Friday, 4 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal to go into the wild with Bear Grylls? Behind the scenes on Source Code

Before we get to more lovely Source Code goodies, today I learned the rather disturbing and yet adrenaline-rushing news that before the year is out Jake Gyllenhaal may be biting the heads of snakes, leaping out of choppers into jungle ravines and taking all his clothes off to swim through icy rivers. Yes, making his Sasquatch comeback, Jake 'I can be a bear too' Gyllenhaal is to join that very typical Englishman Bear Grylls as his next Hollywood victim partner in Man vs Wild. Will Ferrell, the last star to join Bear, was seen eating all of the chocolate within 2 minutes of the helicopter landing. By contrast, Jake, as an accomplished cook, will be able to rustle up something rather delicious with nothing more than some thistles, bat wings and mud, with some stick insect seasoning.

'"Jake was just joking [about what it's like to be famous]," Bear told reporters during his recent trip to Sydney. "He was going, 'Yeah, it's great, I get whatever I want — if I get in trouble in the wild I just call Bear Grylls." Bear and Jake had never actually met at that point, but it wasn't long before the former called up the latter and invited him to "put his money where his mouth is".' Let's just hope Bear can keep up.

Source Code - behind the scenes

With many thanks to ManMadeMovies for the update, the fine Making Of site has added a video which presents a full 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage on the set of Source Code. There is always a chance that such a thing may be spoilery, there is also a high chance that there's a lot of Jake in it, so weigh it up...

With further thanks to MMM, a review of Source Code came out today, giving the film 9 out of 10. [This review has now been removed but I'm leaving mention of it because of the stonking 9 out of 10!] The Source Code offical Facebook page has released some more stills. Here are a selection:

And finally...

There is a fantastic new poster designed by Olly Moss, and received with great delight by Duncan Jones, for Source Code's premiere at the SXSW Festival. Full details on MMM.

Includes pictures from IHJ, Olly Moss and Source Code.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! Friday :) I would LOVE to see Jake on man vs Wild.

Shelly said...

They should just use that poster for the movie instead of the original one.

Ruby said...

I've never heard of that show, but I like the idea of wildman Jake. I'd watch it.

Hui said...

OMG!!!!your post is so funny XD

I love all stuff from source code. I xan't wait to see this film :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been inclined to tune in to Man vs. Wild up to now, but if Jake is on it, I'd be there watching it. Not necessarily understanding the "why" of it, but probably enjoying it...

Loving all the great buzz about SC! Thanks so much, Kate.


TD said...


From last night: yes, I usually miss Jake's trailers at the cinema - in fact I think the only one I've seen before SC was BBM - hope that's a good omen.

I love the new poster. I hope it replaces the exploding kiosk - god I hate that one!

This post looks full of exciting goodies. I heard about the Bear thing - I'm sure it'll be great TV but Bear himself is still damaged by all that fakery a couple of years ago. Is Bear an entertaining 'presenter'? I've never seen him. I imagine he's not.

I'm so avoiding the SC spoilers but I may have to give in on this behind the scenes thing incase we never see it again. It looks good and loooong. Thanks!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

It's a much better poster, Shelly

Hey Rubes! I have a Bears Grylls weakness and do like the show (except when he bites the heads off lizards or grubs). I loved Will Ferrell's appearance on it - it was hysterical. So... would I prefer Jake and Bear to go somewhere very hot or very cold? Hmmmm

Thanks so much, Hui!

Oh, you'd definitely enjoy it, Susan! And you'd get all sorts of tips for survival tucker. Very useful. I really like the idea of seeing Jake in something like this. A lot of fun. I think he'd enjoy it too. But he wouldn't be able to text.

Hi there Tui! The only trailer I've seen of Jake's was for Zodiac. I loved that trailer. Ah yes, the fakery thing... I am actually quite a fan of his (read his book about climbing Everest etc) and I follow him on Twitter - he seems to be forever getting injured - so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm a real sucker for 'outdoor' programmes.

I'm avoiding SC spoilers too, but I think this behind the scenes film is definitely worth a look.

Monica said...

Man vs. Wild? wow! Bear has plans to record an episode this year or in 2012 in Brazil.
It is not easy to watch, mainly because of what he eats.

TD said...

It was TD, not Tui ;)
If you like him, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and look forward to seeing the programme

Wet Dark and Wild said...

I never watch it while I'm eating, Monica :D

I'm so sorry about writing down the wrong name, TD! My fingers working faster than my brain :( I do think he's fun but, having said that, Mr WDW cannot stand the man... :D

Serene Hill said...

Hi WDW...
Man vs Wild? Is that some kind of an adventure show? Wow, I would love to see that wild Jake, haha, bet it would be so much fun! And what did he eat in the show? I'm always quite interested with that kind of eating disgusting thing..;D
God, so far Source Code publicity has bring nothing but great anticipation for me, I absolutely love every short clips of it, I love how Jake looks as Colter, different from the slick and sinewy Jamie(not that I don't love Jamie), and even though both as soldier, it's different from Swoff( I love Swoff too), Colter just seems so mature and determine, a little bit cheeky too somehow, don't you think?
I can't access the review website, it said that I have to login while I can't spot where the register button is... Did they give SC 9/10?
Haven't finish watching the Making of yet due to the wrecked connection.
Good poster compared to the first one, but I still hoping for something more...spectacular, maybe confusing, or mysterious...
Oh, and I really have to ask this very very important question: "making his Sasquacth comeback"???
Well, thanks for the wonderful posts WDW!!!

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Serene! It's a survival programme. When he has a star with him they have to live out in the wild for a couple of days - and it's usually very funny :) Sasquatch comeback - means Jake could return for Man vs Wild with the big beard again! Camouflage :D

That review has had to be taken down apparently. I didn't read it but the score was very high.

mermon said...

Somehow I can't get excited about that survival programme. I never liked those kind of things, nor understood how someone may participate voluntarily. But I bet it's a challenge for Jake and a kind of adventure.
I hope we will be able to watch it.

It was nice to see 13 minutes of behind the scenes footage, it was not spoilerish for me.

Anonymous said...

WDW, have you heard anything about how the test screening of Nailed went?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Mermon! I think it would be the kind of challenge Jake would like.

Hi Susan! I have :D There'll be something about it in the next post! I was going to post it this morning but there was too much going on :)

Anonymous said...

Hello WDW and everyone

Thanks for saying Hello to me WDW, I am still here reading and enjoying the blog. Even if it was TD who had commented.

Somehow managed to miss the cinema screenings of LAOD, hope to catch it on DVD.



Wet Dark and Wild said...

Good to see you Tui! I'm so sorry about my mistake with the names - but I am glad to see you as a result! Very pleased to hear you're still reading :) Hope things are going well.