Saturday, 19 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal putting the science fiction into every role

A cursory glance at Twitter today reveals that a considerable proportion of the population of Los Angeles has been interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal today. These include the people from the Orlando Sentinel - who are asking for some questions to phone in to Jake - and old favourite from PoP days, Jake the Movie Guy. He had this to say after the interview: 'Jake Gyllenhaal is always such a great interview -- brings up past interviews, remembers everything about you. Great guy.'

In this interview with IO9, Jake talks about how he got in to the right frame of mind for Source Code's pod sequences. It was all with the help of those videos of pilots passing out after spinning round in a G-force spinner. He'd have been similarly inspired if he'd seen the state of me when I got off Disney World's Spaceship Earth ride.

Interestingly, Jake talks about how he tries to the science fiction in every role he does, including those small family dramas. It is indeed true that even in a role such as Robert Graysmith in Zodiac, Jake plays an outsider to whom everyone else finds extremely difficult to relate, and who is almost detached from the world around him.

Yesterday we saw Young Hollywood's interview with Jake, here is the interview with Michelle Monaghan, in which she delivers the versict 'Jake's really cute and great and fun'.

My review of The Lincoln Lawyer is now up at MovieBrit.


Eureka said...

Hi WDW, I have finally watched the interviews. They are good. I liked the cartoon hearts comment. That was cute!
E! Ones so casual and fun, the interviewer is very entertaining too. ;o)
And for the business I liked the IO9 one. Very interesting questions. Thanks!

Eureka said...

Forgot to say that I'm looking forward for the Jimmy Kimmel show interview. I have always enjoyed them together. Will the loogate be used? Or do you think PR will cross that from the list. Jake has a good sense of humor.. And he would do good in the event of that being commented. :o)

Anonymous said...

wonderful interviews, WDW. I am looking forward to Jake being on Jimmy. I like Jimmy Kimmel's show alot.

I hope he'll make an appearance on Ellen too


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Eureka! I really liked the 109 interview too - great to have these longer interviews with Jake. It seems strange seeing him interviewed on his own after LAOD and PoP!

I'm looking forward to the shows too, Sweetpea :) I would just love Jake to be on Ellen again - it's been far too long...

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Have a lovely Sunday :)

Carlota said...

Hey everyone!
Can't wait to see Jake in Jimmy Kimmel show and I was asking myself the same question Eureka! Will -at least Jimmy- mention the loogate?: I guess something really fun could come up from these two approaching this subject. :D

As Jake suggests in that great io9 interview, any situation -and mainly surreal/awkward episodes like this guy trying to take a pic of him in the toilet- always has some humor involved! And Jake has this ability of poking fun at himself which makes him totally adorable and more "human" so I'd love Jimmy to bring the story to the table.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Carlota! Personally speaking I'd prefer the whole loogate thing got left behind at SXSW. I'm sure there are lots of other things Jake could have a laugh with. Hope you're having a good Sunday too :)

Just been to see Lincoln Lawyer - really enjoyed it!

LaBrulee said...

Hi people! Ohhh I had a blast with the interviews, thanks so much for sharing, WDW!

Talking about this week's tv appearances I have no nails to bite, counting the days until this coming Wednesday!

I'm with Carlota on this ... if someone on this planet can amusingly talk about the loogate incident, that is Jimmy Kimmel! :) and there's plenty of room to talk about any other details, so I guess it would be fun listening to this story through the eyes of these witty gents :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi La Brulee! I'm definitely in a minority here but never mind :D I just have no desire to see any more of the Source Code publicity overshadowed by something that happened in a urinal.

My review of The LIncoln Lawyer is now up at MovieBrit

Monica said...

I just have no desire to see any more of the Source Code publicity overshadowed by something that happened in a urinal.

Me too.

I do not think what happened is something to make joke.
It was something serious and should be forgotten.
The film is much more important.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica :)

Morning everyone - Monday - ugh... Have a good day :)

Anonymous said...

Morning, everyone! Nothing good about another Monday morning except that it brings us one day closer to the TV interviews and Source Code.

WDW, I saw Lincoln Lawyer the other day and your review reflects exactly what was in my mind as my husband and I were discussing it afterward. Matthew McConaughey nailed that performance and I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more of him in similar roles. And a few more rom-coms, too. Sans shirt.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning Susan! And that is so true - another day nearer to 1 April. Thanks about the review! I completely agree - Matt is so good for both types of roles. I do enjoy him in both :)