Thursday, 3 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal in talks for Ayer's End of Watch and new Source Code clips and interviews!

We regularly (although recently not regularly enough) have rumoured possible roles for Jake Gyllenhaal but when we hear them from Variety they get a little more attention. Today Variety has revealed that Jake is in early talks with director and writer David Ayer to star in his forthcoming 'gritty' police drama End of Watch. Of course, this just confirms what we already suspected. Jake was seen arriving at an office on 16 February and two eagle-eyed readers identified it as Ayer's Crave Productions.

A couple of things to note about this - End of Watch is in very early stages and Ayer is looking for financing. Ayer also has three other scripts in preparation - Last Man, Commando and Deep Sea Cowboys. Unlike recent news about The Bourne Legacy, though, Jake's is the only name being mentioned here. And finally, Ayer could seldom be accused of making a LAPD drama that wasn't gritty (Street Kings, S.W.A.T., Dark Blue, Training Day, The Fast and the Furious). His other interest is in submarines...

Source Code interviews!

Now some news about a film that is already made and is imminent - Source Code. The premiere at the SXSW Festival in Texas is less than two weeks away now - 11 March. Today we get the first 'proper' video interviews with Jake, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffrey Wright and director Duncan Jones, all thanks to Trailer Addict. But let's kick off with two new clips - the first of which features a smacker.

On with the interviews, starting off with Jake.

Includes a picture from IHJ.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Enjoy the goodies - I'm gonna watch that kiss clip again..... and again....

Gritty LAPD cop drama - hmmmm.

Have a good day!

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Kate - I can't watch these clips, they just won't start playing.
I tried the original site as well.

HELP, somebody, PLEASE! I wanna see Jake kiss!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mrs JG - sorry to hear that - they work fine for me - they're probably just very busy so keep trying and you will see them :)

Eureka said...

What a juicy post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kate! What a delicious way to start the day!

"Gritty LAPD cop drama...." I don't know, if it happens I hope there can be something original about it as it seems that it has been done to death. I would have to say that "gritty" isn't my favorite movie flavor, but it could become an acquired taste. :)

The SC interview clips are wonderful and I plan to enjoy them throughout the day. Thanks so much!


Monica said...

This movie sounds interesting, but the problem is the director and screenwriter. Only one of his films was considered good (Training Day) and this is something troubling.
Interesting to see that Jake is going to that side of the action and drama.

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Wonderful post! I could sit and listen to Jake talk all day. And don't you love how the light reflects off of his huge eyelids?!
Can't wait for SC (bud I did buy my L&OD DVD the first day)!

Anonymous said...

"video cannot be found"

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Glad you like it, Eureka!

It's not my cup of tea either, Susan. In fact, I've not seen a single one of Ayer's movies but I'll have faith and - as is usual - still very early days!

Hi Monica! I have my doubts too but I suppose we must wait and see...

Thanks Gyllenhaalisgr8! Love that interview. Glad you got LAOD :D

Anon, I've checked and all of the videos work perfectly. Try again later.

MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

I now tried from a different PC and - HALLELUJAH - they work!!!

Could Jake be anymore gorgeous?
Thanks for making my day!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good news Mrs JG!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interviews. Loved them very much. Changed a bad day (at the office)into a very good evening :-)
Have a nice evening !

mermon said...

Hi! Great post. So much good staff waiting to be watched.
It looks like POP opened completely new genre of movies for Jake.
Clip "kiss" - is just yummy!
Clip - "What would you do?" - touching.
Interviews - just great, Jake seems a bit tired or sleepy, but gorgeous and very mouthwatering :)
I like his smirks and smiling eyes in those interviews.

I don't know Michelle from any movie, I found her very sympathetic in that interview.

Looks like SC is going to be a really fine movie.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much Christina! I'm with you on this one as I've had a horrible day at the office too. I'm so glad to be home now. I've been watching the clips and interviews again - they have made today :) Glad you came back!

Hi Mermon! Michelle seems lovely, doesn't she? I love the new clips. That 'What would you do?' clip is so powerful. I do agree - a really fine movie :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful clips. I liked Jake kissing Michelle too. I wonder how many takes they did (wink)

I liked listening to Michelle talk about her experience and Duncan talking about his too.

End of Watch sounds very interesting. It will be nice to see if Jake is a part of this movie. I wonder if that means he is not going to be part of the Bourne movies


mermon said...

Second deleted scene from LAOD, the one with Oliver Platt in the hospital - very good one, really, like you said before, WDW. Jake looking and acting good.
Love & Other Drugs DELETED SCENE

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks, Sweetpea :)

Hi Mermon - I have that for tomorrow's post. But that's only a fraction of the deleted scene. There's much more to it than that.

Alejandra said...

Awfully bad internet days. I know I complained many times but now I really mean it. I'll need time to check the vids...*sigh*

Still... Been thinking... Remember back during PoP promotion? All those "Jake wants to do comedy" headlines? That's what's surprising to me about these new projects like Bourne or the Ayer movie. Above all, I hope he gets to do what he wants the most. Must be tough to find the right project at the right moment.

Eventually, we should try writing scripts ourselves. Now that I know what a plot bunny is, I could at least help... :-)

Anonymous said...

Alejandra, please enlighten me: what is a "plot bunny?"

Thinking about what projects Jake is pursuing - maybe since POP didn't perform as well as expected he's still looking for his "franchise?" And wasn't LAOD mostly a romantic "comedy?" It's difficult being patient, wondering what the next project will be, but I hope he gets to do what he enjoys most, too.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Alejandra! I'm glad the connection allowed you back :D It is a bit of a mystery to me too - all this talk of wanting to do comedy and musicals and the two most likely 'next projects' are spy and gritty cop thrillers! Oh well...

Hi Susan! A plot bunny is an idea for a plot that you really don't want to follow - it goes off out of control, I suppose. So an outlandish relationship or death or event.

I think Jake has always had an eye on finding his own franchise - he's said as much on several occasions (especially during the PoP publicity). I'm all for it - as long as it's not a superhero! But yes, I want Jake to do what he wants to do too :)

TD said...

Good Evening!
I've just been to see 'True Grit' which was thoroughly re-inspiring and wonderful and should be a must-see for every [yapping] 14 yr old out there. What made this the Best.Evening.. For. A. Long. While (I'm lucky in life) was that there was a Source Code trailer AND its coming to my local [arthouse] cinema - which means I be able to see it over and over and over - like being in the source code. Heh Heh! Current Mood: Very Happy astheysay.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That sounds like a fantastic evening, TD! I loved True Grit - I thought it was extraordinary. But to cap it off with a SC trailer? Incredible! I really want to see the trailer at the cinema! I go enough but I always seem to miss Jake's trailers. They must show them when I blink.