Friday, 18 March 2011

Jake on the Box: TV schedule updated and Jake Gyllenhaal would follow Duncan Jones anywhere (including on Twitter)

The SXSW Source Code adventure may be over but there are still two weeks left until the film premieres on 1 April and that can mean only one thing: more publicity to look forward to and more Jake Gyllenhaal on the little screen. With thanks to BBMISwear for keeping an eye on the listings for me, here is an update on what we can expect over the coming days. As usual I will add a Jake On The Box feature on the front page.

23 March: Jimmy Kimmel
28 March: Conan O'Brien
31 March: Regis and Kelly

You can bet there will be more, especially those NYC breakfast shows. If you hear of anything do please let me know so that I can update the Jake schedule.

Unfortunately, we might not get more of Jake and Duncan Jones together, which is a real shame as these two could do comedy together. In this video interview with Young Hollywood, we not only see a new tablet get a plug (look at how Jake's eyes light up), we also hear why Duncan wanted to work with Jake - 'he's a hunk'. And I can definitely empathise with an interviewer who says she sees cartoon hearts when she looks at Jake. Good to hear some twitter talk too. But Jake would not only follow Duncan (@manmademoon) on twitter, he'd follow him anywhere.

Do also check out this interview with Duncan Jones by Mark Walters.

There is another interview with Jake and Duncan but before I give you the link I want to stress that it has a big spoiler in it (thanks to Jake!) and I would advise you wait before reading it in its entirety. I'll give some excerpts below but if you don't mind having Jake spoil the plot, go ahead and read it here. But please be warned. I wouldn't have wanted to read this before I saw the film. The bits below are completely safe!

Duncan: 'This was the world premiere. The first time we had shown it to people who weren't involved in the making of the movie. It was terrifying for me. I was very excited and anxious as to what the crowd's reaction was going to be. But we worked hard on it and surrounded ourselves with really, really good people. Obviously Jake and Michelle [Monaghan] plus Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright. The people behind the camera as well. These are all amazing people.'

'Q: I loved the music in the film... JG: Oh this is crazy, we have to tell you this. DJ: This is absolutely true. The guy who composed the music's name is Chris Bacon... and his middle initial is P. Chris P. Bacon. He is crispy bacon! That is his name. We just found that out and got a good laugh out of that. But it's true, he was fantastic.'

The script: 'JG: Well I think there are tendencies with the movie where a director can go one way with it. It can be just a thriller or it could be something more psychological or just stay character driven but mostly I think it was finding something who'd be able to understand the human things going on in the story as well as the visuals. I just knew it needed a particular hand and when I saw MOON, I was so blown away by it - Duncan, after these interviews you're going to hear how much I kiss your ass - that I thought it needed someone exactly like Duncan. We had met about some general things, like he has a movie that he's making and he wanted me to star in-- DJ: --which you had to reject (laughs) JG: So I ended up telling him there was this script we could check out and I thought he would never do it and he ended up saying he wanted to do it right away.'

Working in the pod and on the train: 'JG: It was really theatrical actually. It was the greatest part about performing it. We would do takes in the pod that were seven minutes long. We'd always go through an entire take and if we still had film in the mag - well we shot on HD so if we still had "data" on the hard drive, we'd just reset and go right back into it. I'd play it almost like we were on a stage, in a way. The same thing goes with the train. With the exception of certain variations, I work in a way where I like to play everything through and he always allowed that to happen.'

'DJ: It's hard enough for an actor to know their lines, remember their marks and all the technical side of acting and then break up what they're doing into tiny, little pieces? I think that's absurd. You need to let an actor get into it and feel it. If you start breaking it up into sections, you're never going to get as natural or as invested as performance.'

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Monica said...

These two are very funny together.
I like to see and read interviews with them both.

I would like to see some more of Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Monica! I like it too. oh I love Vera and would like much, much more from her. She's great in SC. Wright is too.

paulh said...

I'm trying to be patient as I wait for the "Source Code" premiere, but it's hard!

Today I saw "Paul," which had a lot of Jake links. There was Jeffrey Tambopr, who had been ub "City Slickers" with Jake. Then there was Seth Rogen (the voice of the title character), who was in "Donny Darko." Finally, there was John Carroll Lynch, who played jake's father in "Bubble Boy," Jake's boss in "Good Girl," and a suspectin "Zodiac."

Anonymous said...

I thought the young lady interviewing Jake was too adorable. Jake, don't be such a cold moron. Your luck with blondes has really sucked. Duncan saw what a delight she was. Myabe Jake got her telephone number anyway. She was really pretty and real.

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW for the interviews. I think I'll pass on the big spoiler article though. I want to be surprised. I'm surprised that Jake would give out a huge spoiler. Actors usually say "you'll have to see the movie." When pressed for info.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me SC´s reviews are greats! Am I wrong?

mermon said...

