Saturday, 26 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal out and about in LA and even more interviews with Jake and Duncan Jones on Source Code

Jake Gyllenhaal's certainly busy at the moment. When he's not giving more interviews for Source Code, he's looking around motorbike shops (can't say I blame him, I'm looking for a bike jacket myself at the moment) or going to launches of jeans in Bloomingdales, Santa Monica. As Jake is Jeans Man personified, it's not a surprise that he showed up to that one. Jake has also been spotted chatting with singer Jason Mraz. Below, Jake is pictured visiting the bike shop on Friday (25 March) and at the Hoyle Jackson launch party the previous Friday.

There are more interviews with Jake and Duncan Jones today. The interview we were promised with the Orlando Sentinel has now been published. You can read that there but here are a couple of snippets. '“It’s regret that always makes you — if you listen to it — choose not to do something that you [might] regret the next time around,” Gyllenhaal says. “The things that we regret and remember are the things that make us more present in our lives. That’s what life is all about, for me... It goes from ‘I’m using these eight minutes of someone else’s life to save thousands of people’ to ‘What would you do if you had eight minutes to live?’ That’s pretty deep for a thriller. That lifts this movie to a much higher plane, dealing with a much larger philosophical idea.” Gyllenhaal chuckles. “The irony is, regardless of past or future, if we looked at the world that way, we’d all be a lot more present.”'

'“Every choice I’ve ever made is probably informed by my interest in Eastern religions and philosophies,” he says of his college courses. “’Source Code’ explores a ton of different philosophical ideas, that there is no real linearity to life, that time and space are flexible — all things that aren’t just about science but that concern religion and philosophy, particularly Buddhism.”'

'“I enjoy being the eyes of the audience, because I am always thinking of the audience. With this character, I had the ability to think about all the things the audience might think about that. ‘Why doesn’t he try this? Why don’t I try that?’ And I could play against that... What would you change if you had the chance? Not much. Not in my life. I’ve been blessed,” Gyllenhaal says. “But what I learn from this movie is it’s not what you do, it’s how you respond. It’s not going out and never making a mistake. It’s how you respond afterwards. That determines who we are. The ultimate goal is to help others, not yourself.”'

From an interview with the National Post: '“I think my strength is to do a take all the way through,” the actor says. “I am definitely not someone who can do a sprint. Maybe I am not that smart, but it takes me a while to find the moment, and I like to be pushed toward it.” Indeed, Gyllenhaal maintains that Jones has a great deal in common with his Brokeback Mountain director, Ang Lee. “They both give clear directions. Ang would say, ‘Not sexy at all. Sexier.’ And Duncan would say things like, ‘OK, say it weirder.’” Casting seemed to work out, as well, especially with the selection of Monaghan, who has received acclaim for roles in North Country and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. “Michelle’s the audience eyes for this film, so it was important to relate to her,” Gyllenhaal says. She returns the compliment: “Jake’s so easy to act with, because he loves his job.”' has an interesting article about Duncan Jones and the film but it is a little spoilery. It does, however, feature this quote from Jake: ''Making a movie where you’re playing with time is a fun process,’ says Gyllenhaal, who’s had a chance to meditate on the genre a bit, between Source Code, Donnie Darko, and even Prince of Persia. Speaking by phone from Los Angeles, he continues, 'There’s not a moment where you can go on autopilot. And the audience experiences the same feeling. Time is an issue that inevitably creates tension, and in movies like this, you have the ability to create even more.''

There is also a particularly fascinating article over at the SF Gate, focusing especially on Duncan and Michelle Monaghan. This is a lot heavier on the spoilers so do be warned.

And finally...

With thanks to a friend, I've updated the Jake on the Box panel to include Jake's appearance on Good Morning America on 31 March.

Includes pictures from links and IHJ.

My review of The Eagle is now up at MovieBrit.


