Wednesday, 16 March 2011

[Updated] Jake Gyllenhaal in Men's Journal, the JG Risotto, working in the pod, and Chris Bacon on scoring Source Code

***My non-spoilery review of Source Code is now up on Bleeding Cool ***

After the excitement of the last few days, it's a pleasure to take a step back and catch up on what has been going on. And that includes Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance as Hollywood's fittest in the April issue of Men's Journal. With huge thanks to BBMISwear, here are the scans from the issue. As we have come to expect and adore, there are Gyllenisms including a remarkable history of that most revolting of organisms: The Artichoke. Click and they shall be embiggened.

Talking of fitness, Jake has been describing his experience of jumping out of a train for Source Code. It sounds like it was just as painful as one would expect jumping out of a train would be. The mystery is that Jake would expect it to be otherwise. 'I had to do a jump off of a train... I was like, 'Don't worry. I got it guys. I'm cool.' And then I injured myself. You see it in the movie when I jump off the train and then my legs go up and then I land on my shoulder. It was kind of an intense impact on my shoulder.'

And to continue the food motif, one might recall Jake's famous question to Mario Batali about why there 'is so much fear in risotto'. I don't know about you, but I'm been terrified of them ever since. But Hollywood and Dine has come up with the Jake Gyllenhaal Risotto, which aims to be everything Jake would want it to be - without the fear.

But back to Source Code... In this very interesting interview with Popular Mechanics, Jake talks a little about what it was like to act in the pod and in the train: 'What I loved about it was the sense of isolation. Duncan was always there with me. So even when I was talking to a green screen in that pod, I would always hear either Vera's voice or a variation of someone reading the lines to me. And sometimes we would do it without anybody reading it—I memorized their lines too, because you do these six-minute-long takes. That was really fun, because I could make any choice that I wanted. And then I also loved how confined and structured the train was. I loved shooting this movie, and Duncan made it so much fun and he made me feel so empowered. And he just wanted it weirder and weirder and weirder, and every time I could make it stranger, he just loved it. And that's my kind of guy.'

One of the elements of Source Code that most definitely stood out when I saw it was Chris Bacon's soundtrack. At Scorenotes you can listen to (and download) Chris talking about the challenges of reflecting the 8-minute cycle through music. Thanks to Eureka for the heads up!The album is available at the end of March and you can listen to little snippets here. There's a review of the soundtrack here, which describes it as 'required listening' and 'the first great score of 2011'.

Many thanks to BBMISwear for the scans.


Anonymous said...

I have to come back and read this later. I saw this posted and thought it might be of interest

(if this was in the articles already posted, sorry)

I figured Jake collected cookbooks


Anonymous said...

okay just read it. Jake is just a regular guy who happens to make his living acting. That is what I get from this reporter (not the first to say this about Jake's demeanor) He doesn't act like he's the 'STAR' or needs special treatment. He goes to Ikea like anyone else.

loved the article. And did that guy use Jake's recipe, it sounds yummy


Anonymous said...

Thanks for further great pics, video and article.
Enjoyed them all :-)

Eureka said...

Hi WDW, catching up with yesterday's videos. Amazing interview. Anne and Jake had wonderful chemistry but Duncan and Jake have a real work chemistry. I'm really surprised how much they inspire each other. I felt a little envy. I wished I could feel that way at work too. Awesome. :o)
Now I have the magazine interview next in the queue. Thanks to BBMISwear and you.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea! That's part of the same interview - I'll elaborate on that in tomorrow's post :) I loved this interview - not the typical star at all. I love the idea of a JG risotto!!

Thanks so much Cristina!

Hi Eureka! I think the chemistry between Jake and Duncan is fascinating and I love it. I love when we get this on Jake's films - with RDJ, Peter, Heath, Anne, Natalie and now Duncan. Always makes the promotion of his movies so fascinating. And thanks again for the links for the soundtrack :)

I've been a bit absent this evening as writing my review for SC. I want to do it justice.

Good days - really good days :)

TD said...

Hi WDW, I love the interview article! fantastic. Thanks so much to you and BBMISwear.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi TD! So glad you liked it :)

BBMISwear said...

"Good days - really good days :)" I can feel your happy vibes all the way across the pond WDW!! Whoowhee!!

And I have to say I am laughing quite hard at Jake being interviewed by Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics?! I've read so many Jake interviews/articles over the years but I never thought I'd be reading one from this publication. Wonders never cease!

Keep the good stuff coming (I know you will)! And you're welcome to all for the Men's Journal scan - it's the least I could do (man, you're working your butt off these days WDW).


lemniscate said...

I am so happy I took time out during my lunch break to read this...
What a wonderful interview. Who did it btw? What an excellent observer and remarkable writer. He captures Jake so well.
Thank you so much BBMISwear and WDW for sharing it here.

Mentions of cycling, Swedish heritage, IKEA, Swedish meatballs, rainbow coloured cups for Ramona, his motorcycle, Angels of America, wires or no wires, fans and non-fans, family, friends, relationships, October Sky, Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Source Code and so much more... A gem of an inverview. Made my shitty day so much better. Thank you!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Glad to say I got more sleep last night... desperate to see SC again, though. This is not a film to see just the once.

