Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal lands in NYC amid interviews galore: 'You should get to know me. I'm actually a little funny.' A megapost!

Source Code is now a mere three days away from the theatres of the UK and US. And this means that there is so much going on that we have Source Code and Jake Gyllenhaal goodies coming at us from every angle, thick and fast. It feels like Federer is on the other side of the net, whacking the Source Code goodies at us, to the left, to the right, straight in the smacker. So, with deep breaths, it's time to hit some Jake volleys back. Take a seat (and remember no flash photography during play).

1. Jake arrived in NYC yesterday. This no doubt means that we should soon hear sightings (can you hear a sighting?) of Jake in various foodie places. He is doing the shows in NYC and on Friday, Jake and Duncan will be in the Apple store. One imagines there may be a few more screenings.

2. There are more pictures from the afterparty which followed the LA premiere on Monday. It's good to see photos of Jake with his dad again, it's been a while. These pictures are spread through the post.

It also gave Jake the chance to model a new bag. Fetching.

3. There are lots more videos from the past few days, including a better version of the Conan interview. They're all below. Many thanks also to Mermon, for alerting me to the new IMDb interview which you can find here. There is also a new interview with Jake over at Total Film.

There are also interviews with Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.

4.We have paper interviews. There is a lovely interview with 'dreamy' Jake in Crave Online, which mentions at the beginning 'I’m amazed I got that much out of him, since I spent most of our exclusive interview lost in his eyes.' The interview is a little spoilery so you might want to take note of that. At the end, however, Jake mentions Nailed and End of Watch which, he reveals, will begin shooting in July.

'[Nailed's] been shot but there’s a scene missing from it. But David is not currently on that movie, so I follow my director, not anybody else. So right now I’m just waiting to hear from David to see how that’s going to go […] Your guess would be as good as mine. And then I have a movie that a movie that I’m prepping for now, it starts in July, that David Ayer wrote. He wrote Training Day. I play an LAPD officer. It’s a story about a partnership between two cops. It’s an amazing script. Amazing. So that’s next.'

The Scotsman also has an interview with Jake and it has this interesting snippet from Jake about himself: '"Someone said to me to me recently, 'You are really funny - and I didn't know that," Gyllenhaal recalls. "So I asked what they had thought of me and they told me, 'To be honest, I had thought you were kind of a jerk.' I was like, 'Well, you should get to know me. I'm actually a little funny.'"' It always amuses me that Jake's funnyness is treated as something new time upon time.

'"I grew up around movie sets, so you end up feeling comfortable in that context," he says. "But at the same time, I hardly ever sleep the first night before shooting. I always think I'm going to forget all the things I've rehearsed and prepared."'

Jake has also been talking to E! '"Because the train [we filmed on] was moving back and forth and we were on a stage so much, we literally had motion sickness," the hunky actor told us last night at the film's Hollywood premiere. "We thought that the earth was moving because the train had been moving, but it wasn't...I just loved the moment when Michelle and I, after a week of shooting on the train, we were at lunch and I caught her kind of holding on to the table at lunch [for support]." As for the flick itself, he dished, "It's high intensity, that's for sure! There's definitely a lot of running around, a lot of questioning people and occasionally a scuffle here and there."'

'"I have a movie that I'm about to shoot in July with David Ayer who wrote Training Day, he's directing it, about two Los Angeles police department officers and their partnership and their lives outside of work. But it's an unbelievable script." So will he be hitting the streets with real-life officers to train for the film? "Yes!" he answered quickly. "If we're allowed."'

5. Jake and MIchelle Monaghan are in the May edition of Empire magazine. IT's a wonderful interview but too brief. Click and the scans shall be embiggened. There is also a review in the magazine, and it includes such lines as these: 'Gyllenhaal shows immense range: film noir neurosis, cracked comedy, action-man intensity, tragic angst'. And the verdict: 'An exciting, intellectually stimulating science-fiction thriller which also connects emotionally. Everyone involved earns a promotion to the premiereship.'

6. There are new Spanish posters. Many thanks to Carlota for those.

Includes pictures from IHJ and WDW.


TD said...

Good evening WDW, you must be exhausted! That is the most supernova post I've ever seen. I've only had time for a brief flick through so far, so only first impressions:
1) lovely, wonderful to see pics of Jake and his Dad.
2) Its interesting that the being funny seems to be a requirement in order to prevent being a 'jerk'!?
3) Jake looks soooo good!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello TD! Very nice to see you. Yep, I am - so much to post. No doubt I missed things but I'll catch up. I hope you like the Empire interview. It made me laugh in particualr. But this funny and jerk business is ridiculous!

Enjoy the post everyone!

sass said...

Afternoon much to read. Can't wait!

Just Fan said...

WDW, thanks for that great Jake/Michelle interview.

Glad SC is beig well received so far. :)

Thanks for the updates!

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW, Jake looks great. Are they coming over to Europe after NY? IF so do you know where?

Jake looks so good. I wish someone would ask him about doing Bear Gryll's show.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sass! Not long now...

My pleasure, JF :)

Hi Sweetpea - they are. First Madrid on 3 or 4 April and then to Berlin for 7 April (I'm going to that screening). I'm sure there will be other places too. Jake would be so great on Bear Grylls' show! Maybe I should try and ask Bear on Twitter (although I'm sure he'd ignore me).

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! I hope you're all enjoying the interviews and videos. Have a lovely day :)

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