Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Source Code Stills, Vera Farmiga, LAOD in the home and play along with Jamie - and a northern WDW interlude

As I sit here watching Jurassic Park and rather wishing that Jake Gyllenhaal could fit a movie about dinosaurs into his forthcoming schedule, there's time to catch up a little from the weekend. There are couple of new stills from Source Code, thanks to IHJ - I prefer the first one. Something to do with the zips...

There is also a video interview with Vera Farmiga, who was so wonderful in Up in the Air, I'm excited to see her in Source Code. Vera's interview features in the first part of this clip.

Love and Other Drugs in the home

Two new deleted scenes from the Love and Other Drugs DVD and Blu-Ray have made it to the net although, more accurately, they are two parts of one scene. Here is the first part:

You can see part two here. But still this does not complete the scene so I suggest you get hold of the DVD or Blu-ray when you can. To mark the home release of the film, if you follow this link you can play along with Jamie Randall. Thanks to Monica for the heads up.

Incidentally, I got a fantastic score - try and beat it at your peril! 230 - I kid you not...

A WDW Manchester Interlude

I headed up north this weekend to the city of Manchester - my teenage stomping ground. Much has changed since the bomb of 1996 - the ultramodern now mixes with the 17th- and 18th- centuries of industry, trade and civic business. And pubs. Unfortunately, and not uncommonly, it was a grey day in Manchester.


Anonymous said...

really nice post :-) I like the skills; I also prefer the first one :-) Tried to play the "Jamie-Game". I didn't find as much words as I hoped to. Try again.....
Manchester looks good - even if it was grey there. Hope you enjoyed it.
Have a good start into a new week.

Anonymous said...

Lovely extras from LAOD. I wonder why they left out the heart attack scene between Jake and Oliver's character.

Thanks WDW. I can't wait for SC. any word on Jake's future projects? I heard Jake might be in NYC


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Thanks very much, Christina! I hope you have a good week, too :)

Hi Sweetpea :) There was a discussion on this a few days ago and I thin the verdict was we couldn't make up our minds! But I think it would have been too distracting in the film at that stage of it. Good to see as an extra though.

No other news than that reported last week. I'm not sure where Jake is at the moment but I do know he was in LA on Friday.

New post!