOD yesterday so last night was a feast of Jake and Anne. They look just as good together on my TV as they did in the theater, but I expected no less. In the deleted scenes I'm very glad they included the incident that put Bruce (Oliver Platt) in the hospital. It puzzles me as to why it wasn't included in the final cut of the movie. I wish there were more special features, too, but the interviews that made it to disc are really nice.

Counting down now to SC....

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan!I thought the film looked very good on TV - I actually think I enjoyed it more, strange that. I think I can understand why they left the Platt scene out - it removed focus I think. But I was glad to see it as an extra. No running scene though... Yep, countdown is on. And it's just a month away! Incredible...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you're right about the scene shifting focus and messing with the pace, but it seemed significant to me in that Jamie saw a lot of himself in the pharmaceutical rep flirting with the doctor - delaying critical care for a patient. Then he probably also recognized what could be his future as a sales rep in Bruce being alone, no family nearby, when he was faced with a life-threatening event. The whole incident gave Jamie a lot to think about. I just liked that scene.

And I was impressed with the argument scene between Jamie and Maggie. Two phenomenal actors with chemistry off the charts! They never put enough special features on a disc, do they?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

I can see that it would have added some context to what was going on in Jamie's mind at the time - those major decisions - but for myself I think it might have felt too intrusive (at a time in the film when things were becoming more focused) and too messagy. But more Oliver Platt would've been great! And you are so right, Susan, never enough extras...

paulh said...

Several points:

--Last night, I dreamed that a publisher had hit upon a clever way to sell a lot of copies of classic fiction: Put Jake on the covers. It was working brilliantly, at least in the dream. Jake didn't necessarily have to be relevant in any way to the texts inside the books. :-)

--Now that the Oscars are over with for this year, I've been thinking about the many actors who were nominated. Christian Bale won an Oscar for a role that might turn out to be better-suited to his talents than any he will ever again be offered. Maybe Colin Firth is in the same boat. Sadly, James Franco rose to the occasion brilliantly in "127 Hours," and might or might not ever get such a
great opportunity again. We can
and should honor what he accomplished, mindful that the poor box office returns for his film were a reaction to the subject matter, not the quality of
the acting and cinematography.
As for Natalie Portman:Maybe she has other great performances in her, or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I have read your site for a few month now and I want to thank you very much for all the work and effort you put in there.
I really like to get so well informed about Jake and his work.
I hope you won't stop :-)

I am looking forward for LAOD on DVD in Germany.
Also I am waiting for SC (comes out in May here).


sass said...

Lost one post..arr...I will get my LAOD tomorrow...YAY! TY for all the photos and information...
Can't wait!!

sass said...

Jake's movie Nailed may be released after all. David O Russell just got some much needed clout. They are screening it in LA today! Fingers xed for Jake and Jessica B

mermon said...

Nice post!
Funny clip of Jake (he feels at ease everywhere, even at Oscars :)), Luke Matheny and Amy Adams, and the article with an interview with Stephen Dypiangco too.
Thank you for that deleted scene, I'm glad to see it, though I didn't like it too much. For me it was overacted and too loud, I'm actually glad Zwick didn't place it in the movie.
I've read spoiler article and I see SC in a bit different light now. But I won't discuss it because of spoilers :).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Paul!

Welcome Christina! Thanks so much for reading and for commenting :) I really appreciate that and I hope you come back!

It's great news, Sass! It was the subject of yesterday's post and I'm hoping to have some details later :)

Hi Mermon! I agree about that scene. Good to see it as an extra but I can see why it was cut. Films are fascinating!

Thanks to Ruby for a wonderful evening x

Monica said...

BBM I Swear, you were right about the Crave Films. I will not post what it is, because I know that wet dark will do it tomorrow.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks Monica - that's very kind of you :) I appreciate that.

New post - full of Source Code goodness!