Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Jake Gyllenhaal will not be in Bourne, 'am I a fresh vegetable or am I canned?' and our own report from Duncan Jones' Boston Q&A!

After yesterday's confirmation that Jake Gyllenhaal will star next in David Ayer's LA cop drama End of Watch, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that the Bourne Legacy rumour that was spinning around is nothing but a red herring - albeit a rather attractive red herring. Jake told Extra: 'That's quite a rumor and that would be amazing if that were true, but it's unfortunately not.' Intriguingly, when asked if he was still 'on the market' Jake responded 'do you mean I am a fresh vegetable or am I canned? Can you pay for me at the checkout? Is that what you mean? You can definitely pay for a little piece of me if you go see 'Source Code.''

To continue the vegetable theme, Jake's role as ambassador for Edible Schoolyard has shifted up a gear with 'a new campaign to prompt America's public schools to grow their own fruit and vegetables'.

'We're trying to make it possible to have an edible garden in every public school in America," [Jake] explains. "Kids can have a new relationship to nature and to their food and to their diet and an understanding where their food comes from. Kids can take classes in these gardens and learn mathematics by counting vegetables and engage in the world in a different way than we're used to in schools. It's basically to take a piece of the concrete out and put in a garden where children can explore and learn and hopefully it changes them. I grew up around edible gardens all over the place in Los Angeles and a little bit outside of Boston, and it's changed my perspective on the world and I think it could change the world."'

'"My family always emphasized it and it's an incredibly economic way of feeding the family and having everybody learn where your food comes from. It's something that I care deeply about. I remember my niece, when she was first born, and the great irony of her learning how to walk by holding onto tomato plants and how to count with cherry tomatoes."'

I'm trying to remember what I learned to count with but I don't think it was tomatoes...

Last night, 21 March, Duncan Jones' Source Code screening tour reached the fabulous city of Boston. You can read details of the event here in the Examiner but I'm delighted to say that one of our own was at the event, BBMISwear, and with her usual generosity has sent us some photos and an account of the occasion. I saw Duncan at a Q&A for Moon and talked to him afterwards and I must agree with everything BBMISwear says about Duncan, surely the friendliest and most generous of directors. Over to BBMISwear:

'Duncan got a big round of applause when he entered the front of the theater as the end credits rolled on the screen. He discussed a few things we know already – (i.e. the British song that was in Moon and pops up again in SC, how he met with Jake about another project and Jake thought that was great but wanted him to take a look at the Source Code script, etc.). He was asked about the script and he said the structure was all very sound but there were two things he wanted to change – first, it was very serious and he wanted to lighten the tone and inject humor and Jake got on board with that and they both felt that would help the film. Second, he wanted to change the ending – he thinks that when the audience sees it they are either frustrated with the ending or love the ending with not many people just thinking it was all right.'

'I got to ask question and asked about something I saw on the B-roll with Jake saying to Duncan that the source code changes everything – future, present and past - and it seemed he was trying to convince Duncan of how that should be included but Duncan was telling him that no, that would make her (Catrina) something she is not – I asked him to tell us a bit about that. I recorded his answer with my phone – he responded with: “We had a lot of rehearsals and discussions covering where we had to get to in each scene and then we shot it all consecutively to stop it from getting too confusing while we were shooting. But, it is a very confusing idea and I think that was part of the trick of the script was to keep it simple enough that an audience can really just go with it and accept the logic behind it. Because if you think about it too much you start to fall into paradoxes which are there by design and that’s just the nature of time travel films - by their very nature.”'

'He was also asked about getting a start as a script writer, the Mute graphic novel, writing his next film now that is inspired by Blade Runner, being a sci-fi fan (here he noted he treats it seriously but thinks humor is an incredibly powerful tool and learned you can use it to get the audience to bond with a character and empathize with him and share a joke with the hero and then he becomes one of your buddies – he pointed at the screen at this point – it was obvious he was referring to Colter)!'

'After the Q&A many people headed down front to say hi and get autographs and pictures – I did all three and must say the man is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet at an event like this! He stayed and stayed and didn’t turn anyone away - happily taking pictures with anyone who wanted to do so. Rodene was right there next to him and after using her super-duper camera during the Q&A she was happy to take hold of all camera phones that were given to her (including mine) so she could take pictures for anyone that asked! She joked that we all now are going to have Duncan’s cold! (My pictures came out okay but unfortunately with a camera phone and bad lighting there wasn’t a chance of anything spectacular).'

'I only had a minute to talk to him at this point so I used my time wisely and requested that Duncan please, please, please make sure he and Jake do an audio commentary feature on the DVD as people love that and there seems to be less and less of those these days. He said that he thinks they are going to do that and I added, again, that he must do it with Jake because the two of them are terrific together based on what we’ve seen so far and he laughed at that and nodded with a big smile! It’s so obvious how fond these two are of each other. Let’s hope we get what we’re asking for on that DVD!!'

DVD commentary with Jake and Duncan? Yes, please!

This post includes new pictures from the LA press conference at the weekend, with many thanks to IHJ, and BBMISwear's photos from last night. Thank you BBMISwear for sharing your experience!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how Jake deflects the questions about his personal life in such an entertaining way? "Am I fresh or am I canned - is that what you mean?" :)

Thanks so much, BBMISwear, for sharing your Duncan experience with us, and double thanks for requesting a commentary by Duncan and Jake on the disc! One can only hope that he will always be so available to fans. I wish great fame and fabulous success for him, but it would be a shame if he was unable to interact so freely with the public.

Great post, WDW! Thank you!


mermon said...

I agree, great post WDW :) What a surprise with BBMISwear report. Thank both of you!
Lisa! You are lucky to be where such interesting things go on. Thank you for DVD commentary demand. If we will have it on DVD, I will always remember that it happened thanks to you :)You're right Jake and Duncan together it's so much fun and sparkles. And Rodene seems to be very nice girl. From your report and their blog.

