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[Updated to add more video] Source Code at SXSW - more videos, pictures and interviews with Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones

Updated to add the official SXSW video of the Source Code red carpet and Q&A. Also, head over now to Reelnewz for their amazing video overage! Here is a link to one of the Jake goodies.

Many thanks to ManMadeMovies for the heads up!

As Duncan Jones tweets that he's now flying off to DC for the next phase of Source Code publicity, there's a very good way to get an insider look into what its like to be the subject of all this attention - Duncan's and Rodene's travelblog. There are more videos from the SXSW premiere here.

Do check it out today. Last night we saw Peewee Herman having some fun with Jake Gyllenhaal. Today there is more. These two would make quite a double-act. In the first, Jake describes Peewee's Broadway show (sort of) and , in the second, Peewee does a much better description of what Source Code means.

It looks like Duncan 'The Fabulously T-shirted One' Jones was on hand just in case.

I must thank Bleeding Cool for making sure I didn't miss these goodies.

While Duncan went out to eat during the screening, Jake sat through it with his best friend, enjoying his reactions to the bits that made him jump. 'My best friend lives in Austin and he came with his girlfriend. Literally he grabbed my leg at one point and then at another time, in that scene where I jump off the train, he was like “Oh my god, what the hell?!” I was like “Yes!”' In an interview with EW, Jake confirmed with good humour LooGate and talked about why he wanted Duncan for the job of Source Code and how they got him on board:

'I’d seen Moon and I thought this guy must have a fantastic mind. And I’d been told there was a project that he wants to make that he was interested in me playing one of the roles for. So I said of course I want to meet him. At the meeting I told him ‘Oh there’s this other script that I would really love for you to read.’ I never thought that he would want to do Source Code because he tends to write and direct his own things. But we sent it to him on a roll of the dice and five days later he was like “I want to do the movie.”'

'What always scares me is people tend to lose character and a sense of “Why?” on a behavioral, human, psychological level when they’re dealing with something that can be entertaining. When you deal with something that is potentially commercial people just say “Oh, we’ll get to that later.” The movie was not anything I wanted to make unless it was with someone who was a real visionary. And humor too. Duncan has a great sense of humor—dirty and dark and great. I think the great thing about sci fi is there’s a little bit of a campy quality always. I don’t think anybody should take themselves too seriously in time continuum.'

Film of the Month

Source Code is Total Film's 'Film of the Month' as well as the 'One to Watch'!

In an interview inside the May issue, Duncan talks about Moon and Source Code - in particular, the pressures of following up such a critically-acclaimed debut (nothing like a spot of pressure...) - and he talks about why he picked Source Code to be the one: ''Jake Gyylenhaal', Jones enthuses. 'He was actually the one who brought it to me. He was already attached and I'm a huge fan of his.'' For more, click below.

There is a review of Source Code in Total Film but I haven't read it - except to know that they like it - and it could be spoilery, so do be warned.

And finally...

Another video from the SXSW red carpet:

Includes pictures from IHJ.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED the clips with Jake and Peewee, it was adorable. What part did Peewee have in Nailed?

I'm enjoying all the articles and vids, thanks WDW

I heard Duncan is coming to DC, is Jake coming too?


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sweetpea - he plays someone called Edwin according to IMDb. I'm not aware Jake is going to DC too. Glad you liked it :)

sass said...

Going back to read everything...Jake is getting his best reviews since BBM. YAY!!! And he looks edible, hot, delicious and handsome. TY so much for all that I am about to read and watch about his film's opening.
I was at SXSW in 2000 for Russell Crowe's documentary Austin... and where I lived back then San Antonio
(Digital cameras were 600-800 back then and I wanted one so badly to snap Russell:( I loved all the films including the G W Bush one done by Nancy Pelosi's daughter.
Thank you again so so much.
Just about 2 more weeks til 4/1/2011

Shelly said...

Source Code in DC? I need to know more. ;)

LadyEkster said...

I think we should stop calling Jake Jake and start calling him the Divinity of Denim. Mrrrauw!

And I love that cheeky, playful smile on his face. Looks like he's having a great time, he totally deserves it. :)

mermon said...

