Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - one day to go before Source Code is out!

Last night, Jake Gyllenhaal was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (someone else who appeared in Nailed with Jake). The suns are smiling on us today because here it is:

There are also, with many thanks to IHJ, photos of Jake leaving his NYC hotel and greeting fans outside Comedy Central. Looking great, Jake! Of course with the good, comes the not so good - next up, Regis and Kelly...

If you haven't already, do check out last night's megapost - there is a lot in it, including the new interview in Empire.


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

Thanks for that post, WDW. Those pics of Jake are really cute. He's wearing my favourite pair of shoes again!

Can't wait to get home to my PC with speaker to watch Jon Stewart. Looks like Jake and he had fun.

Carlota said...

Good Morning everyone!
I had some problems last night trying to load the page with such a great amount of videos, info and probably because of the high traffic over WDW so I only had the chance to read the Empire interview which I enjoyed so much!

I found better chemistry between Jake and Michelle in this interview than in the video interviews that I've seen so far which is cool for me cause I like both of them! :D

Gotta lot of homework to do with yesterday's videos though!

But I've seen today's clip with Jon Stewart and even though they talked about nothing in particular I found Jake's answers charming and witty...If only I could fully understand Jon Stewart! I miss part of his jokes so I feel I'm missing "part" of the fun...

I need to improve my english listening urgently! :D

Thanks once more Kate !


mermon said...

First of all - WDW - thank you for those two last posts. It's really a lot to digest.
Yesterday Jon Stewart show was hilarious. Actually he asked quite brave question about Jake's love and Jake managed with that with grace and humour. Very funny interview.
All the others interviews - it's so many! - are nice. I'm just sorry for Jake, that he has to repeat so many times the movie concept/plot. It seems that the whole world knows already what is all about:) He's very patient as well, saying 100 times how good it was to work with Duncan and that he resemble Ang Lee:) This promotion train must be very tiring for actors because of repeating things. But that we know already. Anyway, nice to see Jake so many times, before he disappears again in his private world.
Empire interview - is so many funny stories in it! I think it's the best Jake/Michelle interview. Too bad is only in written version, isn't it?.- Jake humming jaunty tunes during extended kissing scene - for such a moment with Jake - I would love to be an actress:)
Lovely pics of Jake and his dad.
Thank you for all those good things.

mermon said...

I forgot to add that Jake looks gorgeous in his, familiar to us, brown jacket.

mermon said...

That's me again - Source Code on Rotten Tomatoes - is 93% already! :) Yesterday it was 89%.
It's growing!

Anonymous said...

Jake was great on Jon Stewart. I just love the banter between them. I wonder if they'll ever get to play basketball together.

I can't wait to see the movie (it will have to wait until next week)


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Busy old day...

My pleasure, Mrs JG! Jake looks fantastic here - what a look this is on him. I've still not seen the Jon Stewart show so I'll have to watch that tonight.

Hi Carlota! I hope you can see the videos and files today - sometimes YouTube can be so slow... I do agree about Jake and Michelle in Empire. It gives a really good idea of what it was like filming together. Sometimes Jon Stewart's jokes don't always travel well (at least I find that) but he can be very funny.

Hi there Mermon! I always wonder what it must be like answering the same question countless time. It must get tedious. But Jake bears it with good grace. Duncan too. That's great news about RT!

Hi Sweetpea - not long now! I'm looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow :)

Hope everyone's having a good day!

sass said...

Morning WDW. Loved the Jon Stewart Show with Jake last night and on Regis this morning.
Jake was part of a wonderful ceremony this morning on Regis near the end of the show that I won't spoil for ya.
It's raining here in NYC, hopefully the snow will stay North of us. TY again for all the Jake information.
Still watching videos and reading.
RT ratings up to 93%!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks again for all those nice pics, interviews/videos, WDW. Liked them very much.

I only heard about the preview of SC in Berlin (on April 7th) yesterday (I really didn't know about that). Tried to get tickets, but - as expected - was much? too late for this :-( Would have been great to be there.....

I hope to see Jake (on pics/vids) a little longer before he disappears to his private life again.

Have a nice evening !

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Been out all evening at a preview of Sucker Punch - not necessarily a wise thing to do. Fortunately I had Ruby and Rob with me for moral support.

I'll post the videos first thing.

Hi Christina and Sass!

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