Anonymous said...

gosh you are quick. I just spotted the photos Just Jared just put up. I wonder if he's customizing his motorcycle?

thanks for the heads up about the GMA appearance.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the latest posts. I enjoyed them very much.
Jimmy Kimmel was funny.
The new photos are great.
Have a nice evening !

Wet Dark and Wild said...

No messing around for me, Sweetpea :) Jake has a beautiful Triumph Bonnerville, I hope he does nothing to it at all. Lots of accessories and clothing to buy for the rider though.

My pleasure, Christina! You too :)

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

Just got my baby Banksy framed; it's a cat flipping a mouse with a cape...or maybe Jimmy Kimmel's tie! I will post it on the forum! Jake looks G-R-E-A-T!!

LadyEkster said...

Jake & Jason Mraz! Now that's what I'd like to see on a stage once! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone! Bloody time change... where did my morning go?! ;-)

mermon said...

Good morning!
Nice pictures of Jake. That's how I like him. T-shirt, jeans, his famous brown shoes, wide shoulders and it's just perfect.
"Orlando Sentinel" article - nice, except when Roger Moore calls POP a flop. I think is quite rude, cause Jake liked the movie, POP has many fans. I think, POP created really a big bunch of new Gyllenhaalics,including me.
Interesting like Jake raised by Jewish mother, Christian father searches for different road, like he didn't want or was not able to choose between them (parents).
"I enjoy being the eyes of the audience, because I am always thinking of the audience." - thx Jake, your audience thinks about you, too :).
National Post interview - also interesting, nice review through Jake's career. I didn't like one thing only;
"Unfortunately, four years of movie misses followed: Proof, Jarhead, Rendition and Brothers, among them." - I do not agree at all, there were not movies misses! Jarhead is for some fans the best Jake's movie even!
Thank you for the post, WDW!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

I would never diss Jarhead -- I think it shows Jake's versatility as and actor, and can we ever forget the Santa Dance?

My friend came over for more Jake movies last night. She is in her seventies and quite smitten by our boy. But who could blame her? I believe Jake's charm brings out the inner girl from any aged woman!

mermon said...

Yes, gyllenhaalisgr8! You do a good job! Spread Jake's charm on women in all ages. Every fan counts! :) And what movie did you watch?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence today. I've been in London at a gala screening of Rio - a thoroughly enjoyable event!

Good to see you all! There were definitely comments in those articles which were bound to catch the eye. I'd hesitate calling films such as Jarhead a flop too!

I hope you've all had a good Sunday - I'm in need of a rest!

If you're interested, I've just reviewed a low-budget UK horror film over at Blogomatic

BBMISwear said... much great Source Code stuff out there...I'm loving it all! Thanks for including every last bit of it here WDW!

I'm happy to report (after a Saturday night of wine and watching Source Code interview videos) I have seen (almost) every single interview now and have Source Code completely on the brain at the moment! A few more to watch and theb a STACK (a huge stack!) of articles and interviews to read. What a joy! Like everyone else here I just can't seem to get enough!

And then it's bring on the premiere and the TV Shows!!

I'll be back...happy Sunday all! Get some rest WDW!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) That's great that you're catching up! I still have a way to go but I'm getting there. I quite like the catching up too :) It really is a joy!

My review of The Eagle is up at MovieBrit

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning all! Lots to post today so I'll be working on that :) Have a lovely day (even though it's Monday - ugh...)

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW and everybody...
It's such a busy and very tiring weekend for me, so many things to catch up and they all erase my tiredness :)
The vids are so very very wonderful. Interview with the making of was so funny. The Jimmy Kimmel Live was real amazing too, I have such great laugh, it definetely made my night...
The articles as always is inspiring, and the new pics are great.
And since you told us to avoid spoiler the best we could, I just don't read anything that you mark as spoilery, remind me to read it after I watch the film ;D
Thanks for the amazingly great posts WDW!!!

Slateism said...

Ah amazing pictures. Looking damn handsome. I am feeling to fall in love.. :)