Hi BBMISwear :-) I laughed at that too! But good to see that Jake is beloved of such a wide range of publications :D

So glad you liked it, Lemniscate! I had a horrible day too and it cheered me up. I love how Jake has this habit of being interviewed in IKEA! Maybe he should come over and have an interview in one of ours.... The interview is so rich. True delight.

My non-spoilery review of Source Code is now up at Bleeding Cool! Do check it out :D

BBMISwear said...

"But the pressure isn’t for Duncan Jones alone as there is hardly a scene in this film which Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t appear"


Great Rewview WDW!!! Now, more than ever, I can't wait to see Source Code!!!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful review on Bleeding Cool, WDW! So many goodies in this post, it's almost overwhelming - but most welcome and so much fun. How can anyone not have their spirits lifted and end their day on a positive note after reading such a great Jake interview; as lemniscate said, it's a real gem.

I also listened to the interview with Chris Bacon at Scorenotes and I'm excited about the soundtrack he composed for Source Code.

Comparisons to Hitchcock keep cropping up all over the place when I read about Source Code. Wouldn't it be just too fantastic to think that Duncan Jones could be not only that brilliant, but able to deliver films in that vein for new generations of movie viewers!? And the next logical thought from there is that he should have Jake starring in many of his movies...


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for your review, very nice!
I am thinking about reducing my source code exposure after all...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

You're up early, BBMISwear :-) Glad you liked the review. It's a real rarity having Jake in pretty much every single scene. I like that!

Thanks so much, Susan! And I agree with you. Duncan Jones is superb - the way that he discovers an individual's stories inside the sci fi and makes it all so human and relevant and personal. This is very apparent in Source Code, just as it was in Moon.

Thanks Mrs JG! I do recommend steering clear of spoilers for this one - you'll see why when you watch it. The trailer is very clever - it gives nothing away about what happens after the first five minutes!

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW...
Just stopping by first to share this:
this one is Duncan, Michelle, and Jake interview and each one was asked "what's next for them", also there is more from the SXSW Q&A
(If you've already got this, just ignore it, sorry)
will be back later...:D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Serene Hill! Thanks for that - I'll check it out when I'm home.

My review of Battle Los Angeles is on MovieBrit :D

T said...


Sorry for late response but congrats on seeing early screening of source code & your review for BC is fab. I also am trying to stay away from all the spoilers but its proving more difficult than weaning myself of choccy

Thanks for the great updates

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, T! Good luck with avoiding spoilers - I'm doing all I can to keep WDW spoiler free but it isn't easy, I know. So glad you enjoyed the review!

Serene Hill said...

Hi again there...
I love the interview with Jake and Duncan, that's true that they got some kind of chemistry there, and I kinda like Duncan, he is a great and fun director... Hope in the future they would make more movies together.
The articles are great too, it is always nice to have some kind of insight to Jake's way to see things.
I simply love all these publicity for SC, plus, Jake is so hot with this look.
WDW, I would like to know, how do you compare Source Code to Inception?
And, I found another Jake's interviews for E!News at a very windy donut cafe(I don't know what to call it...)
(have you already got it?)
Well, Thanks for the always wonderful posts WDW...

Anonymous said...

personally I don't mind some spoilers. I don't want to know the ending though. That would not be good for me.

mermon said...

WDW - nice SC review, not spoilery at all. I can see you liked the movie a lot, it makes me feel peaceful about liking it myself. Not that I had any doubts :)

Men's Journal's interview is delicious. The journalist had nice contact with Jake, it shows. Jake is so himself there - a wonderful guy with a lot to say.
I would gladly spend some time with Jake at IKEA, it's quite close to my flat. And I like Swedish meatballs and herrings too. And we could wander through the store talking about anything:)
It was a pleasure to read that.
Next time, when I will pedal, I will think about those advices given by Jake.

mermon said...

@WDW - ".... desperate to see SC again, though. This is not a film to see just the once."

That's so great! I like that kind of movies, that I feel, I have to watch again and again, just for the story itself. And together with the urge to seeing Jake many times - it makes me double excited.
I had that feeling watching Donnie Darko. I wanted to understand the story and I had a pleasure to like Donnie and Jake more and more with every time I watched it.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Serene Hill! I love Inception but I don't think there's much in common between Inception and SC other than the fact that reality is constantly shifting. They're totally different. Inception is on some huge scale - Source Code brings it into the life of just a few. Both are such good films (Inception is my joint favourite film of 2010 along with Social Network). I have a feeling SC will be my favourite of 2011.

Hi Anon - unfortunately spoilers for the middle are often accompanied by spoilers for the end...

Mermon, I'm so glad to hear that you liked the review like that, that it made you feel peaceful. You have nothing to fear from this film. You will love it. I think there are similarities with Donnie Darko - it's a film to discuss and debate!