Good Morning everybody!
WDW check please the date of Regis and Kelly show, you gave us two dates,March 30 and 31.
"JG takes over Austin" by YoungHollywood is funny. That young lady with big eyes is very specific. I like in Jake that admiration for Duncan.
The interview with Duncan by Mark Walters is very interesting and nice. And he said he will definitely work with Jake again. Yes! And that is a possibility for even SC sequel. Did I get it right?! Would be fantastic.
The music in the movie suppose to be good. What do you think about it WDW. Did you like it?
The interviews with Ben Lyons with E! in the previous post - fantastic and Jake outdoors - just yummy!
Have a nice weekend.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Definitely taking it easy today - and what a beautiful day!

Not too long now, Paul! I haven't seen Paul. It's done a lot better in the US than it has here - the reviews weren't too good. But it's getting some good buzz from the States. I didn't realise it had so many Jake links :D

Hi 1:14 :) I enjoyed the interview. Always like to see the interviewers flirting with Jake.

That's very wise, Sweetpea! I'm surprised Jake let out such a big spoiler too. I wonder if he did a mental 'oops' afterwards!

You are most definitely not wrong, 3:23! I'm loving the reviews :D

Thanks for letting me know, Mermon! I've changed the panel on the side - it's on R&K on 31 March. One of the things that has really come out of all these interviews is Jake's admiration for Duncan. You can see it in his demeanour, what he says, everything. Lovely to see.

The quality of the score hits you straight away with this film. It's very good :)

Have a great Saturday everyone! A spectacular full moon on the way tonight...

Carlota said...

Can't wait to see those talk shows! Thanks so much for the heads up ,Kate!

The interviews with Duncan are really cool, but I wish I had already watched the film! This wait is an agony, a lot of temptations appear on the way! … Anyway I guess I will have to come back here again after seeing the movie to review all these great talks about Source Code… which is ALWAYS a pleasure by the way!

I really enjoy seeing flirty interviewers with Jake but I honestly think that Kinsey Schofield miserably failed in her attempts at flirtations with Jake … and that has to hurt! :)

I don't think that he was a cold moron at all -as an Anonymous 19 March 2011 00:14 suggested- I simply think that he wasn't receptive at all to her persistent efforts to show him how glorious, magnificent,sweet or cool he was in THAT context… And she even tried to fish for a compliment playing that boring old trick of "I'm gonna insult myself" saying things like "I'm cooler online" in what it seemed me a last act of desperation just to see if at least Jake tells her "No way!You are super cool in person, you are a God's gift!"

C'mon now, if someone gave you the opportunity to spend 3 minutes with Jake and Duncan, aside from telling him how hot he is (which is perfectly understandable if you have a pair of eyes BUT totally unpolite considering that Duncan is taking part in that situation) wouldn't you take the time to sit and think about a single decent question to ask them? Is "Would you follow him on twitter if you were on twitter?" with "incisive eyes" the best question you got?

I would've tried to squeeze my brains and come up with at least 2 decent questions between "flirt and flirt"… I would definitely make those seconds count -if you know what I mean- ;)

I'm totally aware of the fact that trying to flirt with Jake doesn't have to be an easy task because he probably has met thousand of earthlings in his life who have hit on him before, told him how wonderful actor he is, and how gorgeous he looks blah blah blah … so being fresh in this field has to be pretty complicated, but reading the body language of the person you try to flirt with helps you to see if that person is interested in following that path or not …and Jake looks very unresponsive to me, which is odd considering he always has gazillion smiles that definitely could light up your day if not your life!

So it has to be the context what makes him feel a bit awkward to me. Dunno, repeatedly highlighting his great physique when both guys are there to talk about the movie is like "overlooking" his acting skills and probably that's why he doesn't look as "playful" as he usually is.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Carlota! It's definitely quite a business thinking about what we'd ask if given the chance to ask Jake and Duncan questions. I know when I was in the front row of the LAOD press conference, right in front of Jake, I lost all power of speech altogether! I think you'll enjoy the videos etc after you see the film :)

LadyEkster said...

Dear friends, I'm gonna go a bit off-topic but very on-topic at the same time. ;-) You'll never guess what I did today... I finally watched Zodiac, in the company of a Gyllenhaalic friend of mine. AAAAAAHHHH!!!
I'm recovering at the moment but will come back to you. *big grin*

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Yeay for Lady E! And may I say... about bloody time!

Carlota said...

I can totally relate Kate! And if I were in your shoes I would have felt weak and powerless trembling like a jell-o! :D But reading the stuff you write makes me think that even if you lost all power of speech there's a labour of in-depth investigation in what you do, and everybody appreciates that. :D

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thank you so much, Carlota! A lovely thing to say :D

kinsey said...

It was not a miserable attempt at flirtation. It was being nervous because it was my first ever interview with a celebrity of his caliber. It's called pressure. I'm not a size 2. I knew Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't going to go for me. That was not my intention at all. PS. I'm more of a Justin Bieber girl anyway.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Kinsey - I've interviewed some not too famous people at premieres etc and it scares me to death! I think you did a brilliant job and I'm sorry if some of the comments don't reflect that. Justin's quite a bit too young for me, i'm afraid ;)