Jake grew up around edible gardens, me too. Maybe that's why I feel so close to him :)I like when he gets excited about fresh food from the gardens and its influence on people and kids.
I think Jake would be a great teacher for kids, I can imagine him teaching mathematics with cherry tomatoes:).
I like that Extra interview! It's funny and charming.
Thank you for that lovely post WDW.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

That was such a funny answer, Susan! Loved it. The commentary I feel would be an essential thing... Thank you!

Thanks very much, Mermon! I love how Duncan and Rodene have been sharing all of this with us. I love Duncan because he's extraordinary but he also seems 'normal'. I do agree - Jake would be a great teacher :)

LadyEkster said...

Lisa!!!! Oh you wonderful lady! Thanks a zillion for your great report and pictures. The question about the dvd commentary is FAB! Fingers crossed. :)

I really enjoyed the Extra video. Dang it, how much media training did Jake receive?! The way he answers and smoothly and subtly avoids coming to the (lavatory/single-taken) point, that was so awesome. It seems to be something natural instead of a product of intensive training. Having been on the interviewer side many times, I take my hatt off to such a good choice of words on the interviewee's part.

TD said...

Thank you BBMISwear, great thinking to suggest that to Duncan!

I love the whole vegetable thing. Did you see Jake described as 'one of Hollywood's best chefs' !?

At least End of Watch is new. Bourne's been done now.

BBMISwear said...

Thanks for including my 'report' in your post tonight WDW!! I know you've had some interaction with Duncan and know first hand what he is like when it comes to discussing films with people and I'm so glad I had a chance to experience this myself and that we can pass on the good word!

And...I'll be honest...I had every single WDW reader in mind when I brought up the audio commentary for the DVD so it's nice to hear some of you liked that I came up with that request last night! We have talked about what we like for bonus features on DVDs so much here and have often felt the studios are not giving the fans what we want - well now at least Duncan KNOWS what we want!!

I have so much to catch up on as I've been quite busy since last week...I will catch up over the next few days and be back. I do want to say, though, that although it's great news to hear that Jake is finally talking about a new project I am not too excited that the project seems like it's a ways off. Isn't David Ayer just getting set to start on a new film? It's not the one Jake is talking about so it feels like it's quite a ways away. Is it greedy of me to want something sooner?! I think I need to chill and let the guy take his time...but I'm ready now!! (I know most everyone here is too). *sigh*

Well, back to my back log of Source Code articles, interviews, photos, etc. Thanks again WDW!!!!!


Anonymous said...

FYI Jakey G is no longer attached to Doug Linman's Moon project. Other actors are being considered, I don't know if it was the studio's decision or Jake's. But if I read the article correctly its sounds like the script has been started then stopped and started again by too many writers. So its still within the planning stages. Could be the reason Jake signed on for his newest project, he got tired of waiting or the studio decided to go another way. But I tend to believe it was the script changing so many hands.

I just hope Jake works with Duncan more. Duncan please make Jake your muse. And Jake do "Mute", or any movie Duncan offers you. You owe Duncan.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! And what a beautiful day - improved by having the day off :)

Hi Lady Ekster! He does a great job, he really does. I love that interview.

Morning TD! The vegetable thing is a classic. I'm gonna remember that one. And agreed about End of Watch :)

Your report was fab, BBMISwear :-) and thanks so much for sharing it with us. Duncan is wonderful. I'm really enjoying this publicity, not least because Duncan seems like such a likeable and 'normal' British bloke. Despite his background. Judging by the extras on Moon, I think we'll be ok.

I'm not certain at the moment which film Ayer is working on next, he has a few lined up and things change so rapidly. Hopefully, it'll be sooner rather than later. I suspect Jake might have a few things lined up. Thanks again!

Off into the sunshine :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi there 2:56 - your comment was caught in the very annoying Blogger spam filter. Thanks for the info - very interesting. And I'm not surprised. This has just gone on too long and I think when Jake signed on to do SC it was the end of his involvement with UMP to be honest. There would be too many comparisons with Moon. But Jake and Doug are good friends and I hope they work together at some time :)

Anonymous said...

Hi WDW, apparently a 'Source Code infographic' (??) 'spoils the ending' ?

Please don't post it without a spoiler warning or something, will you? Even if it doesn't spoil the ending, I'd rather not see it yet or my mind will get speculating !


Carlota said...

Thanks so much for giving us the chance to enjoy your amazing experience once more, BBMISwear! It's always a pleasure reading your adventures! :D

I totally agree with you Susan! I love his exquisite manners to deflect personal questions :D…impeccable, witty and hilarious answer!

Thanks so much WDW, your posts definitely cheer me up after shitty days at work!


T said...

Great post WDW & thanks to BBMiswear for sharing your experience.

For anyone in UK Brother is on sky movies premier on Friday night bout 1030ish i think & POP is on sky movies from Good Friday, i think thats a great time with the kids being off bring jake to an audience that maybe hasnt seen his work before or got a chance to see POP in the cinema.

Anonymous said...

thank you WDW and to BBMISWEAR for the reports. I got the impression that Duncan was a sweetheart and that he and Jake forged a friendship while doing SC. One that I hope will lead to other films together.

I look forward to Jake's new film. Jake=uniform = 0-<--< (me fainting)


Anonymous said...

oh and thanks for bringing up the audio commentary, Lisa :D

I'd like to see that too


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Back home after a wonderful day!

Hi TD :D I've seen that image and, while I can't make head nor tail of it, I haven't posted it for that very reason. And I don't intend to :)

That's good news, T! I don't have Sky but I do love PoP on my new Blu ray player.

Hi there Sweetpea :)