Friday, 4 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal out for a run with Atticus today and the Nailed test screening

Hot on the heels of the news that Jake Gyllenhaal may be helping Bear Grylls to construct shelters out of lemur dung and baobab twigs while devouring wriggling snakes on Man vs Wild, comes pictures of Jake taking Atticus for a run today (4 March). Several things to note here - a) Jake is not afraid to stand out (in fact I've seen duller lights on airport runways); b) Atticus needs to do a few more circuits. Please note how I'm not mentioning how scary the sunglasses are.


As we mentioned here a few days ago, Nailed had a test screening this week. While this is indeed good news for the hope it brings that there is an initiative to finish and release this film at last, the screening has been getting some negative press. This is largely because the film was unfinished and there was a rough and ready quality to some of the scenes. The fact that some people sound surprised by this has come as a surprise to me.

The lucky audience had to sign the official secrets act but some things have reached us. Quite a full account has been given to the Playlist but again this stresses the unfinished state of the film. Not surprisingly, this means the film is not polished. However, I have also heard from other sources that I can't reveal that the film was hilarious, Jake was great in it and that the audience was told that the film will be finished and it will be released this year. Little steps.

Pictures from Just Jared.


winterbird said...

However, I have also heard from other sources that I can't reveal that the film was hilarious, Jake was great in it and that the audience was told that the film will be finished and it will be released this year

Excellent, that's why this site rocks. Unfinished first draft is always tough, hope it's polished and finished product sees the light soon!

Jake - neon yellow? Really?

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks so much, Winterbird! The spin on Nailed at some sites is that it's doomed and why bother. However, maybe there's something worth saving. I think so. Away from the agendas what I've heard suggests that the audience enjoyed it!

gyllenhaalisgr8 said...

If Jake were a limesicle, my tongue would be busy all day!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Here's to the potential resurrection of Nailed!! It has always sounded like it would be hilarious and Jake is soooo good at the comedy. I can be patient while they polish it up and put the finishing touches on... I think... :)


Anonymous said...

I think it's nice that Jake took Atticus on a run. I think the dog needs the exercise, he looks like he hasn't gotten enough.

AS for Nailed, I'd rather not comment. I'd prefer to look forward to SC and am hoping we hear confirmation on End of Watch and or the Bourne series

Shelly said...

I can't seem to spot Jake in those photos.

mermon said...

I heard that Nailed screening was without director's approval. And he doesn't want to participate in finishing this. But it would be such a waste if they didn't show us what they did. Probably it was only one scene missing, so almost everything is done except polishing and maybe some scenes correction. I wonder if actors would agree to do that.
I would love to see it in any shape, just in Jake's movie collection. To have everything he's done.

The pictures are nice. I like that bright colour on Jake. No one may say - he's hiding :)He's visible from the long distance.
And Atticus behaves like he should, always behind his master's leg, or maybe it's a lack of condition and too much eating from loneliness, while waiting for his busy master.

mermon said...

I've read the comments under Deadline article about Nailed screening and they are mixed. Good and bad, they praise Jake and criticize Jessica Biel. Some liked even the raw movie, some didn't. Funny comment from a woman whose husband and kids were playing a part in it and she wants of course that movie to be finished. Me too.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi anon :)

That's so funny, Shelly! I know, he blends in so well :)

Morning Mermon :) It is interesting reading all this. I just want it to come out!

Out on the road this weekend. Have a good Saturday!

LadyEkster said...

Hello all! Wishing you a very nice weekend. :) Hope you are happy & healthy!

What the heck? When I had the time to visit WDW daily there wasn't any sign of a new project, and now that I'm buried in work there are several projects on the way and Nailed may see the light of day??
Bad timing on your part, Jake, very bad. But I'll forgive you for this fabulous piece of news. *grin*

Great to see Atticus by the way! :)

BBMISwear said...

I've been slowly catching up on all your posts from this week WDW - thank you for all the hard work! Wow - so much going on, huh?! When it rains it pours with this guy (no complaints though).

I've been loving all the Source Code stuff - great, great, great behind the scenes clips. And all this Nailed news has me spinning (what great memories I have from this movie set)! It makes me weary that the owners of this film (who now own it without the involvement of the original director or producers) test screened it to "people off the street" for lack of a better description. I heard some people got the invites via general movie websites like, etc. That is fine for a regular screening but in sometimes you can tell people over and over that it is a ROUGH CUT and they still look at it as a regular film they're just getting to see early and of course they'll walk out of there thinking it's crap given the condition the film was in. (Hello?!?! Wake up people!!). But at least there are still people seeing past all this and saying it is definitely worth re-shooting scenes and putting the finishing touches on and releasing it. Jake and Jessica's assistants for the film told Ted and I that both Jake and Jessica truly believed in the story and very much wanted to be a part of it and get it done and out (even taking reduced fees for it) so I really hope that happens! Wacky comedy or not there's obviously something about it that grabbed the attention of these two actors.

And as if all this isn't enough...the possibility of the David Ayer film AND getting to watch my LAOD Blu-Ray with those wonderful bonus features and deleted scenes! Wow! Great, great, great stuff going on here! And this is without even mentioning that I'm still enjoying pictures and videos from the Oscars and the very much Lookin' Good jogging photos.

Such a good week (although real life was completely insane) so it took me a while to absorb it all. (Not a bad problem...not a bad problem at all)!

Have a great weekend Gyllenhaalics! :-)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you Lady Ekster and BBMISwear :-) and lovely to hear all that about Nailed. I'm rather cut off from the internet this weekend as up north at my mum's with Mr WDW. We are eating an awful lot. Back home later today :) Have a good Sunday!