Thursday, 31 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal on Good Morning America and Regis and Kelly

I'm not able to do a proper post this evening, thanks to the fact that I've been to a preview of a truly horrible movie. Yes, I've been Sucker Punched. But I didn't want the day to end without posting the videos from today. Here is Jake Gyllenhaal's appearance on Good Morning America.

This was followed by Regis and Kelly.

There are some other new clips here.

Source Code opens in the UK and US tomorrow. The Guardian today gave the film 5 stars. It's an amazing review for an incredible film.

More on the way tomorrow!


MrsJakobGyllenhaal said...

WDW, it really sucks to get punched by a hand full of young ladies when you'd rather spend your time with Jake!

Hope your day will be better than your evening!

mermon said...

It's very late for me, so shortly - Good Morning America was very, very good. The interviewer knew her job, I liked her very much, so it was great to watch.
Regis and Kelly - that time I was a bit disappointed. The new lady (I preferred the "old" one), didn't talk almost at all, only laugh. It was sympathetic, but no fireworks like in GMA.
Thanks WDW, goodnight.

Monica said...

Sorry, wet dark. It was that movie?
It's too bad.

Anonymous said...

I love how he says the most important woman in his life is his niece. AW.

Mermon, the woman on Regis is Carrie Anne she was filling in for Kelly. Carrie is on Dancing with the stars as a judge.

I was still touched how Jake tried to console Regis cause he was nervous about a medical situation


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Source Code Day in the UK and US! I'll be in the cinema at 4 today :)

Thanks Mrs JG!

Hi Mermon :) Regis and Kelly is my least favourite of all talk shows - fortunately I only ever see any of it when Jake's on it!

It was TERRIBLE, Monica!

Morning Sweetpea :)

Have a great day, everyone! I know a lot of you will :) And for those who have to wait - it's worth it - hang on in there. I will continue to keep spoilers off WDW.

mermon said...

Good Morning everybody.
@Sweetpea - "Carrie is on Dancing with the stars as a judge." - thank you for that information. I found out that Carrie's boyfriend engaged to her at the end of the R&K show. Now I understand Jake's behaviour with the ring :). And at the end Jake's joined for a glass of champagne. Lovely story.(from People's magazine)

sass said...

Morning WDW and everyone, No snow today just rain...preparing for my Source Code visit this afternoon. Yes Mermon, I saw the last part of R&K yesterday morning, thought oh no, I've missed him, but I hadn't. He looked so happy on stage toasting the happy couple. If my computer were set up, I would love to share that scene. So glad I have SC to look forward to!