I absolutely love that post! It's just great. So much goes on.
I like Duncan's blog - "All went well though(Q&A), and we had a good mix of solid questions, lovely compliments and some heavy breathing aimed at Jake “the hunk.”" - Hahahaha. I would breath heavy too, if I had a chance to be that close to hunk Jake :)
Duncan has interesting personality, seems so nice and radiant. I wish him very well in his director's future.
I wish Jake would write something like that... sigh.
I like Jake and Peewee Herman together, they should definitely make something. They are so funny.
I read in EW Jake's answer about restroom incident. I liked that he was so cool about it - "JG: (laughs) That’s true. I think it’s an appropriate space to keep privacy. I hope that people wouldn’t disagree with me on that." - we wouldn't!
"Source Code is Total Film's 'Film of the Month' as well as the 'One to Watch'!" - yes!!!
Thank you so much WDW for all those goodies, pics, videos, article, etc.

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi Sass! I just love going to festivals - Jake started that off with me. One of these days I'm hoping Jake will make it to the London Film Festival - it's such a goodie.

Hi Shelly - it's a screening and Q&A.

Good to see you Lady Ekster!

I'm so glad you liked it, Mermon!

I've updated the post with new video and a link to Reelnewz. Duncan has been tweeting tonight about the first picture in my post! I've never heard so many bad jokes...

BBMISwear said...

Amazing stuff! Seriously, so much really great stuff out there about SC! How happy this makes us all!

And I just love the little bits of Jake and Pee Wee - especially because JAKE INTRODUCED ME TO PEE WEE!!! OMG what wonderful memories rushing back!! *big smiles*

Thanks (again) WDW for all these updates - maybe you can catch up on your rest now?!


Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hi BBMISwear :-) Thought you'd like that bit!

Have a good day everyone! Monday... ugh :( But what a weekend!

Alejandra said...

Good morning, WDW! Catching up here. Laughed so much with Jake and Peewee, it's ridiculous. ;-) And I still can't get over how gorgeous Jake is looking these days. Stunning.

Have a great day, everyone. Even if it's Monday. :-)

TD said...

This is wonderful! So much fun is being had it just makes me smile ;) And I can report that my local arthouse cinema has opened SourceCode booking - Yay!!

karmentxu said...

Enjoying all those articles, videos, thanks WDW... also to explain these videos (my poor English, take so long)

Happy to read people say good reviews of the film and over of Jake

Eureka said...

First of all thanks for all the detailed information! What an intense weekend for you.
I loved to read that Jake sat with the audience to watch the movie.
I really hope SC is as good as the put it.
Totally agree with Lady Ekster "Denim Delight".
I still have so much information to read & digest.....Thanks again ;o)

Anonymous said...

I heard Jake is back in LA and he mentioned he has an upcoming project he can't talk about right now just that he is excited about it


mermon said...

Oh my! I'm watching Spiderman 3 on Polish TV and I have just discovered that James Franco plays Spiderman' friend/enemy! I mean, I know that series very well, but I didn't know James Francos name then. I got more familiar with him because of 127 hours and Oscars with Anne.

paulh said...

I wonder if the Japanese opening of "Source Code" will be delayed because of the tsunami damage there. I say this because Clint Eastwood's film "Hereafter" has just been cancelled there, owing to the tsunami scenes there. There are some violent explosions in "Source Code," so maybe this would not be a good time to ask the Japanese people to sit through visions of great devastation. Just wondering....

Wet Dark and Wild said...

Hello everyone! Just been spending the evening going through everything and just put up a new post. So much stuff!

He's looking gorgeous, Alejandra!

Hi there TD :D That is great news! Mine is too - and I love that. I can see it in a grown up cinema with a glass of wine and some gorgeous chocolates, Sounds like heaven to me :)

My pleasure, Karmentxu! I'm glad you've enjoyed the posts.

Hi Eureka :) I liked reading that Jake stayed for the movie too - he usually does a runner at these things to go and eat so it's nice thinking he was there with the audience.

Hi Sweetpea - I'm sure Jake has something lined up :)

Hey Paul - It's likely that movies are going to be low on the list in Japan for a while. I can see why Hereafter would be cancelled. I'm not sure what the scheduled release for SC is in Japan.