Thursday, 10 March 2011

Source Code and Forbidden Planet and Duncan Jones on Jake: he's a smart, funny cookie

You know you've made it when there's a carrier bag with your name on it - but this is no ordinary carrier bag. This is a Forbidden Planet Carrier Bag. And, believe me, my friends, that shop has no shortage of goodies with which to load up said Carrier Bag...

Thanks to Forbidden Planet afficionado and good friend Rob of X&HT, it has been brought to my attention that this legendary shop is having something of a Source Code push and it has put Jake Gyllenhaal in its window! Not only that, it's a Source Code poster without that yellow flash bursting out of Jake's chest - a win win. Many thanks to Rob for the photos.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Duncan Jones, director of film that appears on the forementioned Forbidden Planet carrier bag, has been talking to Wired about his latest foray into science fiction as well as the legacy of Moon. It's a very good interview - Duncan mentions that Ben Ripley wrote the script and he then got Jake interested in it and it was Jake who then went to Duncan.

'When Jake came to see me, we hadn’t made our money back on Moon, we hadn’t won any awards, I was still a young independent filmmaker scratching out a living trying to work out how I was going to get my next film made. When we met up I wanted to discuss a project of my own with him, and he said, “That sounds fascinating but I’ve got a project here that I’d like you to direct.” Source Code was an opportunity to show what I could do with a big-name star on a bigger budget. Jake was excited visually by Moon and by what Sam [Rockwell] was doing in it. He wanted me to do the same thing on Source Code.'

'Jake’s a smart cookie and he’s funny, which is one thing I immediately talked to him about. As written, the Source Code script is quite serious and dry. I wanted to inject a little humor and quirkiness into the film. As well, Jake’s got that Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford thing happening in Source Code, which I’m very excited about.'

From the sound of it, we may see Jake in a future Duncan Jones movie: 'I also think I made a good deal with Jake: When the time is right hopefully he’ll help me out on one of my films.'

Source Code premieres this Friday, tomorrow, in fact, and we can follow Duncan through this extraordinary month of publicity thanks to the smashing new blog by his lady, Rodene. I have also put a link to it on the front page of WDW.

Updated to add, thanks to MMM for the heads up, a link to a fantastic review of Source Code - 'the best film of 2011 so far'. It's not spoilery but it may be taken down so if you want to read it read it now.

Includes pictures from Rob and Sky.


Sheba said...

Hi guys

quick drive by hello as I can't get no Jakeing time :( I do miss you all.

Loved all the videos and beautiful photoshoots of our guy mmmm yummy. BTW thanks for the Moviephone reminders. Those with Natalie and Tobey are one of my absolute faviourite interviews. Mwah.

BTW2 I got 235 with the Jamie Randle quiz. Honest :)

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Sheba! Fantastic to see you! I hope everything's going well. Lovely vids and pics, eh? And I'll believe you.... :D Really good to see you x

Anonymous said...

What an incredible review! Ryan Hamelin at is now one of my heroes; he certainly seems to have a knack for spotting a hit. You gotta love a reviewer who communicates such enthusiasm for a new Jake movie! It's nice to see the Source Code posters getting some exposure, too.

I have to read the DJ interview in Wired now and check out the blog again. So much information to absorb!


mermon said...

WDW - Thank you for two today's post. Great interview with Jake and Anne - "working with Jake is like going fishing" :) I miss them together, they were so funny in all their interviews. Jake looks good.

I look forward to premiere news.

Ryan Hamelin's SC review - very nice, not spoilery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks WDW for all the juicy info. I liked the review.


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Susan! It's an incredible review - just loved it - and the enthusiasm. I'm very excited thinking of the film's premiere tomorrow.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the posts, Mermon :)

Thanks Sweetpea - I loved that review too!

If anyone's interested I've done a book review over at MB tonight

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Morning everyone! And it's premiere day so good luck to Jake, Duncan and Michelle!

Now all I need to do is work out the time difference between Austin and the UK....

Hui said...


I accidentally found a review of SC, but it will the whole be careful:)

It's a very positive review.

Carlota said...

I want to see Source Code so badly that I can't stand this suspense anymore!

I caught myself cyberloafing several times during this past week searching for "I-don't-know-what-about Jake-and-this-movie" every time my boss leaves the room and lets me a minute free! …and the most pathetic remark about the subject is that when he suddenly appears I abruptly close the window as if I were watching porn at the studio, for god's sake! hahaha

Thanks so much WDW for compiling all this info, it eases my anxiety! …sort of :D

I absolutely LOVE Forbidden Planet! Every time I fly to London or Birmingham from Madrid I pay a visit to this amazing store where I can spend hours! and I must admit that I keep their bags not only because I think they're cool but also as a way to remind that sometimes I have even managed to purchase "something" because every little thing they sell is really expensive! I'd love to have that bag! :)

I'll keep on checking every nanosecond… I meant every time my schedule lets me so… (yeah, this sounds less paranoid!)

Have a good weekend you all!


sass said...

I have such a good feeling about this movie. TY for the great read.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Hui! Thanks for the link. I'll check it out after I see the film. I'm trying to not watch spoilery things at the moment :D

That's so funny, Carlota! Those sneaky searches for Jake :D I'm glad the site eases the pressure! I love Forbidden Planet too - I was in the Manchester shop on Saturday - the temptation....

Hey Sass! Good to see you x